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Kurt Cobain
I can text super fast and that's when I'm not upset.
Just wish I had that one person that I could talk to 24/7
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Just wanna watch fuckin anime but apparently that's too much to ask for
Bout to call out my best friend 😂😂 she about to hate me for the night after this
Don't hate cause you not in the Army. Not everyone can handle it.
Ricky my sex slave and she don't even know it 😏😈
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My life got better when I decided to be heartless
I had a heart at one time.
I don't want the memory of you haunting me anymore. It's time to move on
I finally got the courage to block your number and delete our messages.
Ever since I became single I've been writing a lot more poetry
I can't be friends with ugly chicks. Sorry it's just not me
My sister found my Facebook. All hope is forever lost.
I don't hate you. I'm just done wasting my time on you
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Forever wishing Apple made an iPhone with a decent battery life 😒
"Sometimes I wonder if you think about me" yes and how much I would love to kick your face in for leaving me
Someone text me before I jump out my bedroom window lol
All my friends in they feelings tonight yet I'm the one who just had a breakup 😂😂
All these followers yet my phone gets no love 😒😔
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Looks like I'll be watching everyone play the Destiny DLC since I don't have it
This is the worst fucking day ever.
The day I stop thinking about you will be the best day of my life
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I swear the Army is so unorganized
Watch the Saints lose today. Again 😒
I'm an annoying best friend. I'll blow up your phone just because I'm bored
It's been 4 days and GameStop still hasn't given me my download code.
Guess I'm going to sleep since no one texting me
The best guys always get taken advantage of
I want someone I can keep it 100 with 😔😒
I am so tired of being taken for granted.
Don't let me be alone cause that's when I think of you the most
I'd love to drown my sorrows away