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Chase Austin
Things that bother me... People wasting the use of the Internet by taking pictures of their food to show the 0% of people who care.
Not sure who remembers my status about these... I love these magazines!!!!!
The contraption that they made for my hand!
Finally got the pins removed from my hand! I said a few R rated words in the removal process! Hardcore PT starts now!!
Wearin Nike shorts just in case someone wanna mess around and get dunked on while I'm at physical therapy
Just got a new air hockey table. One handed sports are my new thing.
Am I the only one who thinks no medical waiting room is complete without the Highlight magazines that have the hidden objects page!!
My hand looks kinda funny when unwrapped!
Going to the doctor to get my wrist evaluated. Let's hope he says my hand magically healed in a week and I don't need a cast anymore!
Glad to hear @ChaseAustin111 is out of surgery after his crash in the freedom 100. Doctors say they were able to repair his wrist & fingers
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Wishing my team mate @ChaseAustin111 of the #0 @ProtectTheGoal car a speedy recovery after that nasty shunt. @SGI_1994 #protectthegoal
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If anyone would like to come watch the 600 with us tonight. Chase said he would really enjoy the company! #momtweeting
This is Chase's Mom. I'm taking his phone so he can nap. He's thriving off your messages-so keep em comin.
When girls hashtag blessed.. No you're not. I'm #blessed to be able to text @ChaseAustin111 | that's the truth.
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Someone said I was trending on Twitter yesterday. Not sure if it's true, but if it is, that is a bucket list item checked off!!