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Chad Williams Sr.
I'm still in a fog from like a month ago hahahaha #permafried #ripmybrain
Live your life a little, stop being such a square, please.
@CHADWILLIAMSSR my classmates always complain about staying up until midnight. like fuck i wish i had their lives. midnight is nothing.
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I need to get to bed so my classmates don't harass me tomorrow about staying up all night tweeting til 3 am. But I'm not tired :(
How about you literally like basically shut up with your lame vocabulary????
Missed 11:11 yet again. Wow, I suck at everything
Gotta stay high all the time to keep you off my mind 😏
You went from tweet watchin' to tweet deletin' hahahaha
"Thinking about the past makes me depressed" ok..don't think about it? Leave it at a learning experience and grow from it. Smh
Thinking about your past makes you depressed? Bruh shut the fuck up. That made you who you are today lmao.
Victor Cruz been playing the field without being on the field. Amazing
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Victor Cruz, laying up in hotels telling the Giants "I'm injured" and telling his fiancée "I'm at practice".
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Can't respect a clown like you smh
Some y'all never learn smfh
Idiot. If you don't want to do something then just say it already. No reason to make up some bullshit about it instead of just being honest
Wtf Myles Jack dropped out of college? Ok....
You gotta do whatever you gotta do cause in the end ain't nobody gonna take care of you but you
What's a man to do when it all falls down?
Please forgive me for my wicked ways
Former NFL referee Gerry Austin said KJ Wright batting the ball out of the back of the end zone is illegal, should have been Lions ball.
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NFL VP of Officiating Dean Blandino comments on the Lions-Seahawks ending.
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Hahaha so here come the conspiracies. Apparently that was an illegal bat out of bounds and the ball should have gone back to Detroit smh
That sucks, tough way to lose
Why the hell is calvin johnson smiling on the sideline? tf you doing...
Hahahah wow, Calvin Johnson
Wilson** wtf are you doing phone smh
Hahahaha Russell Wilsol
Gruden is so incredibly stupid. Ffs this guy is such a pain to listen to lmao
Terrelle Pryor working out for the 49ers? Hahahah watch them sign him as a QB. Not exactly an upgrade from Colin though....
Things must really be bad in San Francisco when fans are begging for Blaine Gabbert to become the starter over Colin Kaepernick hahaha
The Ducks new uniforms are better than their season hahaha
i get butterflies when i think about myself
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lol the Dolphins interim head coach is buff af hahaha
@CHADWILLIAMSSR Closest one to me is around 100 miles away hah. Think they'll deliver?
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Papa Johns L & XL pizzas are 50% off again today using code GIVEME50 YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! :))))))))

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