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Amanda Chambers
Wow.. The things you can find when cleaning your car..
Nothing like realizing you're getting older when you see Tia and/or Tamera playing the Mom on a new show.
If I could only eat #subway for the rest of my life, I think I'd probably be okay with that.
Wht possesses people to gather the trash in their car, throw it on the ground, & drive away? In a parking space. In a parking deck. At work.
If you're thinking of using @TWC, just say no. Worst company in the history of ever. Terrible terrible terrible. Run tell that @TWC_Help.
The only #snapchat I ever get anymore are the spam snaps that say I've won a prize. There is never any prize.
That moment you're asked to tell a group an "interesting fact" about yourself & you can't think of anything at all remotely interesting..
Watching the news is becoming more and more stressful each day.
Everyone had a purple inflatable chair as a kid.
I never would have thought that our group would have bonded like we did. I hope I can look back and say the same thing about the next group.
One more day. Im lucky to have gotten an opportunity like this so soon. Maybe my ridiculously expensive degree is becoming useful after all.
I guess @TWC expects me to call them every single day. I am so sick of this.
ALERT: Power outages could be an issue with these storms, according to @JohnAhrensWSOC9 #CLTStorms
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How much since does it make that I have to call @TWC_Help every month and ask them to send my DVR more EMM's when I lose channels?
And now #Netflix isn't working. I haven't quite figured it out, but somehow and someway I'm sure it's Time Warner's fault..
I can't imagine a worse cable company than @TWC. But hey, if you don't mind ever getting what you pay for, they might be right for you.
Every website should really get on the same page with password requirements..
"We need to be better and more sophisticated about identifying mental illness." - Dr. Drew
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Just because the M&M’S crew is laying down on the job doesn’t mean they’re taking it easy:
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Tracy Morgan -- Critical Condition After Fatal Car Accident
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I haven't been able to get @HLNTV to stop pixelating in two weeks. Is this a @TWC issue or a @TiVo issue?
Hey Lebron, Jordan played with the flu, I'm just saying
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Seriously, what does Mrs. Brady do all day? #BradyBunch
Have bouncy houses always been so unsafe or are you just hearing more about it now?
@ABCFpll: One week until our favorite five words… “Previously on #PrettyLittleLiars!””
If you met #50cent, would you address him as "Mr. Cent"?
A for effort, Siri.. You have figured out where I live.. But that's not where I work..
I refuse to read anything that begins with the line "95% of you won't repost this.."
Ann B. Davis, known for her role as Alice in “The Brady Bunch,” died Sunday, friend says.
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Just a bad turn of events for Kyle Busch and the M&M’S team. Bad mistake by someone else, out of KB’s control.
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People who care and are willing to help are out there. You just have to first weed through the ones that are only after personal gain.