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The European Union Youth Orchestra with 42 musicians covering all CERN Member & Observer States #CERN60 @EUYOtweets
60 years of science for peace: Official delegations from 35 countries celebrate #CERN60
CERN's 60th birthday: 60 years of science for peace. See photos of today's ceremony at
Watch the 4 winning short films from @CineGlobe #CERN60 “Inspired by CERN” competition via the "news" of
Vladimir Ashkenazy and @EUYOtweets will perform a sonification of CERN's Convention in today's #CERN60 ceremony
From @TheDukeOfYork to @EUYOtweets, watch the official #CERN60 ceremony live via (programme:…)
Blowing out 60 candles: #CERN60 ceremony starting shortly via with official delegations from 35 countries
#CERN60 webcast begins in 15 minutes with the 4 winning short films from @CineGlobe “Inspired by CERN” competition
Today, CERN celebrates 60 years of peaceful collaboration for science… #CERN60
Today is CERN's 60th Birthday! Don't miss the #CERN60 webcast starting at 13:30 CEST
CERN is taking part in the European Researchers Night #ERN14 tonight @popscience
"Officially Amazing": A new world record for CERN at 60 #CERN60 @GWR #GWR60…
CERN celebrates 60 years of science for peace in 2014… #CERN60. How will you celebrate? Tweet #MyCERN60 pics by 29 Sep
How will you celebrate #CERN60, tweet your #MyCERN60 pics by 29 Sep (pics: S. Ganjian @RoseHannert Anna P @iPalmoU)
Watch this #CERN60 video of 1st touchscreen @CERN…. Inventor talks today at… & @PopscienceTweet
Don't miss today's #CERN60 webcast "From Physics to Daily Life" starting in 15 mins… (EN)… (FR)
Relive the excitement of @TEDxCERN 2014 "Forward: Charting the future with science" Photos:…
TEDxCERN starts today! Don't forget to follow @TEDxCERN and watch the webcast from 1.30pm CEST
Particle physicists and scientists from other fields solve problems by sharing technology:…
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Bridging cultures & nations through science - special #CERN60 Courier out now (Digital copy:
Find out how best to follow the @TEDxCERN action in the run up to Wednesday's event:… #TEDxCERN
Your chance to wish @CERN Happy Birthday! Tweet a #MyCERN60 picture of a drawing/cake/party/etc before 29 Sep #CERN60
Watch @CineGlobe #CERN60 discussion with @ParticleFever Mark Levinson, Walter Murch & physicists, in 15 mins
Watch the @UNOrchestra performing at CERN to celebrate #CERN60, webcast begins in 15 minutes
Don't miss today's #CERN60 webcast celebrating the 60th anniversary of the 1st Council session, starting in 15 mins:
CERN and @APSphysics announce partnership for Open Access… via @CERNpressoffice
See the latest results from AMS, based on analysis of 41 billion particles:… @AMSISS @AMS_02
Watch "New Results from AMS on the International Space Station" in 10 mins: @AMSISS @AMS_02
CERN began in 1954, meet the couple that joined in 1956 & never left… #CERN60 @CERNPeople @INT_Channel @merminfilm
Follow along with CERN's 60th anniversary events with webcasts this week…
Don't miss today's #cern60 webcast: "60 years of CERN - 60 years of science for peace". Starting in 15 minutes!
“Inside the room, the mood was an unusual mixture of party and scientific seminar” @CERN’s DG on 4 July 2012 #CERN60
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After a week @CERN, "beamline for schools" students are ready to analyse data!… #bl4s #CERN60
Watch today’s #CERN60 webcast with talks by John Ellis, Horst Wenninger & Herwig Schopper, starting in 15 minutes via
Don't miss today's #CERN60 webcast celebrating the LEP collider & H. Schopper's 90th birthday…
"THE UNIVERSE: a detective story" Hiranya Peiris' talk at TEDxCERN 2013, included in @TEDx "back-to-school" playlist…
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Welcome to CERN "beamline for schools" winners! Follow the students' progress: #bl4s #CERN60
Stephen Hawking: "God particle could destroy universe" @TEDxCERN response:… Watch #TEDxCERN webcast on 24 September
Register by 8 Sept, make #HiggsML the most popular Kaggle Open Challenge. via @ATLASexperiment
As time ticks down to the restart of the LHC, scientists are making sure their detectors run like clockwork:…
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Attention francophones @CERN_FR "Les accélérateurs de particules: vecteurs de découvertes, moteurs de développement"…
"From John Bell at CERN to Quantum Communication and Quantum Computation", watch Anton Zeilinger's talk in 15 mins:…
Watch @CERN director general outline September’s #CERN60 events - recording of bilingual press conference now online:…
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Today's webcast helps celebrate 50 years of "arguably 1 of the most ground-breaking theoretical findings in physics"…
The #LHC as a photon collider: a new detector will help study a different kind of collision:…
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Pleased to be able to unveil the programme for #TEDxCERN on 24 Sept: It's going to be a great day!
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