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A. Chambers
That time when iPhones first became a thing and everyone thought that virtual zippo lighter app was like the coolest shit ever..
Everyone likes a good Walmart brawl.
Congratulations Steve, you're a shit. #bb17
Excited to see who wins but sad to see it end #bb17
Donald Trump appears quite unprofessional. Just an observation. #GOPDebate
I got mad respect for #Vanessa even though sometimes she looks like she walked right out of a #MySpace photo. #bb17
Was Austin the only HG ever evicted without shoes? #bb17
Here we go here we go! #bb17
One girl gets broken up with and all her friends cry too? Is that really a thing? #BachelorInParadise
The shit has hit the fan in the #bb17 house.
This comp looks like hell. There's nothing I hate worse than trying to find something I don't know where it is. #bb17
When you're asked on live tv what color you hair is, you may wanna rethink that dye job. #AfterParadise
Dan just called Joe, #JoeDirt. And I'm actually extremely disappointed in myself that I didn't think of that one first. #BachelorInParadise
I'm gathering some good break up lines from these dudes. Excuse me while I write that last one down. #BachelorInParadise
Someone needs to clean up the Internet. Everytime I search something, all I get is a bunch of outdated info from 2006. Its no good I tell ya
Joe might be the best guy you could pick up in a Walmart.. But that's about all he has going for him. #BachelorInParadise
Still a little nauseated from #TheAustinShow tonight. #BB17. Where's my #PeptoBismol? Oh well, on to #BachelorInParadise..
Deciding on whether to watch #BigBrother or #BachelorInParadise first is always a struggle.
Shit's gettin' real in Uptown #Charlotte
Ahhhhahhaha.. @_ABSalt just told that dude, Bye Felicia. Marry me now. #BachelorInParadise
I'm embarrassed at how invested I am in #bachelorinparadise
I should probably do something a little more productive. But, I'm busy watching #Seinfeld reruns.
Becky's face when Julie reveals the vote Thursday.. #bb17
Shelli's going to go out like, if it wasn't for #SweaterGate. #bb17
Step right up, Vanessa is doling out the #information. #bb17. ..and mind blown by #PLLFinale #FAceToFace tonight. Oh. My. Gah.
I gotta be #teamvanessa this week. Becky got herself a big case of #HOHitis. #bb17
Well that escalated quickly.. #bb17
Becky- Guys, I got hit in the face with a bat one time. Not a baseball bat, a bat #BB17
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While we wait.. Remember that time Aaryn was a racist. And then she drank nail polish remover?.. #goodtimes #bb17
Looks like Becky is in the lead. And Donald Trump is getting boo'd. #winwin #bb17 #GOPDebate
Excuse me but um, did Clay just call Meg a whore? #bb17
So who's going home tonight? Thoughts? I honestly have zero preference. #bb17
Well.. As intriguing as this conversation is.. You know, the one about Clay's friends.. I'm going to sleep. #bb17
Austin and Liz. I just can't. Just watching them makes me hella uncomfortable. #bb17
Yeah, where did the takeovers go? Can we bring that back? Because I'm bored. #bb17
The day has come. Clelli is on the block. #bb17
Be careful Jackie, sometimes that happens when you try to make a cheezit sandwich. #bb17
This is also how my face looks every time I watch this #CreepMance..... #bb17 #bblf #bbad

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