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Defrag: Hyperlapse, Stealth Bikes, Summer of Larry (his "Infection") and more... | The Defrag Show
Fun with the Interns: Shaurya Arora on Designing .NET for NuGet
Multi Device Hybrid Apps | Visual Studio Toolbox
A USB3 tip for non-USB3 Laptops in the Kinect for Windows v2 world...
From XNA to DirectX/DirectXTK, a Bizzy Bee conversion series
Fun with the Interns: Christian Salgado Catalogs .NET APIs
Tv2 - Terminator, Kinect for Windows v2 conversion...
Ping 219: Unreal Tournament 2014, OneNote, Buckets of ice, Geometry Wars, Hyperlapse, and Ask IE Anything | Ping!
Defrag Tools #103 - Writing a Debugger Extension Part 7 | Defrag Tools
A View to an Adornment... Creating a Visual Studio Viewport Adornment Extension
Episode 006 - Josh Williams (WinJS) | CodeChat
TWC9: Compile like it's 1992, Hyperlapse your GoPro, CocosSharp and more... | This Week On Channel 9
Episode 149: Azure Site Recovery with Praveen Vijayaraghavan | Microsoft Azure Cloud Cover Show
Azure WebSites - Best Practices | Azure Friday
Hardware hands for Software fingers...
Edge Show115 - Azure AD Connect Preview (configuring hybrid identity with Azure AD) | Edge
How safe is your data in Office 365? | The Garage Series for Office 365
Hello (Kinect for Windows v2) World Series
The Top Reasons People Call Bob Ward | Data Exposed
.NET Mobile Services | Visual Studio Toolbox
Kinect Controlled Creepy Cat Eyes
MonoGame for Windows 8 tutorial and ton's of new samples too
#Cortana is out now and she's here to stay. Check out the exciting opportunities that she offers: #msdev @ch9
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Check out my buds @deltakosh & @SyntaxC4 chat about the new IE Dev Chanel via @ch9. Lots of solid info to share:
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