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One Direction died so @zaynmalik could live.
What does "naminaw pka" mean? What language is this?
I want an Apple Watch. ⌚️
I’ve never played drums before but I want to buy a beginner drum set. Should I get an acoustic or an electronic one? Hmmm…
UdeM abuse. En moins de 2 semaines j’ai reçu 3 courriels ainsi qu’une lettre par la poste pour une activité d’intégration vendredi prochain.
I started losing interested in One Direction since Four.
Just saw Drag Me Down mv. I don’t like song nor the video.
Someone just answered one of my Yahoo! Answers questions FOUR years later. 😒
YAS! I got Nicole Richie! We Know Who Your Celebrity Sidekick Should Be Based On Your Zodiac…
YAAAS, @SandraRose is back! I missed her. 🙌🏾
Stalker Sarah is right. Little Mix wouldn't be popular if it wasn't for 1D/Zayn tbh.
Lol I didn't know Little Mix won X Factor. I didn't know they were contestants on X Factor to begin with.
Is that weird that I've never heard any of Little Mix's songs?
How ironic for Wendy Williams who's built like a man to body shame Ariana Grande. #CancelWendyWilliamsShow
I just realized that I have class on Wednesdays this fall. That means I won’t be at home to watch Empire. 😭
Awesome! As soon as I get my degree in Computer Sciences, I'll send my resume at Apple. 😊…u
Hé ben. DJ Champion fréquentait Rebecca Makonnen.
Oh no! Harry is leading at 54%. Vote for ZAYN MALIK!…
I'm so sleepy 😴😴😴 but I have to stay up until midnight to get my old phone number back.
How do y'all know that @zaynmalik is single?
Wait..what??? Zayn is single?! 😏
God (mom) is good. I have UNLIMITED Internet bandwidth at home. 😊
SOML: New Study Shows Why You're Always Freezing In Your Office — and It's All Men's Fault by… via @micnews
On every picture I see on Google, his cornrows look like they need to be redone.
Meek Mill used to have cornrows and it doesn't look good on him. 🙈
Stop! Don't talk to me. Loser, lame boy, wannabe. Oh! Like, totally.
I can't wait to see what will happen to Alex, Sophia and Stella (if she will get out of the SHU).
Tbh the first season was definitely the best one. I hated season two because of Vee but I liked it way better than season three.
I can't believe I watched three seasons of @OITNB in less than two months. 🙀 I'm exhausted.
YASSS! I'm glad Red is back in the kitchen! 👏🏾👏�#OITNB#OITNB
I just realized that Piper from OITNB was the 40-something looking love interest/gf of Zac Efron's character in the Lucky One.
Does anyone use the #WordPress API? Why I’m getting “That API call is not allowed for this account.” every time I try to post a comment?
What does “file_get_contents(…): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden” mean? #PHP
One Direction dropped a new single and I don't like it. I miss the Midnight Memories era. 😔
What's all this nonsense between Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill, Safaree and Drake? I'm lost, man.
Why my neighbors are swimming in their pool when it's raining? 😒
The best episode of season 2 is the last one bc Vee got killed. Beside that, season 2 is my least favorite. #OITNB
Hum...Should I start watching the season 3 of @OITNB tonight? #dilemma
I thought Lorraine Toussaint (Vee from OITNB) was Haitian but she's Trinidadian.
Oh. I didn't know I get a text message from my cellphone carrier when I reach 50% of the monthly data. 👍🏾
I must watch the whole season 3 before school starts.

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