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Gone for the month ✌️
No sleep as usual
Trop de gens qui parlent sans penser
Black people never take shit serious 😂 �9D
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Darkskins so beautiful
We can just fuck while we being friends 😛
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@certified_emm no lie that's the realest shieet I've heard in a while 💯
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Ya'll always keep hoes around incase you&the person you're talking to won't work out, but 80% of the time, THAT'S why it don't even work out
Not impressed easily
Every1 been broke before, lonely before, hurt before, scared before, jealous before. Stop throwing shade like it ain't never happen to you
I've stopped associating myself with a lot of people cause I learned that I don't need anyone that doesn't appreciate what I'm offering
Your surroundings can affect you so be around people who are caring and loving & that will support you no matter what it is
A lot of ppl are scared to let others in their lives due to past experiences without realizing they might be pushing away someone great
I pray that we all find the courage to forgive any1 that's ever hurt us, or deceived us because we all deserve a free mind & heart
#GrowingUpWithChillParents made me realize that being honest with your parents gets you way further then lying.
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Fuck a relationship goal 😍💦#waitonitnN13
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I'm just trynna chill
I feel like I could be friends with so many girls but bitches always wanna hate & be unsocial & boring
bitch if you fine I ain't mad I appreciate your fine ass
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#GrowingUpSkinny Bracelets be like 💀💀💀�8A2wdK
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so many girls I feel like I'd be such good friends w but how do I properly slide in a girls dms about being best friends
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#GrowingUpADancer @ every party you go to a song plays that you have a dance to & you automatically start doing the choreo🙋🏽
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Relationships are overrated
@certified_emm you look beautiful in your avi,just saying
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People crave more and more, yet they don't enjoy what they already possess.
When he going off on you and you lowkey turned on
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No words, just Retweet ☺️🙌�N8
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I avoid mirrors cuz I always end up looking at myself for way too long
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Imma just leave this here...
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Modesty is vastly overrated virtue.
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Opportunity is only what you make it
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If you ask to watch Netflix and chill with me I will laugh in your face 😊😊😊😊who tf you tryna fool
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I love a tall nigggaaaa 😁😩

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