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Charleyy Hodson
Why do 'exercising' and 'weight loss' have to be mutually exclusive?!
Someone online is pretending to be #COAGG. I just fired as much shit at them as possible. The Internet is big enough, find your own voice. 😡
Its taken me a while to rebuild a fancy new power station. Meanwhile, this guy has shagged everyone. #FalloutShelter
The Simpsons Road Rage is one of the greatest games ever. And I promise I'm not trolling.…
A clue for today's #Confession. In picture format for your viewing pleasure. 🚗🚕
Every single day, #Huniepop gets the most views on my blog by a mile. Which leads me to one conclusion: Gamers are perverts.
In the process of fixing my gaming rig. First things first: Using IE to install absolutely any other browser.
Tales From The Borderlands Episode 3 Review - A Jack Of All Trades, A Master Of Fun
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Hey look, I wrote this review for @bleedingcool and you should all go flood the website with your compliments.…
Conducted 2 more shrew funerals today. My cat is gradually culling Wiltshire apparently. #countrylifetweet #pissoff
@CharleyyHodson @NeilGortz *sax solo, off we go, power dips because we're away from our stations, water production halts, raiders arrive*
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Photo: theomeganerd: Fallout 4 E3 2015 Banner
Gender breakdown at #E32015. New games with exclusively female leads = 7. New games with exclusively male leads = 24.…
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I got up close and personal with the new episode of Tales from the Borderlands last week -……
To @TheLadyJedi + @Luke18S - I can see you dissing LOTR. Don't make me disown you. Only Hobbit shaming is acceptable.
Photoset: chissyrulez: spiritualprojection: me @ every single sexualised female video game character in...
Traumatised by a dead Vault Dweller? Shag the nearest available human and forget about that rotting corpse in the corner! #FalloutShelter
quenchiestcactusjuice: quenchiestcactusjuice: on my period like i will never forget i made this post...
Ignore the mess that is my Vault organisation, just check out that happiness. Best Overseer ever. #falloutshelter
Photoset: sophiecrossing: lavour: i named my town “my butt” and it’s probably the best decision i’ve ever...
Chris Ware's explanation of his Minecraft cover for the New Yorker is fantastic:…
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Photo: starreh23: justicarrsamara: Even fictional characters hate me WHAT DID YOU DO
Fictitious Video Game Awards - The Official and Long Awaited COAGG E3 Round-Up! *holds for……
New #COAGG blog coming shortly, all about #E32015 (of course). It should be titled...
I literally feel like I haven't stopped writing this week. With #E3 blogs and multiple #reviews, I really hope this will pay off one day!!
klefable: i’d like to think of myself as a video game protagonist but instead i’d probably be some random...
New #JustCause3 and a Twitter feed full of #NintendoE3 gifs. It's all working out for the best.
When you're feelin' down but your boys convince you to get rowdy anyhow
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Time for a bit of anime karaoke, why not.
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Nah I quit. I doubt we'll see anything NEW and if we do it'll be naff imo. Peace! #E32015 #NintendoDigitalEvent
Is this #Nintendo announcing their gradual shift into a toy manufacturing company? #E32015
It's gotta be said that this #NintendoDigitalEvent is far less excruciating than awkward CEO banter. #E32015
Well that's pretty much the only way I want video games to be announced in the future. #NintendoE3 #StarFox
I chose not to choose life. I chose Shenmue III.
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