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Chad Williams Sr.
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Keep it LOCKED for details! RT @nfl: The Bears are making a change at QB (@RapSheet confirms)
Retweeted by Chad Williams Sr.
A man can only handle so much bullshit before he goes off the deep end.
Give it to me, give it to me
Give me that stuff, that funk, that sweet, that funky stuff
I'll tell ya what man, Johnny Football's first drive may have been the greatest 3 and out I have ever seen. Very fundamental. I love it man
Retweeted by Chad Williams Sr.
Even though it was to the wrong team, that INT Manziel threw was textbook. Hit the defender right in the chest man. Tremendous accuracy
Retweeted by Chad Williams Sr.
Dez Bryant's first name backwards is Zed. Which reminds me of Led Zeppelin. I'll tell ya what, that's a great receiver and great band man
Retweeted by Chad Williams Sr.
If you look closely where I circled, you'll see that Dez Bryant is wide open man. This is what I call bad defense.
Retweeted by Chad Williams Sr.
lol just because you work out with me doesn't mean you're going to get huge. Working out is the easiest part :p
I really think there needs to be some sort of licensing system in place prior to being allowed to have children. A parenting license, heh
Good luck explaining that when CPS comes to your front door and removes the child from your custody. Idiot.
Instead of taking your infant son to the ER you post on Facebook asking what you should do if an infant has a 105 degree temperature. Wow.
I don't even workout :)
This dude thinks you are protected under the 4th amendment to shoplift. Uhh what????
Lol this kid... "my dad's a lawyer so I know the law" hahaha yeah sure you do that's why you have no idea what I just said
@kelmo47 @CHADWILLIAMSSR I mean the comment you made about juicing in high school? That's about chad right?
Retweeted by Chad Williams Sr.
Hahaha you need testosterone replacement therapy at age 20 due to all your steroid abuse. Guess you should have known wtf you were doing
Abusing steroids will do far more harm to your body than any legal supplement would do :)
Finals week. Awesomeeee! Just kidding... More like time to faillll
Wow, good job dude, I'm impressed by those heavy half squats! Not hard to load up the bar with a ton of weight then only drop 3 inches haha
Why am I always hungry :(
"Even Jordan has said that Kobe is the only player who can be compared to him, and I have to agree." -Phil Jackson
Retweeted by Chad Williams Sr.
a 16 page study guide? Well alright then....
Rip transcripts, Rip grades, Rip GPA, Rip scholarships, Rip school career
I know a thing or two about a thing or two
You're a great big fat success
Santana Moss is a true Redskin. That was years of frustration built up. He was speaking for all of us. I have no issue with him #Redskins
Retweeted by Chad Williams Sr.
Santana Moss making an official so shook he can't even get his flag out before getting ejected from the game 😂😂
Retweeted by Chad Williams Sr.
Jay Gruden admits he had no idea Santana Moss was ejected until teams came out for second half.
Retweeted by Chad Williams Sr.
I thought Santana Moss retired two years ago that's a bigger surprise than him getting ejected from the game today
Retweeted by Chad Williams Sr.
Triplette said Santana Moss ejected for "very, very inappropriate language that was derogatory towards the official."
Retweeted by Chad Williams Sr.
The Bengals have 20 points. The Browns have 12 yards.
Retweeted by Chad Williams Sr.
This Browns drive is like watching a drunk guy trying to do a Rubik's cube.
Retweeted by Chad Williams Sr.
BLAZING hot stats from Manziel. Fox didn't even think to change "YARDS" to "YARD." #nfl
Retweeted by Chad Williams Sr.
So Manziel will end up in the teens in attempts... because the Browns ran 37 offensive plays. Not a typo. NFL avg. = 65
Retweeted by Chad Williams Sr.