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I'm afraid to floss my teeth now. Thanks @OuijaTheMovie.
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: *NSYNC (8), One Direction (5) & Britney Spears (4) #music
👀😂@atrlrl: [Celeb News] Drake thinking he's tough"
Is it real that TI's wife changed her eyes color from brown to grey? 😕
Obviously, people who owns a Nexus phone will get the update first. 😒#Lollipopp
Just watched #StealMyGirl video and the song is growing on me. I used to hate it when I heard it for the first time.
There's new version of Android? Lollipop?
One Direction will be performing in #Montreal on September 5, 2015 but I don't wanna see them alone. 😢#OnTheRoadAgainTourr
Pep8 exam tomorrow. Kill me. 😖🔫
Impossible que Patrice L'Écuyer ait 54 ans!
FIFO, LILO and recursion. 😳🔫
Youpi!!! 😁 @Enfantsdelatelee: Les enfants de la télé c'est maintenant @icirctelee !#EDLTT"
I don't know how I should feel about being added to an "unfollow" list on Twitter. 😕
Wait. Kylie Jenner is 22???
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Peter Cetera (4), Nicki Minaj (4) & Ace of Base (3) #music
J'ai appris grâce à Twitter que SRC égal Libéral et TVA égal PQ. #TIL
C'est la guerre Péquistes vs Libéraux sur Twitter 😒#Banquierr
Yesterday I saw an iPhone 6 but I couldn't figure if that was the 6 or 6 Plus. Which model is the same size as the SGS4?
How old is Abdul Dremali aka @Advil?
Hurry up Yosemite! I'm sleepy. 😴
Grâce à #Genial j'ai appris que le degré de brûlure (peau) est déterminé en fonction de la partie de la peau qui a été affectée.
Snoop Dogg is misogynistic? What did he say about women? 👀
Had to leave Programming class during the break because I was feeling sleepy in class. I'll catch up everything I missed at home.
Nevermind. A classmate just came in. Phew!
The classroom is empty... Don't tell me I miss the memo.
Niall is adorable. 💖 @onedirectionn: Love you all Nialler…V"
Lol @ this tweet. The mustache is still here. 😳…
Who is Sam Miro? A model?
And the clip is from the White House official Vine account.
In fact, Michelle Obama is saying "turnip for what" not "turn down for what". Oops.
Where the Vine featuring Michelle Obama saying "turn down for what" is from?
My phone battery life seems to have improved or maybe it's just me. 😕
There was a firmware update available for the SGS4 yesterday and I have no clue what was changed/improved on my phone? 😕
I love Ellen DeGeneres and @portiaderossi chemistry.
What annoys me the most beside his voice is his laugh. Ugh.
I usually like deep-voiced men but Seth Rogen's voice annoys me. 🙉
Chrome keeps crashing on my phone. I'll give Firefox a try.
I do not like Nikki at all. She thinks that she's pretty and better than everyone. 😒#LHHHH
All I care on #LHHH is drama involving anyone but Soulja Boy & his gf, Lil Fizz, his gf and Moniece, and Omarion, his mom and Apryl.
I can't wait until someone uploads today's episode of #LHHH on YouTube.
"Fart on your body I came alive" LOL
Aside of SIM card issues, Samsung smartphones are the best. 👌
I just tried Optical Reader on the Samsung Galaxy and... It's unbelievable! I didn't know it was possible to translate printed text. 👍
It's official. Everyone has a pool in my neighborhood except my family.
How to sort a String Arraylist (each data contains name, email and date) by date from recent to oldest in Java?
Restarted my phone. The SIM card is being recognized by my phone... Good.
I didn't know "Tokio Hotel" was spelled that way. I thought "Tokio" was spelled Tokyo. #TIL