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Channel 4 News
Stopped clocks, power cuts & a city devastated by war: what I'll remember from 4 days in Aleppo, by @lindseyhilsum
She's sold 100m albums & played in London last night. But is Russian star @valeriya_eng a Kremlin cheerleader? VIDEO
Judges could overturn a Tory victory in Rochester, say lawyers - watch @MichaelLCrick's report #c4news
Watch: Pistorius gets five years - but may serve less than one - @millerC4 and @Debora_Patta report #c4news
Watch: @lindseyhilsum reports from Aleppo on the battle to control Syria's second city… #c4news
Watch: "Don't thank me, I've done nothing for you!" - @RichardAyoade interviewed by @krishgm #c4news
Watch: a 'pale ale version of Nigel Farage' - Jacob Rees-Mogg in Germany… #c4news
Watch: the battle for #Aleppo - @lindseyhilsum reports from #Syria's second city #c4news
Judges could overturn a Tory victory in Rochester, lawyers say - @MichaelLCrick reports #c4news
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Watch: after paralysis breakthrough, does everyone dream of walking again? @sophmorg and Paula Craig discuss #c4news
A paralysed man walks again - @alextomo reports on a medical miracle #c4news
Adate, aged 10 - orphaned by #Ebola, abandoned by neighbours: @TomClarkeC4 reports from Sierra Leone #c4news -
Since our report aired I've learned Sierra Leone military have been asked to take over ambulances for ebola cases
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"Do kids do badly at school because they smoke weed? Or do they smoke weed because they're doing badly?" #c4news
Abandoned, sleeping in the rain, Adate has been alone since his parents died of #Ebola #c4news @TomClarkeC4
Richard Ayaode tells #c4news being interviewed is like commuting
Half-Norwegian Richard Ayaode tells #c4news he feels he's role model for Norwegians
TV presenter Sophie Morgan tells #c4news re spinal cord breakthrough: we don't have to go back to being 'normal' -
TV presenter Sophie Morgan tells #c4news re spinal cord breakthrough: dangerous to assume we all want to walk again -
Trish Taylor tells #c4news Pistorius' wealth must have made difference, had brilliant lawyer -
Trish Taylor tells #c4news Pistorius going to prison has given people peace of mind -
Trish Taylor tells #c4news when Pistorius went out with her daughter Samantha she thought harm would come to them -
Tonight at 7 on 4 – harrowing report from @TomClarkeC4 in Freetown - & a warning some viewers may find his latest #Ebola report distressing.
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Russian pop star Valeriya tells #c4news: 'Don't indoctrinate children about gay people' - video -
On #c4news at 7: @TomClarkeC4 in Sierra Leone #Ebola, Pistorius, paralysis breakthrough, Aleppo, Richard Ayoade
Fewer foreign-born residents in Ukip target seats than average... and other @FactCheck facts:
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Girls among shacks of Freetown's Crab Town. Ebola is spreading here unchecked. Our report on @Channel4News tonight.
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"Just & fair" or #nojustice? Pistorius given 5 years in jail, but "may serve 10 months"
Orange string across the road marks a cordon for ebola in the Crab Town settlement of Freetown.
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TOMOBLOG: #c4news the beginning of a cure for spinal paralysis?
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A Tory Eurosceptic abroad. What happens when the Mogg - a "pale ale version of Farage" - visits Germany? - #c4news -
WATCH: Jacob Rees-Mogg at Oktoberfest – ‘critical offending’ one German:… #c4news
Woman dies after tree falls into Kensingston st during winds from the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo, London Ambulance Service says #c4news
Max sentence v what he could serve: Judge gives Pistorius 5 year sentence #C4news #Pistorius
New anti-social behaviour powers for councils "breathtakingly broad", Liberty tells #C4news
Other peerages for former Commons clerk Sir Robert Rogers; former MI5 boss Sir Jonathan Evans; & Prof Alison Wolf. All cross-benchers
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MigrationWatch organiser Sir Andrew Green given peerage
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Lawyers say judges might overturn a Tory victory in Rochester by-election - @MichaelLCrick - #c4news -
Seven months of the Oscar Pistorius trial, day-by-day: #C4news
Key moments from the Pistorius trial - on YouTube… #C4news
Oscar Pistorius sentenced to five years in prison - but could only serve 10 or 20 months in jail: #C4news
#OscarPistorius sentenced to five years in prison. Read more: Key moments from the sentencing: