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marley ✨
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@youngreggie2323: Loyal laid back females that keep it classy and not trashy >>>>>>> Yall The Best”👏👌
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Some times females be mad and DNT know why they mad for
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@Rayven_ImaDog: I be havin sex in my head so much. 😩😖😬😶”
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Chillin wit my baby as usual 😍
Time to rolo ain't nun else to do anyways
Woke up like 30 mins ago
I wana go to school tomorro but not if its raining
I'm the nude queen 😍fuck a vault .. If I tell you don't go thru my pictures, that's what I mean .
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I been gettin money wea df you been
Good girls do bad things sometimes 🙈😈👅💦
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I Hate Lightskins Girls Dawg 😑😑 Why Y'all Walking Around Earth Curving Niggas 😴
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Shit always on 10 when you come around 😏
Morning showers > night showers
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Wake up high get higher
You?re just as useful as a red light on Grand Theft Auto.
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On it right now 😶💨🍸