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Charlie Sheen
hey Uncle Chuck; AWESOME! wow! we are beyond grateful above Bangor at 43,000 ft. xox c&s&s #PerfectAirbornCuisine
thank u Paris! thank u My Queen! best trip evurr!! xox c
I can't say where when or with who, but HOT DAM these men are stone cold baaaad Doods! Heroes - all of you c #HooRah
I'm watching my pal @amyschumer on #insideamy tonight at 10:30 on @ComedyCentral here's a clip…
a special uber thank u! to Lola and her awesome class! I got just as much out of "Career Day" as all of you! xox c
Hope @tylerlabine helps unfinished business Premiere of 'Deadbeat' 2nite on @hulu from @LionsgateTV. #kevinhelpus c
SO proud of my girls!! Sam and Lola both won championships! What a day!! xox c #HanselAndLillyRokk #JustHorsinAround
An awesome Flat-top, a Versace suit, Fergie's Cy, and Shaq!! are u kiddin me??? We owned it. oh wate; still do. c #1
this is a gift from Ret. General Pray, the Wounded Warriors and the USO. these words; I will tirelessly honor. c #ImH
SO Proud to support OUR troops @ epic art & music Studio at USO Warrior-Family Center at Bethesda #USOmoments c
Cadre! Tonight 8p EST on Nat Geo "Brothers in War". A MUST SEE doc that I voice. A first hand Vietnam odyssey c
Tonight at 8pm on @NatGeo. Awesome documentary!! Thanks to @redaproduction and to @bobmarley for the photo!!
Joan Mayor (of zero) why don't you run thru da halls of MY high skool and scream at the top of your lung; PATEK! c
oh and we also adopted a pink flamingo at the Santa Barbara Zoo and named him Klay-vinn !!! c #BucketAListers #10
our plane is VERY animal friendly! thank u Christine and your fabulous crew! Santa Barbara Zoo Rocks! x c&s #KlayVinn
A-Chap me, t todd my fiancé Scotty & Zeile wish u a safe/speedy recovery you Cubans are tough you got this! c&t&s&z
few of mine the Patek Museum have been pining for since I got em in perfect health and provenance from Bob Maron c
mr Mayer needs to park that milk toast girlie drivel he calls muzak & leave the Patek/Rolex prowess to the best watch expert alive c
when the TNT & the break of Jim Day are hanging at the Reds camp, all things bad are brewing... c #MyFriendsRule
Another day... RT @charliesheen back at work and hanging w/ the Wolf & the Pekk not a bad way to spend a Monday... c
back at work and hanging with the Wolf and the Pekk not a bad way to spend a Monday... c
Watch #AngerManagement tonight 9:30PM on @FXNetworks following the premiere of #SaintGeorge @georgelopez at 9!! @LionsgateTV @SaintGeorgeFX
Catch @EugenioDerbez of "Instructions Not Included" tonight #AngerManagement 9:30P @FXNetworks after the premiere of @georgelopez at 9pm..!