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Charleyy Hodson
I bet my waistline is fucking thrilled with the amount of cheese I just consumed.
Does this really prove anything though? NGL, I struggled.
REVIEW: Tales From The Borderlands, Escape Plan Bravo. (ep4)…
Just parked in a random car park so I could perv on this beauty. Excuse the candid nature of my pictures.
What I'm really getting at here, is that Lara Croft must have had a pain of a time washing her bra in tomb water sources.
*owns 17 bras* *wears the same 2 on a 3 week rotation*
Unfortunately, due to time commitments, there will be no #COAGG #Confession today! Instead, a long overdue #Borderlands review is coming!
What's wrong with you people??
It only took me 12 hours to get addicted to #TheMightyQuestforEpicLoot. How awful.
The shitty Scrubs gif is just the cherry on top of a very hateful cake. Do not follow this man-child.…
Ah bollocks, I'm really enjoying this.
Did #TheMightyQuestforEpicLoot purposefully try to emulate #Borderlands exposition, or was that shit luck?
Photo: yes-gamer: For more : YES-GAMER
Me, every time Taylor Swift trots out someone famous at her shows:
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Y'all may be at work but I'm LIVING in my 10 tog duvet.
A reminder to you all: Some poor deluded fool thought I was half decent today. Try harder and you might too one day.…
#Sense8 episode 2 - more sex, but no story. Boring beyond belief. @samwrite I would still not recommend.
Does anyone here live in the following countries? I have a gift for you on Steam from some nice sod who bought me a game a couldn't redeem.
Is it sad that I am mega excited to get home so I can play Until Dawn Metal Gears of War Solid Mario Maker Mad Max? Or something like that.
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Reason No.52738 as to why my 3-year-old is better than most adults. #mumtweet #houseeveryweekend
Photoset: vgphonescreens: Portal 2 Phone Screens (2/?) Requested by perplexedgecko. Download here.
I've ethically killed 3 wasps today. This day is mine. Gaming trained me for this.
cirillaofcintra: dying in a game and being transported back to the latest save when you haven’t saved in...
So far today I've made bread rolls, a chocolate and banana flapjack and cookies... And I'm not even halfway finished. #fuckthis
Only the cream of British beauty have turned out to watch the #Cricket today.
I played Pokemon Red with a Walkthrough just to catch a fucking Pikachu. #Confession #COAGG…
dirtygetsmessy: lelianaofficial: me talking about dragon age inquisition
PSA: This weeks #Confession contains the hashtag #FuckTruck.
Photoset: markiplier: tinyblogtim: Markiplier thumbnail comparisons from the different games and episodes....
This weeks #COAGG #Confession involved embarrassing usage of video game walkthroughs. Do you have any stories to share/be featured? 🎮
This is the greatest Twitter interaction to have ever happened to me. 🙌�…uV
If I start a YouTube channel, will I automatically qualify for a multi-national book deal nowadays?
we're finally at the top of the list when you search 'volume' WE HAVE ARRIVED
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rheastrasza: good news, everyone, there are literally thousands of pre-recorded names in Fallout 4 which...
Just finalising a review for #TalesfromtheBorderlands #Ep4, so read up on the last episode - Catch A Riiiiiiiiiiiide!…
Some days I want to get a #Tinder account just so I can be rude to people who live by me.
Well, the first episode of #Sense8 is a bit shite, ain't it?
Just had a carrot smoothie that blew my fucking mind. #top tweets
The Playable Female: Reclaiming the Term "Girl Gamer" - thegaminggeekgirledition: I’ve been staring at my...
Hands up if you went to #BurgerKing today and ordered a Chicken Royale. Scream expletives if yours also turned up without any chicken in it.
Photo: Can’t argue with the logic.

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