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A. Chambers
Three wins for @KyleBusch! I couldn't be more ecstatic but this was still the best part of the #NASCAR race...
Recap in case you haven't watched today: HGs yell at Audrey. HGs talk abt Audrey. HGs yell at Audrey some more. Then photo booth time. #BB17
Zero game talk on the feeds right now. House guests sitting in the kitchen eating & talking about random things. #bb17 #bbad #BBLiveFeeds
Update: Vanessa won veto and the house guests are covered in paint. #bb17 #bbad #BBLiveFeeds
Men and women who stay up late are more likely to be single than in a relationship.
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This Audrey drama is just all too exhausting.. #bb17 #bblivefeeds #bigbrother #bbad
Vanessa.. Like uh.. Get to the point.. #BB17 #BBLiveFeeds
I wish I got a dollar for every time a houseguest says the word "bus". #bb17 #BBLiveFeeds
Shelli: This is so awesome! Liz: I'm Liz! Shelli: Hey girl! #BB17
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#bb17 Has Shelli and Clays HOH week felt like a month to anyone else ? . #bblf
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Annnnd now Audrey's begging to be in Jeff's alliance. #bb17
De ja vu, here we go again. Same argument over and over. Second verse, same as the first. #AudreyYouCanStopTalkingNow #bb17 #bblivefeeds
Audrey let the cat out of the bag about the song abt Jace that James talked abt singing at the veto ceremony, but didn't. @jenjentheDIVA
Lol @ house-guests calling Audrey a "snake in the grass". Yeah okay, more like big giant obvious lying scheming elephant in the street #bb17
Audrey just can't stop digging that hole. #SongGate #bb17 #bblf #bbad
In other #bb17 news, Meg looked like a serial killer from the 70s tonight..
Please vote Steve out before he turns into a serial killer. #bblf #bb17 #bbad #bigbrother
I have a feeling someone's about to get thrown right under that infamous bus. #bblf #bbad #bb17 #bblivefeeds
Does anyone have a way to tell Liz and Julia apart? @BB17 #bblf #bbad #bblivefeeds
I think the word "backdoor" has come out of everyone's mouth.. Twice.. Within the past 6 minutes.. "Bb17 #bblf #bblivefeeds
Dear Audrey: You're my favorite; so please stop talking before you get yourself voted out. #bblf #bb17 #bblivefeeds
Do these people realize that they have another three months in this house? #TooMuchGameTooSoon #bb17 #BBLF #BBLiveFeeds
Feeds aren't coming on until midnight, whyyyyy 😦😦#BB17B17
I'm super excited for this twin twist. #bb17.
Sorry in advance for my twitter going completely #bb17 for the summer..
I've lived in different states & had many different cable & internet providers. @TWC is hands down the absolute WORST
Only TWO EPISODES LEFT of #OrphanBlack this season. This calls for a follow spree. Retweet if you need a monitor.
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New smartphone app at @unccharlotte protects students on campus. Details about LiveSafe:
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The real question is, why do so many people still have old school No. 2 pencils? #charliecharliechallenge
These guys voted Kaitlyn? Uh excuse me dudes, but have you seen Brit?! #TheBachelorette
I'm embarrassed at how excited I am for #TheBachelorette premier tomorrow.
This is what a green screen and actual movie, side-by-side, look like..
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The only thing more boring than watching "How It's Made" is watching an episode of "How It's Made" that you've already seen.
Taxes are due in two days. Let me open up this business right quick. #TaxDay
Well that was about 2 minutes of my life that i'll never get back. #RottenEggChallenge
I can't even with the #GOP
Got a new mattress. Riley likes it best.
Yeah. Just ordered a shit ton of food from taco bell. Be jealous.
Does anyone else watch #BringIt? Because it's seriously the best thing that has happened to me. #DD4L
Easter should really be on a Monday so that we could get a day off work.

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