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Cesar Millan
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I wanna keep him... 😁 Name??
Despite our best intentions, dogs get into things they shouldn’t. What to do if your dog eats #Halloween candy:
"Oh don't mind me guys, I'll just be under here, taking a little puppy power nap" πŸ’€ #Cesar911 Season 2 is coming soooon! 🎬 @natgeowild
Calmness is more important than technique.
A dog with six toes on each foot? Dogs specially utilized to locate truffles in Italy? More on spook-tacular breeds:
Registration is now open for #TrainingCesarsWay Clinics (Puppy Basics, Socialization, Obedience & more!) in CA & FL:
Why do dogs lick? It's a very common behavior, but they do it for a lot of different reasons. How many do you know?
I train people. I don't train dogs. I don't focus too heavily on technique or on things like "sit, down, stay, calm, and heel." I focus on empowering people to achieve a calm-assertive state of mind, while gaining the trust and respect of their dog.
#YesNewFriends #TrainingCesarsWay
Three days until #Halloween! Follow these five safety precautions to keep your dog safe and happy:
Can't wait to meet you Eddy, congratulations on your scholarship!!!
Learn the essentials of dog #socialization in my all-new DVD! Available & ships worldwide on Nov 17th. Pre-order now:
Do you have a dog first aid kit? Here are the essential items to include so you're fully prepared:
Freshly groomed 🐢 #bensonmillan #alfiemillan
Wear your Dog Bone Necklace proudly knowing that proceeds benefit the #CesarMillanFoundation:
Is your dog hyper? Here are 5 ways to calm an overexcited dog:
One thing ppl don’t really know about me? I don’t always practice assertive energy; I actually practice calm submissive energy more often.
Make new friends at Training Cesar's Way. Learn more about my Clinics & Fundamentals courses:
There are four ranges of energy level for dogs - low, medium, high and very high. Which is your dog?
Learn how to socialize your dogs, how to properly assess & correct anti-social behavior & more with my all-new DVD:
Pre-order for yourself, or another #PackLeader now, the link is in my profile! Ships worldwide on Nov 17th! πŸ“¬ Learn why it's important to socialize your dogs and how you can do it 🐾 Learn the facts and myths of dog #socialization | How to assess anti-social behavior ☝️ | Understand dog insecurity,
Is your dog a natural born leader or an Alpha dog? Here are 5 keys to handling a dominant dog:
Pre-order a copy of my all-new Dog Socialization DVD for yourself or another #PackLeader now!
Learn the essentials of dog #socialization in my all-new DVD! Available & ships worldwide on Nov 17th. Pre-order now:
Is your dog overprotective of you and the rest of the Pack? The key to solving the problem may be socialization:
Warm thanks to Ashley Kujan for this magical painting of Daddy! #fanartfriday #heycesar
Sittin' in as a broom salesman in Mexico circa 2012 😁#FlashbarkFriday #fbf
What are some of your favorite dog-appropriate Halloween activities?
Sittin' in as a broom salesman while in Mexico in 2012! #FlashbarkFriday #fbf
Exercise, discipline, affection = body, mind, heart.
Exercise, Discipline, Affection = Body, Mind, Heart πŸƒ #CesarsWay
Halloween 2012 πŸŽƒ Can you guess who I was??
Adorable & available for adoption via the Cesar Millan Foundation #AdoptMeThursday program!
Pack Walk with the Oct 2014 #TrainingCesarsWay Fundamentals crew 🌞 Come be a part of the next training course from Jan 7-12 in Florida |
Lol that's right! RT @simiko75: @cesarmillan So cute! The message I got: No matter if youΒ΄re small or big, everyone can be a pack leader!!
Can I please have some food little puppy? How 'bout I give you a high five for some food? No?? Okay then. πŸ˜‚
Big dog and puppy showdown: Who is the Pack Leader?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
En el nuevo aplicativo de @HumaneSociety & @NationalSheriff LΓ­deres de la Manada detienen el maltrato animal:
New app from @HumaneSociety & @NationalSheriff lets Pack Leaders help stop animal abuse. Watch my PSA in Eng & Span:
RT @HSUSNews Breaking news: @NationalSheriff and HSUS release smartphone app for realtime reporting of #animalcruelty
A friendly reminder, I don't recommend dog costumes on Halloween (or anytime) as I feel it humanizes them, but I'm all for human costumes!
'Tis the season for fun tricks & spooky treats! Just make sure you know the harmful foods to keep away from your dog:
πŸ‘… #tongueouttuesday
I can't believe Halloween is next week!! What are you all dressing up as? Any ideas for me?
Junior & I are headed to Schenectady NY for a live show on Nov 15th! Get your tickets now: #CesarMillanLive #NY
#JuniorMillan gets lots of love (and #selfie requests!) while on tour.
Walked my 40-lb. pittie with her new Illusion leash & collar from @cesarmillan. Night & day difference in pulling. We had 3 pleasant walks!
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#JuniorMillan getting lots of love in #Waterbury, CT. Everyone wants a #JuniorSelfie 🐢/πŸ˜€