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Charleyy Hodson
Did anyone else watch every episode of #FreemansMind, or is that something I shouldn't have done? #thereisnocrowbaremoji
Just telling it how it is. Reenactments of abuse, in a different medium. #thrilling…
Someone save me from this video. I've watched it everyday for a week. I even sing it to my child. 🍕🍕🍕�
If you love yourself, don't work out for an hour straight. My legs are full of deep burning pain and regret. 😓
BATTLEBORRRNNN!! 💛❤️💛❤️💛 thank you again @2K@@NerdistDotComCom and of cour@battlebornorn for making this all happenDLL
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Courtesy of @AliceJMuirBU - the greatest, stupidest meme of all time. 🙌�ak
X-Men, Deadpool, Fantastic Four, Apocalypse, and Stan Lee
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Photo: poppymuffinseed: There’s a store in Dying Light called Left4Bread.
Photo: THE WEBSITE HAS HAD A FACE-LIFT! After working feverishly hard all last night, I’m pleased to reveal...
The website has been given a much needed face-lift! Check it out and please, tell me all of it's faults and failures.
When your bro cuts inheritance tax and you're married to the daughter of the 5th Baron Cottesloe.
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The newest #FalloutShelter update is amazing. Bravo. 🙌�bB
Thanks #Fitbit, but does this mean my tracker is going to stop for 2 days and ask for more money? #tubestrike
THIS WEEKS CONFESSION: There will be no #COAGG #Confession because I'm afk and loving it. 🙌�o2
☀️☀️ // Absolutely feeling summer this year. [Old selfies forever]
It's a cold British morning, and I'm glad I have my handmade #JesseHeiman screensaver to warm my cockles.
The fact it was the most intelligent part of our conversation only makes me prouder.…
Butts, bums, and intelligent narrative design (Destructoid)…
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See you there @RichStanton - proud supporter of your work! Looking forward to celebrating with you on the night.…
Accurate representation of my sense of humour.
Dora and Friends: Into The City is psychologically traumatising. ITS THEIR EYES.
GAMING PARENTS: #LittleInferno is officially addictive to 3 year olds. My little one LOVES it. 🔥🔥
I'm still waiting for @rihanna to tell me what I can find in a hope-filled place. I'm starting to get impatient.
Just gonna take a second of your day to tell you that #Chuck is one of the most perfect pieces of television ever made. Upset it's over. 😍😢🎮
I consumed this whole @DeansDinerUK hotdog whilst @Luke18S watched. It was a sexy time. 🙌�ST
I wonder if this Lightning #Storm is a publicity stunt for the new Terminator movie?!
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For Sale:One totes legit vault key.Absolutely opens vaults (even glows)$10 million OBO(by Labinnak&Mangoloo Cosplays)
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If you can't handle me at my least willing to finish expressing a sentiment then whatever
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So this is a thing that happened to my blog today. Some people are truly despicable. We need a new plague. #COAGG
Feeling the #Lootcrate love in my room right now. Not a single corner untouched by their nerdy hands!! @lootcrate 😈y
@CharleyyHodson These are the kinds of questions I followed you for.
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Up to 80 passengers trapped on Alton Towers monorail. Police are looking to speak to this man.
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Crisp flavours: * Granddad's lunch * Electric Fire * Sex * Seared Egg * Sheep Bloat * Double Mustard * Grief & Onion * Bungle off Rainbow
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Does Disney's #Bolt fail the #BechdelTest even though it's about a dog?
@CharleyyHodson Can’t giggle at this because Microsoft literally fucked me over with backwards compatibility 2 weeks after I sold everything
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*buys PlayStation 2 game* *waits patiently for delivery* *runs to bedroom* *does not own PlayStation 2 controller* How's your day going? 😡😡
@CharleyyHodson Fuck yeah, Pokemon Red version! :D Also, 102 Dalmatians sounds like an awful game. Thank god I was never exposed.
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I need to stop admitting to embarrassing game collections on the Internet. But whatever,……
the real story behind "baby shoes for sale never worn" is that hemingway got smashed one night and bought everything in babies r us
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Legitimately the dumbest thing ever. Coming to a Theatre near you.…

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