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Mr. Charles Drumming
music drumming bands humour 105 followers
If you're really a fan of MUSIC, you won't condemn any genre. You'll be able to appreciate all of it.
I am the king of the dancefloor.
"@JBMay_: Drums to be done tomorrow! @Charl_vdSandt jys fokken goed" Haha, not good enough yet. ;)
One of the worst feelings ever: when there are no more tweets left on your timeline. TWEET PEOPLE, I DON'T FOLLOW YOU FOR NOTHING
Everyone should just have @Diamond_Thug_ on repeat. Like me.
People who complain about there being too much music in the world can shit in their hands and clap.
Thank you, Frankenstein's Army. I'm not sleeping for a fucking week.
If you're awake and reading this, feel obligated to invite me over for a glass of wine.
Suggest a trippycool song for me to drumcover? Come on hipsters?
Someone needs to come here and listen to my drum cover.
Working on a drum cover for Radioactive - Imagine Dragons. It's sounding sexy.
Jazz metal from outer space with supernova basslines.
I've got a feeling - something to believe in.
Everyone should just pick up an instrument and start playing. #music is #theshit.
Never too late for some #drumming! Done now, though, and time to read this book for tomorrow's exam. -.-
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