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Chad Williams Sr.
It I can get 2,000 followers, I'll do something awesome
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I swear I always get blamed for the stupidest things
Lmfao Yall Hype Everything Up Now πŸ˜‚0
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Baeeeeeee😍😘😘 ilyyyy. Bouta smash all this food cause I'm a fatty. Guess that's a perk of being a bodybuilder eh lmSQE
10 games. 941 yards. @DougMartin22 is now the @NFL's 2nd-leading rusher! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
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Don't make a permanent decision based off a temporary emotion
Netflix & Chill without the Netflix 😏
When you check your grades online
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Cam up to his thuggish ways again... Smh
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Tindering while horny is like shopping while hungry. You shouldn't do it...
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*stuffs the turkey with your feelings*
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I better wake up to a cute good morning text from you tomorrow morning or I'll be sad :(
Fine then I guess I'll just get bae some new bras
What should I get bae for Christmas?
I like her but she doesn't like me. What's new 😊
We could be a power couple
Oh.. Of course you wouldn't reply to that...
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Can we quit playing games yet :(
You ask me for advice, I give you my opinion, you then attempt to start an argument with me over it. lol okay. foh with that.
Tired of constantly dealing with idiots
People will deadass not fuck with you but add you on every social network faithfully !!!!!πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
Retweeted by Chad Williams Sr.
Y'all stay interacting with me without actually interacting with me huh smh
Hahaha I tweet about taking L's and then see 4 other people start tweetin bout L's. I see y'all lmaooo
Come join Team Chad and stay forever losing with me lmao
Every time I type 'you' on my phone it automatically auto corrects it to 'UI'. I think it's a sign! Time to transfer again for the 4th time
Foh this a no-mom-zone smfh
Always a bad day when my mom reads my tweets then texts me saying "LOL get rekt boy" k thanks πŸ’”
I'm forever catching L's
Don't you worry about a damn thing, I got you :)
Oooh good thing I'm out in public with a white shirt on as my nose decides to start gushing blood all over me lmao
I joke around and people take me too seriously, I don't joke around and they think I'm pissed. What do I do :(
Don't take me overly serious... Smh
Can I go back in time a few years with a redo option yet :(

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