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Whoa...I don't tweet anymore...maybe because I'm just living life and actually enjoying it? Nothing exciting really, just happiness :)
"@MackenzieLW: No one on earth loves Rent more than I do. I'm sorry it's just the truth. ❤️💚💛💙" <---- false.
...I want to do instead of rushing everything. Im in love, that will always come first from now on, & I can truly smile with all ofmy heart
...a part of me missing that I was trying to fill with music. Now that that part has been filled, I can take my time with what music...
All this pressure and expectations people are putting on me (outside of twitter) about me singing need to realize that there was...
I just joined LinkedIn and created my professional profile. Join my network. #in
Celebrated @paypay93091 22nd bday, got crazy! No more alcohol for a while lol
I'll be 21 this Saturday? Uh oh...😉
Me singing Wrecking Ball by miss Miley Cyrus :)…
About to post me singing the #1 song on American iTunes ;)
Told y'all I'm in love ❤
This is only a problem if you make it a problem, and Im not going to stop my life because of it; that is your own personal problem, not mine
Not being able to see my boo all weekend<
Alright alright I'll make it twitter official...I'm in love lol
Things are so amazing right now it's taking my breath away and I love it ❤
"Am I feeling love? Can it really be, happening to me? Am I feeling love?" <---- what movie? :)
You can do can do can do this
Happy. Lets keep it that way 😊
Fevers gone, but throat still killing me 😃 damn
Ain't nothin good comin from social networking...except maybe vine, I be up all night watching that mess
Wow. What a spoiled brat you are. Feel like my life is being cleansed without you in it!
Fever, soar throat, now I can't see my baby 😞
Didn't know something could feel this right
Think I met someone special....
Chase - This is the Last Time (2013)
Hey. It's hot outside. Stop it.
Hey if I message you on Facebook you have 5 hours to respond. If it's a text message you have 1 hour.
I hate summer. When did that happen?
I will not drive one more mile for you, I will not lose one more call on you, I will not waste one more thing on you, I won't cave in
Lastly: the person who plays the "oblivious card" is the worst kind of person.
Whoa is me whoa is me whoa is me, somebody please help me! Oh. You want to help? Oh..never mind.
Go ahead and wallow in self-pity forever since that's obviously what you want to do
Since you really don't seem to care, then I don't care. I'm trying my best but since you don't try at all, all you want is attention #done
Those people who act more intoxicated than they really are in order to get away with doing things they wouldn't normally do.......
This is the End is amazing. That is all.
Went downtown to see if there was any kind of firework show.........never again. Lol
Oooo you were so close to redemption but you juuust missed it lol
Get ready! Cuz here I cooooome 😉
"Why do me, and so many others, surround ourselves with people that treat us like we're nothing?" " We accept the love we think we deserve."
You don't have a twitter account, but I lie awake thinking about you. I will get over you but that time is not now
YES! New project has been green lit start working soon, and I have a date on Wednesday that I'm hella nervous about. Breathe...
My song "Out of Love" from 2008/2009 has a combined view of 163,013 on youtube....damn! That's craziness lol
Started reading a romance novel but slammed it shut, made me think of someone that I did not want to think about
So I just recorded a demo for a broadway workshop in New York...that's pretty epic! Haha