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Charlie Brooker
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Three cameramen, one disguised as a car seat, pull off the car chase/ fight from The Raid 2.
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#DRIP will probably trend at some point today. I've written a quick guide explaining PRECISELY what it is:
Fly Emirates sounds like the name of a hygiene blackspot.
Every night, so it doesn't have to spend another day listening to him, Mark Lawrenson's skin tries to escape.
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Do they ever do a montage of the best shots of players blowing snot from their noses?
Christ the Redeemer = pretty good rap name.
They should have to swap the ball for a ball 50% smaller every 5 minutes. Oh I'd be shit at inventing a sport.
That Argentine head coach looks like a young actor wearing old man make up in the final scenes of an epic drama.
@charltonbrooker "You are standing in a courtyard. To the EAST there is a tavern, to the NORTH a merchant." Viewers text in to progress.
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They could use those interactive advert hoardings to display a novel sentence-by-sentence throughout the match.
Did the commentator just say Kramer hails from a "sword-making town"?
Come to think of it, that was like watching a goal montage sequence without the backing music.
If they get to ten goals do they win control of Brazil itself or something?
@charltonbrooker it's like Game of Thrones. Big episode, then one more that sets up the next season.
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I assumed it was the season finale what with all those goals.
Told you I didn't know much about sport.
I don't know much about sport. Does the World Cup final usually have only one team in it?
Men choose to self-administer an electric shock rather than be sitting doing nothing in a room for 15 mins:
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@BenTormey: "Pass me the cutty thing, I need to make a hole in the brain box"” Brilliant, thanks.
So here's a question. Need to find an example of the sort of jargon a brain surgeon might spout during an op. Are there transcripts online?