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Cesar Millan
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Warm thanks to Ashley Kujan for this magical painting of Daddy! #fanartfriday #heycesar
Sittin' in as a broom salesman in Mexico circa 2012 ๐Ÿ˜#FlashbarkFriday #fbf
What are some of your favorite dog-appropriate Halloween activities?
Sittin' in as a broom salesman while in Mexico in 2012! #FlashbarkFriday #fbf
Exercise, discipline, affection = body, mind, heart.
Exercise, Discipline, Affection = Body, Mind, Heart ๐Ÿƒ #CesarsWay
Halloween 2012 ๐ŸŽƒ Can you guess who I was??
Adorable & available for adoption via the Cesar Millan Foundation #AdoptMeThursday program!
Pack Walk with the Oct 2014 #TrainingCesarsWay Fundamentals crew ๐ŸŒž Come be a part of the next training course from Jan 7-12 in Florida |
Lol that's right! RT @simiko75: @cesarmillan So cute! The message I got: No matter if youยดre small or big, everyone can be a pack leader!!
Can I please have some food little puppy? How 'bout I give you a high five for some food? No?? Okay then. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Big dog and puppy showdown: Who is the Pack Leader?? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
En el nuevo aplicativo de @HumaneSociety & @NationalSheriff Lรญderes de la Manada detienen el maltrato animal:
New app from @HumaneSociety & @NationalSheriff lets Pack Leaders help stop animal abuse. Watch my PSA in Eng & Span:
RT @HSUSNews Breaking news: @NationalSheriff and HSUS release smartphone app for realtime reporting of #animalcruelty
A friendly reminder, I don't recommend dog costumes on Halloween (or anytime) as I feel it humanizes them, but I'm all for human costumes!
'Tis the season for fun tricks & spooky treats! Just make sure you know the harmful foods to keep away from your dog:
๐Ÿ‘… #tongueouttuesday
I can't believe Halloween is next week!! What are you all dressing up as? Any ideas for me?
Junior & I are headed to Schenectady NY for a live show on Nov 15th! Get your tickets now: #CesarMillanLive #NY
#JuniorMillan gets lots of love (and #selfie requests!) while on tour.
Walked my 40-lb. pittie with her new Illusion leash & collar from @cesarmillan. Night & day difference in pulling. We had 3 pleasant walks!
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#JuniorMillan getting lots of love in #Waterbury, CT. Everyone wants a #JuniorSelfie ๐Ÿถ/๐Ÿ˜€
ยกMe lo pasรฉ muy bien hablando en #TijuanaInnovadora ayer! Gracias a todos los que vinieron. โœŒ๏ธ I had a great time speaking at #TI2014 yesterday! Thank you for having me, and to everyone who came out. ๐Ÿพ
Disaster can strike at any time & it's always good to be prepared. Here are disaster preparedness tips:
The #CesarMillanFoundation Fundraiser is right around the corner! Join me & help raise funds for humane education:
If you and your Pack are outdoorsy, here's how to protect your dog from wild animals:
Have you and your Pack ever run into a wild animal?
Learn all about Dog Socialization in my all-new DVD, now available for pre-order:
Socialization is the process by which an individual learns the values, behavior & social skills appropriate to their environment & society.
What do you think of when you hear the words dog socialization? Let my new DVD be your guide:
My all new dog #Socialization DVD is now available for pre-order! ๐ŸŽ‰ Ships worldwide! ๏ฟฝ
My all-new dog #Socialization DVD is now available for pre-order! ๐ŸŽ‰ Click the link in my profile to watch a clip from the DVD now. Ships worldwide! ๐ŸพโœŒ๏ธ
Share one reason you're thankful for your dog, or a dog in your life.
Watch a clip from my all new Dog #Socialization DVD:
The wait is over! My all-new Dog #Socialization DVD is now available for pre-order!
Making our way to #Waterbury, CT. ๐ŸŒณ #MrBensontheTourist #RoadofAdventure #FLUFF #BensonMillan
Who is a Pack Leader to a full or mixed breed Japanese Chin? What are they like?
Blown away by this beautiful painting of Daddy from @oldipaintings on Instagram. Thank you. #fanartfriday #heycesar
I'm blown away by this painting of #DaddyMillan by Ildiko Olah, thank you! There's some very nice work from the artist @oldipaintings here on Insta. #fanartfriday #heycesar
Don't forget about how the change of the seasons affects your dog. Here are tips to help your dog transition:
I love this time of year. The changing color of the leaves, brisk breezes & a break from the heat! How are you & your Pack adapting to fall?
Calling all #Chihuahua Lovers! Meet a Pack of 4 puppies (currently located in CA) who need homes: #AdoptMeThursday
#throwbackthursday ๐Ÿ˜œ
Have you ever moved in with a roommate or significant other to find that your dogs do not get along? There is hope:
I want to stress that โ€œfeeling sorryโ€ for a dog is not doing that dog a favor. It is actually hurting her chances of becoming balanced in the future. Dogs need leadership before they need love. Let love reward balance. Thatโ€™s how balance is maintained.
We're about to head out on #tour again! Find all of my upcoming US tour dates below, with more information and tickets at โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘‡ #CesarMillanLive Red Bank NJ โ€“ Oct 16 Waterbury CT โ€“ Oct 17 Tarrytown NY โ€“ Nov 14 Schenectady NY โ€“ Nov 15 Glenside PA โ€“ Nov 16 Modesto C
Charming shot of the Dog Bone Necklace hanging around the DPC! Thanks for stopping by @Pennyroyalinc ๐Ÿ˜Š
The dogs like to cool off during hot days at the DPC in the meditation pond.