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Just to put rumors to rest, these are the 1952 Jayhawks and there is no sign of Perry Ell.. wait a minute
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the hot taeks burnt down tweetdeck
Cousins loves him some bottom of the barrel pass defenses.
Not quite Jerome Simpson, but pretty awesome.
pretty much even on INT per attempt. (they both still suck of course)…
Okedoke, time to crunch the matchup numbers in the grinding mines.
Does Rodgers have to highlight his crotchal region in front of my children like this?
Now this, this is just over the top and insulting trash talk by a trash player.
Ciara, did she bring the bubonic plague to Seattle? My Column:
Dang, gotta get up early to scoop the Hubbuch on hot takes
trying to front load all my hot takes for the day before I go and back load some hot cakes down my gullet.
Rather have Mezcal, but whatever works for you…
This is more my speed, celebration wise
I had to avert my eyes toward my pocket bible every time I glanced toward Cam Newtons tight britches.
Is Cam Newton Muslim?
A lot of current political opinions sound like hate crimes.
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A Cam Newton ate your baby.
I like my sprinkler dance better, but go ahead hatin’.…
That takes us up to here on missing hair goods…
Cam’s isn’t. Watt’s is offensive to people who enjoy comedy.…
I don’t accept your apology…
This failed attempt at humor is much more offensive than any Cam celebration.…
J.J. Watt "Our goals was to come out here and make the red rifle look like a red ryder bb gun"
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There is a "bad loss", and then there is "scoring six points at home against an AFC South team".
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is there such a thing as adult onset ADD? Cuz I gots it.
Before kickoff between the Texans and Bengals, let's see where Andy Dalton falls on the Gruden-o-meter
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Life is not a journey, it is a dance. The change in metaphorical thinking there is monumental.
Here is some animation of a few of Watts' talks funded by the South Park guys. They are fun and insightful.
Alan Watts loves to talk about dancing. As a metaphor and a literal expression of the divine. I'm for more dancing in the NFL.
I combat my Twitter disease by listening to Alan Watts talks. I highly recommend it --
The guys over at @TheFakeHockey are doing great work. You should give them a look-see.
I think Steve Brule's MD must be in socks.
Maybe they shouldn't have mentioned that part.…
I think someone just called me out for using the word "wont," because they have limited vocabulary. It's kinda sad, but also funny.
The Saints so wanted to control the Rob Ryan firing story that they ended up looking like buffoons.
the more I write, the worse my typing is. I find that disconcerting.
I wrote about each game from yesterday over at @walterfootball right about here-> or here->

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