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My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Iggy Azalea (13), Lil' Kim (11) & Nicki Minaj (7) #music
I didn't know @shots was available for Android. Follow me. I'm @Chelny there.
Fireproof > Steal My Girl
I own the Samsung Galaxy S4 for over a year now and I'm discovering features that I have never seen before. 😕
The Kim Kardashian in Paris meme is hilarious. 😂
What the Twitter search operator that excludes replies and retweets?
Black black widow baby 🎶
Are Nasty Comments Like These Keeping Women Out Of Science?
This thread. 😂😂�@atrltrl: [Celeb Photos] Britney looks uncomfortable as she promotes lingerie"
Ugh. Everybody is watching Scandal. 😑
If I could mute keywords on Twitter, I would mute "Sam Pepper". One of my followings is constantly tweeting about him and it's ANNOYING.
On another note, Zayn needs to cut his hair. I miss his "Japan hairstyle".
Harry Styles' neck length hair pushed back suits him very well. 👌
I'm not a @Harry_Styles girl but GODDAMN he looks hot in the picture. 😍😍
Je viens d'apprendre (à mon âge) la définition des mots "optimiste" et "pessimisme". #honte
Strange that I'm not sweating with a pea coat on in a 20 degrees temperature. 😕
The homework is about everything that I hate in programming : abstract classes, polymorphism, interfaces. 😢🔫
First homework in Programming class and I don't understand anything at all. 😭
Wait... What?! The iPhone bends??? Was it a hidden feature? #bengate #late
Il était beau le Denis Drolet frisé dans l'extrait. #edlt
I'm 100% sure that I failed the mini test about polymorphism and inheritance in Programming class.
Calvin needs to get over Sam Pepper already. -__-
Wait.. What?! I'm lost. 😕
Teirra Mary (or however her name is spelled) gets me on my nerves. She's too ratchet. #LHHH
Première journée de travail. Je suis brûlée. Grosse journée demain à l'école en plus. 😭
Reste à savoir si la syntaxe est correcte. Il y a des profs qui sont exigeants. -___-
J'ai eu 2-3 semaines pour faire ce TP, je n'ai pas écouté en classe les explications et j'ai réussi à le terminer 3 jrs avant la remise. :)
Enfin! Aucun des tests n'a échoué. :) #INF2170
Why does everyone think that Tyler Perry is gay? 😕
OMG!!! @1DSuperhumans is back!!! 😁
I thought I was the only one getting this problem. Phew!
J'ai réussi à ne pas m'endormir en attendant #QuelAgeMeDonnezVous grâce à la musique sur mon téléphone. :)
Who made the layout of It's ugly.
How many hours/days should I wait until VH1 upload the second episode of #LHHH on their website?
I hate polymorphism. #java
What's up with my phone/Twitter not displaying Twitter pictures?
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Iggy Azalea (22), Lil' Kim (15) & Chris Brown (4) #music
What's the algorithm of the snake_case?
I'm not a fan of guys with long hair but it suits Harry Styles so well. 👌
Too many things to do in so little time.
Hé boy… Le Ice Bucket Challenge de Guylaine Gagnon. Elle existe encore elle?
Chris Bosh is 6"10!! Oh Lord!
Also, TIL that Chick-Fil-A is pronounced "chick fillet", not "chick-fil-ah".
TIL that Barbra Streisand's first name is spelled "Barbra", not "Barbara".
Rob Ford has cancer.
TIL that Epsom Salt is Magnesium sulfate.
Virgin Mobile charged me $9.46 on my phone bill because I turned on mobile data for like 5 seconds when I was in LA. 😭
I'm such a Twitter addict. Browsing on Twitter simultaneously on my iMac, Chrome (official website and TweetDeck) and on my phone.