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im boutta bomb this test >_<
Been a minute ...
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Follow da wife →→→ @my_short_as @my_short_as @my_short_as @my_short_as @my_short_as @my_short_as Thx.
I'm working on it though y'all ..
I like how people think they can catch attitudes with me. That's one reason why I have a bad attitude.
Kanye married Kim & hasn't dropped good music since. Eve ate the apple now we all cant walk naked. Bitches ruin everything.
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@LilButtSHAR: thinking of what to get for christmas” a punching bag
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@Ayeezy__: If only 😒.. Just wait on it😏💍😍🙊”only if this shit was real
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My daddy just said "Girrrrrrrrrl"! Lmfao
monkey lookin ass -_-
Sometimes when I look in the mirror I be like IS THAT A STRIPPER IN MY HOUSE but then I be like ooh nvm dat me lol.
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Happy Turkey Day!!
still mad i didn't get to stay on the party bus -_- but Micah gave me a lil taste of that liqua' :)
my sisters surprise party almost got ruined ... buh it was cool
#TransformationTuesday lmfaoo
lmfaoo whyyy must i get snapchats of people on the toilet
lmfaoo Junia randomly flicked me off
lowkey .. im bout to be on some bullshit today
if she don't come back from school tomorrow, im killin everybody.
Damn the cute boys are either too young or gay 😒😒
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lmfao didn't even say bye when we dropped her off at school. no wave or nothin
ima need them to kinda calm down the shooting ..
my dogs stay barking at night. like stfu -___- go to eff'n sleep
I don't want that type of relationship where I can only see you on some weekends..
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i wanna go out this weekend. tired of being in the house
Why hoes always need to hate on pretty classy girls?
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if it's cold im not getting up.
maybe im asking for too much ..
im boutta be childish towards him
i will never be normal.
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Anyway today is a good you guys cause it's just a good fucking day.. 😘😍😏😋
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@_ONEMilliz_: @Miaaannnn why didn't you come to acro yesterday -_-” you didn't tell me to! I'll see you today
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bruuuuh I got a dollar. im rich $$$
My elbow hurt -_-.
I have NO respect for liars
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@Looking_For_Ha: "@_datboismoove: “@airjordandaboss: This will always be funny😂😂😂😂"” 😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭
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