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I don't know what happened but the applications that couldn't be launched yesterday for whatever reason can now. 😕#YosemiteProblemss
A lot of applications and the installer aren't responding when I try to launch them. Are the system files damaged? #YosemiteProblems
Where are the stickers and how do you increase the size of an emoji on Snapchat?
I never thought of using Time Machine. 💡
Wait. I thought Joey Graceffa was openly gay but he's straight. 😕
I'm sad because a lot of applications on my iMac won't launch anyone. I don't know what happened. #apple #mac
All this time I thought @tysonjt was a French-Canadian guy from Montreal but in fact he's from T.O. and speaks only English.
Is it offensive to ask someone if they're transgender?
I have to figure out why Chrome, Photoshop and MS Word won't launch.
I shouldn't have used #OnyX because now MS Word and Chrome keep bouncing on the dock but won't launch.
MS Word won't start too. Ugh.
I wonder why Chrome won't open anymore on my iMac. 😕
Hilarious! 6 Hip-Hop Songs That Defined Vine In 2014…
"@BillyTellier: Est-ce vraiment une bonne idée de faire conduire ton char par quelqu'un qui louche autant ?" Hahaha!
I'm mad that the evaluated laboratory (3%) tomorrow will be at 7 pm instead of 6 pm. I don't wanna leave the house that late. 😳
Former crack dealer? 😒 @foxnationn: Andrew Cuomo Meets With Former Crack Dealer Jay-Z to Discuss Police"
Same with people who manual RT a tweet without adding their comment. What's the point of doing that? Just click the retweet button! 😠
What's the purpose of quoting a tweet if you're not going to add your comment? The retweet button isn't there for nothing. 😒
Je me demande si tous les pavillons de l'@UQAM ont un accès sous terrain au métro?
How come Princess from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood has only 4,5K followers on Twitter?
New addiction : Trivia Crack
La touche ESPACE de son ordinateur est-elle brisée ou quoi? @.regeantrembea15
Jackson from GOT7 😍
I'm shocked that Nikki is only 24 years old and is younger than me. She looks 34. #LHHHReunion
Every time I see Amanda she looks confused. #LHHHReunion
Idk why I started crying when Morgan was crying in the dressing room. #LHHHReunion
I thought Teairra Mari's breasts and Nikki's butt were fake. #LHHHReunion
Connaissez-vous des compagnies qui cherchent une développeuse Web à temps partiel? #emploi #itjobs #montreal
Qui ne tente rien n'a rien. #YOLO
The second part of #LHHHReunion will air tonight? YASSSS! I thought it was going to air next Monday. I'm happy. :)
Nikki has a beautiful face but her body 😷�#LHHHReunionon
Is it too late to tweet #RayTT? #LHHHReunion
Nikki's mom is so funny 😂#LHHHReunionn
Traduction SVP. Que signifie "matter" (comme dans "black lives matter") en français?
#TIL that in Korea you're automatically 1 year old the day you're born which means that Koreans are 1 year older than their western age. :/
"La fatigue est un dépresseur naturel." - J. Berger
How come there's so many empty seats in the bus at this time? 😕
I want my two hours back! 😠#EatenAlivee
Zzzzzz Where's the anaconda? #EatenAlive
Ça fait bizarre de voir Guy A Lepage comme invité à #TLMEP.
I'm supposed to either do my homework or hunting for jobs online but I prefer staying in bed. 😑
The fact that my phone is working fine today won't change my mind about getting an iPhone as soon as I get a job.
The "android system" when from 52%+ yesterday to 22% today. Idk what happened. 😕
Surprisingly, my phone is working perfectly fine. 😕
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: S Club 7 (14), One Direction (8) & Nicki Minaj (6) #music
How my phone could drain completely in less than 4 hours while I was sleeping? 😕
Nearly 3 am and I'm not even tired/sleepy. I was awake since 8:30 am. :S
Why there's no full episode of #SailorMoonCrystal Act 11 on YouTube?