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TIL that Epsom Salt is Magnesium sulfate.
Virgin Mobile charged me $9.46 on my phone bill because I turned on mobile data for like 5 seconds when I was in LA. 😭
I'm such a Twitter addict. Browsing on Twitter simultaneously on my iMac, Chrome (official website and TweetDeck) and on my phone.
Follow me on Instagram: 😊
I didn't know Work was Iggy's first single from her recent album. That song is my JAM!
Listening to Chris Brown's album X... 😴
Out of 15 songs, I like 3 songs on Iggy Azalea's album. I thought I would only like Fancy.
Oh. Apparently there's a video of Niall "kissing" a guy. That's where the rumor came from...
*Iggy Azalea
Iggy Azalea - Work >>>>>
Where's Fancy? *skips songs to Fancy*
Listening to Iggy Azalia's album... 😴
I like Identity Theft and Suicide by Lil' Kim.
Niall Horan is gay? Where that rumor comes from?
Two chapters isn't a lot but I'm at page 8 and I have no clue what I'm reading.
I have to read two chapters of an electronic file for school as it will likely have questions about the book in the exam.
Uh oh! My Samsung Galaxy S4 power cord is almost ripped. How that happened???
Did Usher kiss Ellen DeGeneres on the lips???
How to undo a retweet on @CarbonAndroid ?
Disgusting. 😷
No way! Sandra Rose is older than 45.
I want that coat or similar (green with black leather sleeves). Where can I find it?
Pourquoi c'est difficile de trouver un emploi à temps partiel dans le domaine du développement web à Montréal???
Why it is difficult to find a part-time job in the web development field in Montreal???
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Lil' Kim (11), Peter Cetera (3) & Chicago (2) #music
J'aime les potins. :) #eteindien
Finally iSyncr is syncing my songs! 😊
Fixed. I had to uncheck "USB Debugging" and restart but I still can't sync new songs with iSyncr tho. 😕
*searches desperately a job*
If I wasn't jobless, I would have switched back to the iPhone.
First, I can't sync new songs to my phone. Then, "no SIM card". 😡😡😡
No way! I took a three hour nap. Smh. I won't sleep tonight. 😳
I'm BORED. Give me homework and a job.
Oh! Now I know why I didn't see U2 songs on my iTunes library... It's because I don't own an iPhone. Phew!
I'm so bored that I can't wait until Monday. 😳
I want to watch LHHATL but I don't wanna reach the bandwidth limit allowed per month. Also, they're already at season 3.
Yung Berg looks like a squirrel.
I'll be watching #LHHH because I know half of the cast.
Is it safe to buy clothes on
D'oh! I sent my resume to a company on my "friends only" account.
Another beheading... Smh 😳#ISISS
I should consider buying a fall coat asap.
Clint Eastwood (when he was younger) looks like David Beckham or it's just me?
Does anyone know perfectly Java and Pep8? Anyone?
Wait. Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant???
I'm watching Dragon's Den for the first time and Kevin O'Leary is so rude.
Lil Fizz did not age well. It's sadden me because he was my favorite member from B2K. 😢#LHHHH
Listening to Lil Kim's mixtape…
Can you all stop tweeting about the Japan Burger King's black hamburger please???