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Amanda Chambers
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I graduated from college and still can't answer a single question on #Jeopardy. Where do people learn this stuff?
On my day off, I binge watched @mtvfakingit and now I'm obsessed with @therealritavolk. I'd say it was a productive day.
Today I leaned that I do not like club soda.
😍😍😍@WitneyCarsonrson: Good morning!! Wearing#teamwitfonsoonso beanie!! Who's joining us? Tweet me your best”
Does anyone else absolutely hate the way the "return" button is right next to the space bar? #iPhone #iOS
I dyed my hair violet :D I'm not sure if I like it , and this is a blurry pic but here it is !
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VIDEO: A sorority girl jukes and spins for an amazing flag football touchdown
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Hey @HLNTV. Since you insist on cancelling @JVM.. How about replacing it with a new show with @SusanHendricks?
What I'm most excited about this Christmas... @ABCFpll.
Watching the #CMAs is like watching different artists sing the same song with different lyrics over & over. #NothingWorseThanCountryMusic
A photographer captured squirrels trying to steal a Jack-O-Lantern... This is what it looked like.
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Polls just closed in NC. Check online results: and on your phone: #Vote2014
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Why does #walmart always smell like they have just had a sewage spill?
#Kirklands is the most boring place on planet earth.
This country can make anything sound healthy.
Quote of the day: "Her face is shaped like a stop sign or something".
Quote of the day: "that dude in your tree doesn't speak English"
@start__static I guess you're kind of cute and interesting, yeah? I can tell from noticing a number of your followers. ;) x
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All these people hash tagging #ByeFelicia and don't even know where it came from..
Ammonium dichromate looks pretty cool when you burn it.
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ICYMI: Here's the full video of tonight's post-race skirmish.
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What a night! We're recapping all the action from @CLTMotorSpdwy tonight on #NASCAR Victory Lane at 3a ET.
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Exactly what I've been saying for years.…
#Sprint Cup qualifying coming up next on ESPN2. Tune in to see if @KyleBusch can put the #Doublemint Camry P1.
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I wish someone would push Thom Tillis down. #ncsendebate
CDC has looked into approx. 100 possible Ebola cases in 33 states; 1 has tested positive:
Excuse me but um, every day should be #MeanGirlsAppreciationDay
Claiming that someone else's marriage is against your religion is like being angry at someone for eating a doughnut because you're on a diet
If they won't snapchat.. They might be a catfish.
The average prison meal is more nutritious than the average school lunch. #FunFact
Sooo.. If you can "pray the gay away", can you also pray the gay into someone? Let me know. Thanks guys. #JustAThought #LGBT