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Channel 4 News
It's that time of year again - but why do we turn the clocks back? #c4news
Ed Miliband is reeling after losing his Scottish leader, and a disputed knock-back from former PM Tony Blair - watch
Left in limbo by the Home Office: Briton Ali Dalloul is stranded in Jordan after Gaza family rescue - watch
On #c4news now: Can things get any worse for Miliband? also tonight: Sierra Leone Ebola baby clinic; The Gaza family in limbo @JackieLongc4
Tonight on #c4news: On the front line of Sierra Leone's battle with Ebola… @TomClarkeC4 at 6.40pm
Bassist Jack Bruce, most famous for his work with 60s supergroup Cream, has died, aged 71 #c4news
At the sharp end of Sierra Leone's Ebola battle, with @TomClarkeC4 - watch
Mehdi Hassan went to a private Catholic school in Hampshire. He was going to go to Surrey University. Instead he has died fighting in Syria.
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Family of Portsmouth man Mehdi Hassan aka Abu Dujana, killed fighting with IS, say he had a "good heart" and was trying to "help Syrians."
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Another British Muslim from Portsmouth is killed fighting with IS in Syria… - @darshnasoni
Google's Alan Eustace breaks space jump record - watch #c4news
Why do we turn the clocks back anyway - isn't it about the farmers? As it turns out, maybe not
Blair denies backing the Tories in May and Labour's Scottish leader resigns - what's happening to the Labour party?
Iran executes a woman convicted for killing a man whom she said tried to sexually abuse her…
'A ghost who didn't exist' Jacqui on the lover - & father of her child - who turned out to be undercover cop. WATCH:…
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Is it too late for an Ebola vaccine, or will it be desperately needed? @TomClarkeC4 in Sierra Leone finds out - watch
Ashya's father says his family 'don't feel safe going back to England' after their tumour treatment ordeal - watch
Suspects accused of murdering British backpackers in Thailand 'were tortured into confessing' - watch
Undercover cop: unprecedented payout for mother of officer's secret baby, but does it bring her closure? - watch
Should the ban on term-time holiday be scrapped? Council leaders think it's high time - watch
'We can't stay in the EU and complain' - time to reshape the deal, says Tory Eurosceptic MEP Daniel Hannan - watch
'Downright angry' PM stamps his feet over EU demands - is this the end for Britain's European project? - watch
A two-year-old girl who was Mali's first Ebola case has died, says a health official #c4news
Unconfirmed reports of shots fired at school in Marysville, Washington, US. School currently in lockdown #c4news
Reports of shots fired at Maryville Pilchuck High school. Extraordinary pictures of kids with hands up walking out…
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"Sierra Leone is a country on the brink of catastrophe" says @TomClarkeC4, who's been in the country for the past five days #c4news
Daniel Hannan MEP tells #c4news EU's £1.7bn bill is outrageous surcharge on success -
Daniel Hannan MEP tells #c4news EU trapped in only trade bloc on planet that is shrinking -
Daniel Hannan MEP tells #c4news no-one knows how in/out EU referendum would go -
Daniel Hannan MEP tells #c4news there are now 1.7 bn reasons to seek different relationship with EU -
Trolled cyclist wants justice after filmed kicking from fellow cyclist #c4news
Daniel Hannan MEP tells #c4news no excuse for EU springing £1.7bn bill in this way -
Pick of the week on #c4news 5/5: @FactCheck - the truth about immigration
Cameron now on 2nd visit to Rochester by-election. Plans for 5 trips - will be record for any PM in a by-election
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Pick of the week on #c4news 4/5: The two-year coma - and other great deceptions
On #c4news at 7: EU's £1.7bn bombshell, Ebola vaccine on the way?, payout for undercover cop's ex-partner, Ashya King, term-time holidays
Father of man accused of murdering Brit tourists says Thai police threatened to cut off hands/feet - #c4news video -
Pick of the week on #c4news 3/5: Pistorius gets five years - but could serve less than one
Pick of the week on #c4news 2/5: Islamic State - a bunch of #daeshbags?
Pick of the week on #c4news 1/5: @krishgm on his interview with Richard Ayoade
Channel 4 News in solidarity with jailed Al Jazeera journalists. #FreeAJStaff
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Ashya's King's father: 'We don't feel safe going back to England at the moment' - #c4news video -
So whose clever idea was it to get the country to turn the clocks back? #c4news
Don't forget clocks go back on Saturday night, marking end of British Summer Time. Darker evenings await! #c4news
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3/3 …As his proud editor, he has our full support and long shall @jonsnowC4’s glorious record at Channel 4 News continue.
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2/3 …numerous awards over 25 yrs at #C4News and throughout has been subject to OFCOM’s rigorous regulation, without censure or blemish.
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1/3 @jonsnowC4's reputation & integrity as journalist, presenter & interviewer is almost unparalleled in UK broadcasting. He’s won ...
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Met pays out £425,000 to woman whose child was fathered by undercover cop Bob Lambert. Last year #c4news spoke to him
Michael Gove tells me for #c4news tonight that if European Commission wants Britain to stay in EU, they're "going the wrong way about it"
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