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Chelsea Browning
I have a smudge of anxiety when I think about 2014 being the first year I'm not in Tuscaloosa. Fall won't be the same. Roll Tide though 🏈🐘
People get mad when you treat them how they treat you.
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In the NFL you can punch your wife in the face and get a six game suspension, but if you smoke weed you sit out for a year. Seems backwards.
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#nationaldogday 😊🐢
When I'm with you, there's no place I'd rather be πŸ’•
GREAT NEWS CATFISH FANS! #Catfish is coming back for a FOURTH season. I am amped woooooo. On that note, goodnight :)
Hope everyone in Napa is okay! #napaquake
Doesn't surprise me... @MariahCarey couldn't keep her cool with @NICKIMINAJ. OF COURSE she can't keep her cool with twin babies!
Pocket full of sunshine
" I don't do crazy " ... Mmmmm your ex girlfriend shows otherwise πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
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No matter how much I grow to love you, you will never accept it.
If you dont want to find what you don't want to see, don't begin looking for it πŸ˜‰
I would pay to watch Ninja Turtles eight more times. SO. AWESOME.
I love surprises πŸ˜† Ninja Turtles 3D! My heart is stolen πŸ’“
I remember talking with @NevSchulman about him writing #IRLbook during my first trip to NYC. So hyped, Preorder HERE!…
Don't be so cold, we could be fire πŸ”₯
Watching "Bloomberg Game Changers" seriously awesome, incredibly inspiring. Love @jayz
There are ZERO words for what I am experiencing right now
"They aren't locals. They live here!" Whhhaaaattttt
"People only treat you how you allow them to" #truth
Those outraged by Facebook's emotion study should review the terms and conditions they agreed to. Hint: you signed up for it.
Freeeee is my favorite number
I really wanted to go to the beach on my off day this week. Too bad there's a flesh-eating bacteria in the ocean. Don't get in the water!
I love seeing so much traffic in Orange Beach. Everyone come to @Baumhowers at @TheWharf!
Fart in my wallet, call it gas money
Waking up to the smell of vanilla coffee yuuummm πŸ˜Šβ˜•
All of my happy birthday tweets are so suhhhweeeet. I'm ending my day watching a movie with @tallendif. I'm feeling 22 😊
Come to @Baumhowers at @TheWharf tonight for Sunset Festival! Get cho summer drink on, people
My birthday is in 58 hours! Wooo
Sweet boy 😍☺
An ear infection is probably the one thing I least enjoy having