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The iPhone 7 is coming out in September? Hum. I bought the iPhone 6 three months ago. 😒
I wish I lived in Ontario. I would have chosen between Wind or Mobilicity.
How come no cellphone company in Quebec offers unlimited data on their plans? Ugh.
I guess I have to stop watching shows on Netflix for least at home because of Internet bandwidth. 😢
Got my old phone # back. I stayed awake until midnight for nothing yesterday. 😡
I don't have a phone number at the moment. Ugh.
Can't receive calls or text messages in the next 15 minutes. 😔
Finally got my old cellphone number back! 😁
My work colleague was right. As soon as I subscribe to Netflix, I will quickly become addicted.
I need to stay awake until midnight to change my cellphone #. Let's hope my former # will be available. 🙏🏾
S02E02 of OITNB was boring. No Vauseman (Chapman + Vause). 😔
I'm watching S02E01 of #OITNB and I miss the inmates from Litchfield.
My eyes hurt. I need to avoid looking at a computer or phone screen for awhile.
I want to start watching season 2 of OITNB. F#&k internet bandwidth tbh.
I can't wait to do backend tomorrow at my job. 😊
What's happening between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj?
OMG I'm finally hearing Norma's voice!!! #OITNB
OMG...Who knew Pornstache was handsome irl? 😍😍…FGu
I’m using the #Wordpress REST API and I’m wondering why I’m getting “That API call is not allowed for this account.” when posting a comment?
NOOOOOO! I don't wanna pay. 😭i
Oh, already the finale? I gave up at act 18-19.…
I found a bug on the #iOS9: I can't delete/clear the last notification.
I like the "San Francisco" font on the iOS9.
1. No. Not with those edges. 2. Is that extensions?…
Who in this world would make love with a rat?
Louis Tomlinson is going to be a dad??? 😨
How to display WordPress posts on a Template/**/*.ctp file in @cakephp? #CakePHP #WordPress
Find a solution to my question about How to get Translations to work on @cakephp on StackOverflow:…
I'm getting all confused with @cakephp. I followed the steps from… and at 5:30 it's not working. 😡
IOS9 bêta... *yawn* I can’t wait for the final version.
What's new in the iOS9 bêta besides that Passbook is now called Wallet and the effect when switching between opened apps?
My swag is serious. Something heavy like a first day period. 💁🏾
I'm so confused with Apple Music. Where do I go to see all the songs that I liked?
Almost slept without my bonnet 🙀#shockerr#blackhairr
Okay. I'm muting "Ariana Grande" on my timeline because I don't give a damn about what she said/did and ppl keep tweeting about her. 😠
How to translate with #CakePHP? It looks so hard.
Oh no...Ian and Percy broke up? 😢#Stalkerr
I knew I shouldn't have eaten a whole pizza this afternoon. I wasn't even that hungry and now I can't sleep because I have gastric reflux.
I finally watched those "I'm Tyrone" Vines.
I need to spend the next weekends at a Starbucks or a library to watch OITNB before my free trial ends this month.

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