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i can message almost 20 people in a minute ;) #QWERTYForever #BlackBerryQ10
@IGGYAZALEA god im so happy you experimented with electro house kfgdjhs
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Looking at a photograph and wishing you could re-live that moment over and over again.
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Girls are sensitive, they overthink every little thing and they care way more than they should, but that’s what makes their love so strong.
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someone be really nice and do me a s/o
#lifenotes sometimes things happen because people know we dont want them #Retweet
@IGGYAZALEA: My point is. Sometimes when something fits your theory you ignore facts that don't support it.”
make it a point to find weakness in the things you believe "theory's" etc. and if it still holds up. You know you've got something strong.
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--So proud of you @IGGYAZALEA, you've been through a lot you deserve it! Congrats on signing w/ Island Def Jam! *blasts Work*
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