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A. Chambers
Only TWO EPISODES LEFT of #OrphanBlack this season. This calls for a follow spree. Retweet if you need a monitor.
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New smartphone app at @unccharlotte protects students on campus. Details about LiveSafe:
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The real question is, why do so many people still have old school No. 2 pencils? #charliecharliechallenge
These guys voted Kaitlyn? Uh excuse me dudes, but have you seen Brit?! #TheBachelorette
I'm embarrassed at how excited I am for #TheBachelorette premier tomorrow.
This is what a green screen and actual movie, side-by-side, look like..
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The only thing more boring than watching "How It's Made" is watching an episode of "How It's Made" that you've already seen.
Taxes are due in two days. Let me open up this business right quick. #TaxDay
Well that was about 2 minutes of my life that i'll never get back. #RottenEggChallenge
I can't even with the #GOP
Got a new mattress. Riley likes it best.
Yeah. Just ordered a shit ton of food from taco bell. Be jealous.
Does anyone else watch #BringIt? Because it's seriously the best thing that has happened to me. #DD4L
Easter should really be on a Monday so that we could get a day off work.
It's been one of those months!
Dark matter even darker than once thought...…
Excuse me but um, are we suppose to know who Charles is? #CharlesIsA #PLL
I wish Moe's delivered. Seriously @Moes_HQ, get it together.
It drives me crazy when people put the comma before the colon when making a smiley " (: ". It should always go after the colon, like " :) ".
Happy pi day is trending. This makes me want pie. I might get a pie today. Or Moe's. Yeah I'm probably going with Moe's. Never mind the Pi.
If you try to find trouble and create drama with an #Aquarius, chances are they will just ignore you
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No matter how hard their life gets, #Aquarius can always find something to smile and laugh about
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Well, I have survived another week.
Christmas time all year round in my car..
Today I learned that even Shakespeare said "yo momma"..
Who's excited for season 3 tomorrow?
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Trying not to get spoiled on #PLL before I can watch it. This must be how the #WestCoast feels every Tuesday.
"It's important to communicate" ..Words of wisdom from Chris Soles. Thanks Chris. #TheBachelorFinale
The institution of marriage: The sacred bond between 2 attractive people in the presence of @chrisbharrison & a camera crew. #BachelorFinale
I'm just going to pretend that @KyleBusch is in that 18. Races just really aren't the same without him.
The time changed? No one gave me any kind of heads up for that. Thanks friends. I was thoroughly confused when I woke up this morning.
New research indicates that smart phones are making it easy for us to avoid thinking for ourselves..…
Lonnnng day. Snap me? Snapchat is stuckinamerica
There's too much spam on Twitter...
Its suppose to snow tomorrow? Why aren't people freaking out and closing schools like they did last week?
Is it just me, or are TV shows getting longer and longer? What ever happened to 30minute shows? I'll never get anything done now. Thanks TV.

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