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At Detroit Airport....flying to Los Angeles to see some friends and do work. What's everyone up to today?
If I did not have contractual obligations, I would cut my hair into a mohawk right now.
@ChanceStroot Wow that is so cool! I really wish I can meet you on day. You are one of my inspiration and one of my fav model so far!
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Having Trouble getting motivated to work out? Make a Playlist that lasts the same amount of time as your workout! And your set!
The NE-YO "Beautiful Monster" music video makes ABSOLUTELY no sense to me. Like... NO sense whatsoever.
So after a week of working out almost every day I'm taking today off and stretching out in the sun to catch some rays
Skittles needs to change their slogan to "taste the double rainbow."
Damn, is that your new toy? RT @DevinPaisley Beautiful day!!!
Dude @Caleb_Lane thanks for editing my picture. Put it up as my avatar and I will get so many credit from girls hahaha
There should be a word for the feeling you get when throwing out a giant box of expired condoms. A word other than "despair".
People......on the internet........what is this..........about? Your fingers are heavy? You are inventing punctuation? Three dots... Three.
The best part about riding the train in the winter is when strangers don't mind me crawling up on their laps for warmth
About to throw my mashed potatoes up against the wall. #MyHouseMyRules
It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting
People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel.
Curtain girl hahaha RT @Caleb_Lane has amnesia and can't remember anything before this moment. What was that? @ChanceStroot
My best friend is someone who can always show me the strength I have when I can't see it by myself.
Guess who coming to Casa tonight? @DaveBoehm and @Caleb_Lane.. music video. So stoked to hang with my buddies.
So @BarRefaeIi has never played Pac Man. What? @DomMelchior or @JulianSchalk do u have anything to say about this?
i hte it whn ppl type lyk dis. It pisses me off.
Turning into a ninja when you hear your phone ringing in another room.
Watching Andy's New Years Eve promo on Bravo makes me so uncomfortable because he is so unbelievably awkward in it.
Yes but I will be return to NYC in a week. Will you be there? @_BarRefaeli
First "Dynamite," then "Firework," then "Grenade." Whats next, "Nuclear Bomb" or something?
Happy New Years to everyone all over the world !!!!