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Amanda Chambers
@Learn_Things: Hydrogen peroxide mixed with potassium iodide
Apparently, I don't have access to the kingdom right now. Thanks #CandyCrush
Someone asked me how to spell my name today... That's a first.
This is why your Internet is slow. And it’ll get worse. Unless you take 1 min to do this, now.
It's always such a sad case when a victim doesn't realize their a victim. #RayRice
Wow, that #iPhone6 is a massive disappointment. Am I the only one sick of paying for the same product in a different box over and over?
When I show you a picture on my phone, don't swipe, just look and give it back.
@start__static Fuck you you little bitch use goof off you goof off, I am just trying to help people from wasting there time I am a Chemist
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Excuse but um, how are the #BeeGees in HD?
#BigBrother should have a season full of most hated house guests with #BBFrankie and #BBAaryn being the first two casted. #bb16 #bblf #bbad
Please oh please..I beg you..Maricopa County Superior Court..Please let #HLN's cameras in the court room during #JodiArias penalty retrial.
It's not every day you see a helicopter riding down the road..
@start__static oh my god! He is such an ass! I am really ready for them to send him home.
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#BB16 house was like.. Surprise! #Frankie's sister is famous!.. Surprise! #Frankie's also a sociopath!.. Good times.
Well, I bet Jennifer Lawrence is mortified.
I could never live on the west coast because watching all my shows 3 hours after they air would not fly. #spoileralert
Victoria hasn't accomplished anything more than the #RunningMan in this HOH comp. #bb16 #bblf #bbad @CBSBigBrother
If you crack an egg underwater, it will retain its original shape.
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Sometimes I wonder if the people in other countries are as moronic as the individuals I come in contact with here on a daily basis.
How can you tell if someone is crazy? Well, according to Victoria from #bb16, "people who are crazy go to a crazy house". #bblf #bbad
@BleacherReport: VIDEO: @chrisbrown breaks a defender’s ankles at a charity basketball event
A rare "blond" chinstrap penguin was recently spotted in Antarctica.
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So not feeling working tomorrow..
Grand jury to convene in #MichaelBrown shooting. Here's a look at what's been happening in the town -- and the case:
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Nothing says that's a great photo like a #selfie taken in a public restroom with a diaper changing station in the background..
Well, that's enough to make you lose your appetite..
More than 1.6 million cardiovascular-related deaths per year can be attributed to high sodium consumption -
I can't wait for the night douche bag cowboy walks out of the house. #bb16 #bbad #BigBrother
#JodiArias representing herself in the penalty phase while Nurmi & Willmott have to sit & watch? Gold. I'm buying a ticket to Mesa asap...
What will Melissa reveAl to Spencer? Find out on tomorrow’s all new #PLL!
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Why on earth.. Would that man.. Stick a feather in his hat.. And then call it macaroni? Uhh.. What? Seriously, I don't understand.
Move over Caleb, Frankie wants to be the biggest narcissist in the house now. #bb16 #bbad
Busch in the garage with heavy right side damage. Crew fixing damage. #NASCAR
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Last night, I dreamed up a fabulous magic trick. All I need now is some volunteers and an America's Got Talent audition..
I imagine that beast mode cowboy is going to remind everyone of his "difficult &hard" 15 minute HOH reign daily for the rest of the summer.
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Next time you might want to just suck it up and take two trips dude..