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Don't fuck around with no broke niggas
try to run get ya back popped
I'm allergic to the fake shit
Glock got no safety but I'm safe bitch
You can't play me, If I already played you
but i'ma still put some diamonds on em!
ripped my ear now I got one ear lobe
shawty got good brain don't waste it
since I been eatin, now I like a bunch of food
lmfaooo sis got dumb real quick
I don't even fuck with fb like that anymore
moral of the story, I ain't worried bout nothin nigga
moral of the story, gotta get that paper
I hate school, but I got goals
I'm starting to lose interest in hood niggas nbs
I'm bored as fuck
when the person who volunteers to read out loud is completely illiterate
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People will constantly do you wrong and get mad at you for getting tired of dealing with it..... Know that you deserve better ✊
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i'll bust ya cap back real quick
crystal mind ya business bitch
add me on snapchat certifiedsplash
Usually, I don't give a fuck
I ain't with that fuck shit
to the guys who post pictures of their girl, and tweet about them, and make sure people know she's yours, you're doing it right
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I think I'm staying in tonight
I want a real nigga that's worth my time
fuck Halloween I'm ready for thanksgiving
Stay real, stay loyal, or stay the fuck away from me.
Just cause I'm conversation with you nigga, don't mean I care bout you nigga
I just hit a stain faneto
know you can't get no money you silly ho!
cheese in my pockets, Velveeta
let a nigga slide? no we don't do scary
this bitch mad cause I don't do marriage
these shoes I got came from fuckin paris
this car I got came from Barcelona
baby girl these diamonds are not phony
Car so fast it got me pullin bitches faster
Coke so white that it need a tan
When you in school and gotta take a shit ...
No relationship is a waste of time. If it didn't give you what you wanted, you learned from it what you didn't want.
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You ain't have him like I had him 😉😉
When you love someone, you gotta let them go.
show that you don't care, that's when they'll start to care the most.
Try to come in my house, leave you inside out
one more class to go