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Chad Shapiro
Vegas Baby Vegas. My first road gig since being based at of LA.
I like Nick Cannon and can't wait to party to his music. #cabbagepatch #NickCannon #loveablewiseass #tweetsbychad
Thanks Burrrrrr Bank and the audience that came out to flappers and Jimmy's place for shows. I had fun, you laughed.
Flappers comedy club at 9pm. Jimmy's place (playa azul) at 10pm. It's a night of laughs.
What annoys me is when comedians list other comedy clubs as credits. don't promote another club. It's not a credit. Do u agree?
First day of spring. Looking forward to the good weather. Wait I'm in Cali now, it's always good weather. #goingbacktocali #ithinkso
Ok Levar Burton is right at the end of the bar. Should I say hello?
only been in LA about a month already seen so many celebrities. Besides comedians only few in NYC but already 4 in normal everyday events
First irish car bomb done. Bartender comped us after one beer. LA Jeish (that's Jewish and Irish)
A grasshopper walks into a bar. Bartender says "we have a drink named after you". Grasshopper says " You have a drink named Murray?"
Sometime I'll have something important to say on twitterbook. Until then enjoy. #tweetsbychad
St Pattys at Maeve's Residuals 11042 Ventura blvd. studio city, ca at 7am. Who's going? Stop by. Then maybe fox & hound or Timmy Nolan's
Bars in LA are opening at 6am for st patty's day. Also my spell check keeps changing it to st party's day. Coincidence? I think not. #early
Busting out the drinking glove tomorrow for the first time in LA. who doesn't have a day job and wants to hang. #drunknoon #stpattys
Tomorrow day drinking in the studio city, noho, Toluca lake area. Bars on Ventura, riverside, lankershim. Whatever I can walk to. Who's in?
I lost a couple of followers and I'm worried about them, I was on FB for a second & came back they were gone. #loveablewiseass #tweetsbychad
I love TV tech. Now I can watch horror films. I just mute the fear & fast forward the suspense. #dvr #tvthewayitshouldbe #loveablewiseass
In New York everyone is in a rush when they have nowhere to be. In LA no one is in a rush even when they're late. #assimilating