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Who or what is your figure of the week? Send in ideas for #TWNW podcast.
RT @robertmcmahon: Ebola, Fear, and Better Communication via @CFR_org
The globalized supply chain for medicines has given rise to new problems. Read for a potential solution:
Public education campaigns will be critical to confront the spread of #Ebola in #Africa. @JohnCampbellcfr explains:
Thanks for including @levi_m. RT @iiea: #Climate5 Top 5 global #climate stories []
RT @MicahZenko: Profile and career advice for aspiring academics/wonks from the amazing @sekreps.
CFR President Emeritus @LesGelb lays out a strategy for #Iraq and #Syria. Read it here in @thedailybeast:
RT @ForeignAffairs: The U.S. political institutions are decaying, and their very stability is the root cause:
MT @MaxBoot: Is Obama going to put campaign rhetoric about "ending" wars over US strategic interests in #Afghanistan?
CFR's @janinedavidson explains the benefits of a Strategic Airlift Capability program. Read more:
RT @MaxBoot: Beheading James Foley is a sign of #ISIS weakness not strength. My take:
#Quote: "We have never been prouder of our son Jim." —Diane Foley, mother of U.S. journalist James Foley.
A video stirs renewed concern over ISIS. Read more in today's Daily News Brief:
#ThisDayinHistory, 1955: Anti-French riots break out in Algeria and Morocco, resulting in hundreds of deaths.
ISIS jihadist fighters are fueling a massive humanitarian crisis. Watch this #video to learn more:
#TWNW podcast hosts are looking for an audience figure of the week. Who or what is significant in the news this week?
What is a relevant statistic in the news this week? Send in suggestions for #TWNW podcast.
MT @LesGelb: US leaders in disarray on Iraq/Syria. Why is it that only the jihadis seem to know what they're doing?
RT @JohnCampbellcfr: Ten Books for Approaching Religious Conflict in Nigeria
RT @ForeignAffairs: Mexico's energy reform will revive its lagging oil industry.
MT @CFR_Academic: In this video, @Isobel_Coleman offers 3 things to know about the humanitarian crisis in #Iraq.
MT @lawsonremer: Companies can’t use charitable contributions to conceal harm done by operations
In this video, @Isobel_Coleman offers 3 things to know about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in #Iraq. Watch:
What will it take for a return to normal #Japan-South Korea relations? Read the latest from @snydersas: