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When a white girl tries to talk like a black dude <<
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I hate when a girl got me stressin her bc that makes her feel as if she got me and when a girl feel power like that they abuse it
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@serenanicole_: Lemme stop i look stupid” 💰👌👌
“@xxxKakey: U think that bitch belong to you ? U shitting me.”
that face that @LoveMelss makes when shes on top >>>>>>>>>>>
when's national ignore my gf day? ( I think I missed it )
King Myers - Crooks in the Castle…
I really don't need this
No Worries 👌👌
Goodnight 😒😔😓😳
@OMG_ELLIS: Everything is like so clear now...”
“@MallarieWhite_: Time for bed i suppose”
@evolkcufx3: Agh I feel depressed”
@iamch0pper: NewOrleans run shit”. NY RUN SHIT!!!!
If u know ur not loyal Why be in a relationship ? Just stay single, Fuck bitches and make ur money
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@Yielando: If u know ur not loyal Why be in a relationship ? Just stay single, Fuck bitches and make ur money”
"@jennniferxrose: i'd rather be with you but you are not around.."
FUck Wit me you know I got it
where the loud @ , #Deadass
@VENUSXGG: I play with the fire knowin it can only burn me.”
@tweetthatclit: Twitter is the reason I stay up at night..”
fuck going to sleep tn nigga FREDDY trying to Kill Nighas !!!! #BlackNiggaAintDieingFirst
I have a great group of friends honestly ❤
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@meemah21_: Pum pum tunn up !”
Tell that hoe.. s s s w w w w e e e e r r r r v v v v e e e e
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@itsXL: bitches can't run for 5 minutes but want 2 hour long sex.”😂😂😂😂
that moment when I be hitting it and she tell me harder and I look at her like she Crazy 😨😨😨😨😨😨
@JBARsodmg: ✌” wassup , how u been kidd
@tiaramvrie: Sam swear we still in 2010 😪”LML
I just wanna splurge on my shawty
I want my future child to have everything I didn't have👭🍼💯
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@_PrettyManiixo: Some bunz would be ”
I got an idea for my music video !!
Falling for someone who can careless less bout you 👐😂
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@LexxMacavelli: Hate being Lied too.”
who ever knew
8 months strong, lml real strong smfh with my babe @LoveMelss tm 😍😍
all these twitter bitches ugly in person
All I want is a mc flurry... Lol
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@eszserrata: Feeling unloved”!!!!!!!