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Kurt Cobain
It's a shame. Even your closest friends will fuck you over.
Friends change like the seasons.
Words don't mean anything to me.
Friends are temporary. Everyone eventually stabs you in the back.
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I miss the late nights where we talked on the phone for hours about nothing 😪😔
I'm not a hateful person. I just get annoyed easily. 😒
Haven't talked to @princesainboots al day 😔
I will forever have a love hate relationship with my phone 😫😆
Lust and love are two VERY DIFFERENT things
I don't associate myself with snakes. 🐍🙅
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At the end of the day it's my life. Let me make my own decisions.
I don't give a fuck. 😒✌️
Society today joke about every sickness that's around but as soon as someone jokes about cancer people get offended. Today's society is sad.
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i cant really tweet and post poems until I get a new phone. so i wont be tweeting much
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I'm too young to hate this many people
I'd rather be alone than to feel unappreciated.
Loyalty is free..let that sink in
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think i'm done with iphones after this..tired of apples bullshit
woke up this morning only to find out my iPhone wont turn on...great way to start my day
I overthink at night...about what to eat the next day! 😏👌
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The word "friends" doesn't have the same meaning that it used to. 😒
If you remain loyal then I will too 👫
I'm tired and hungry 24/7
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I would love to date my best friend. Just being honest
If you're pissed off and you know it clap your hands 👏👏
I miss the old you 😔
I would fuck the shit outta my best friend 😏
RT @ERIEbodyLOVESme: Let a nigga try me, Imma get his whole muthafvckin family.
I don't respond to "K"
I'm not a happy and positive person. My poetry reflects that.
I have two more poems I'll be posting later. 😁
BMTH is dead now. Just my opinion
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@_Coodaye_: I still believe in super hero's.” You a real nigga
Stop with the spam in my DMs. It's annoying 😒
Mondays are so boring 😪