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RT @CFR_CPA: ISIS could intensify sectarianism in #Lebanon. See our report on how to mitigate a return to conflict:
RT @MaxBoot: Is Obama repeating LBJ's mistake in #Syria? My take:
ISIS took 16 villages in northern Syria, according to Kurdish military officials. More on violence in #Syria:
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#OnThisDay in 1947 the US Air Force was founded. Thanks to all the men and women who have served. Read More: #USAF
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If you want to know what's going in with the #IranTalks, read this spectacular @CFR_org interview w/ @DarylGKimball…
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Failure to Cooperate with #Iran Against ISIS Will Open the Door To Greater Risk via @janinedavidson
#ThisDayinHistory, 1947: Major provisions of the 1947 National Security Act go into effect.
How Much Can #China Offer in Africa’s #Ebola Crisis? via @YanzhongHuang
The House approves arming moderate Syrian rebels. Read more in today's Daily News Brief:
#Quote of the Day, from U.S. Representative Charlie Dent:
Happy Birthday to the #USAF! We will be celebrating the AF birthday in New York's Bryant Park today at 1130. Come & get some cake!
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Starting Now: Rep Sander Levin discusses Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations. Watch LIVE or later on demand: #TPP
RT @AyresAlyssa: China’s Mixed Messages to India [my take] via @CFR_org
To learn more about #Iran's nuclear program and regime view the Emmy Award-winning Crisis Guide: Iran #CFRLive
That concludes the discussion. Thanks for tuning in. Watch the video on demand at: #CFRLive
RT @MaxBoot: If Obama is going to recruit allies against #ISIS, he needs to show more commitment to victory. My take:
.@JZarif: Iran has helped Iraq fight ISIS. If the US does the same then it's up to Iraq's government to coordinate how they wish. #CFRLive
.@JZarif: Iran has serious doubts about the wiliness & ability of the US to engage in a serious reaction to ISIS across the board. #CFRLive
.@JZarif: Iran does not tolerate attacks on civilians in #Syria. We do not tolerate use of chemical weapons either. #CFRLive
.@JZarif: IAEA will ask to inspect that military facility again and then we will be having a very serious conversation with them. #CFRLive
.@JZarif We are willing to provide transparency. But in any agreement, military sites are off limits. #CFRLive
.@JZarif Over 42 environmental samples have been taken from a military facility. Inspectors found nothing. #CFRLive
.@JZarif It's important to be careful about the kind of message the international community is sending to Iran. #CFRLive
.@JZarif We have a contract w/Russia that expires in 2021. We have time to establish confidence in our #nuclear program. #CFRLive
.@JZarif Our #nuclear enrichment program is peaceful and for specific purposes. #CFRLive
.@JZarif Foreign forces will not be able to uproot this menace (ISIS) from the region. #CFRLive
.@JZarif Foreign involvement creates domestic resentment. It's best to let Iraqis fight ISIS. #CFRLive
.@JZarif Iran has a plurality of opinion, but a single foreign policy. #CFRLive
.@JZarif I sggstd a package tht everyone now wishes was accepted. Are sanctions so important that they should prevent a resolution? #CFRLive
.@JZarif: In Iran our economy & people suffered. What does US see as the benefit of the sanctions policy? What has the US gained? #CFRLive
.@JZarif: But the other part of the problem is the infatuation with sanctions. The United States is obsessed with sanctions. #CFRLive
.@JZarif: I believe it is very easy to find agreement on how to ensure Iran's nuclear problem remains exclusive peaceful. #CFRLive
.@JZarif: ISIS has killed more Sunnis in #Syria than Shia. They are demagogues using resentful youth with a savage ideology. #CFRLive
The clock is ticking on the Iran Nuclear Deal. Read more in this interview with @DarylGKimball:
.@JZarif: Re #Syria: We need to put conditions on how election should be run, not on who should run in election. Process is flawed. #CFRLive
.@JZarif: There's an inherent flaw in the image the US created for itself. #CFRLive
.@JZarif: You cannot fight ISIS and the government in Damascus together. #CFRLive
.@JZarif: ISIS is the product of foreign invasion. ISIS uses occupation narrative to recruit. #CFRLive
.@JZarif: Iran does not support foreign military involvement in the Middle East, unless the government asks for it. #CFRLive
.@JZarif: We have always insisted on the need for an inclusive government in Iraq. #CFRLive
.@JZarif: We need to stop providing ISIS with fertile recruiting grounds. #CFRLive
.@JZarif: We insisted that it should be the Iraqis who do this. The goal initially was 2 contain ISIS. But it needs 2 be eradicated #CFRLive
.@JZarif: #ISIS is not a problem of military intervention but of recognizing the threat. People recognized it late in the process. #CFRLive
.@JZarif: Look at what disenfranchisement does to a people to let them condone that kind of brutality (by ISIS). #CFRLive
.@JZarif: Problems cannot be solved thru coercion. You cannot come from outside & impose your solutions on others. Neither can we. #CFRLive
.@MargaretWarner: Explain this new paradigm. #CFRLive
.@JZarif: We need new tools to deal with these new realities. #CFRLive #ISIS
.@JZarif: Iran is the first to aid the Iraqis. ISIS is not a threat against a single community or region. It is a global threat. #CFRLive
.@JZarif: I wouldn't call it the Islamic State. But it is a sophisticated terrorist organization. #CFRLive
.@JZarif: Iran has been a responsible power in the region. We play a central role in dealing with ISIS. #CFRLive