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New transatlantic links deployed by ESnet will give researchers in US ultra-fast access to @CERN #data:… @ESnetUpdates
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Explore how fundamental research is a driving force for innovation in this #CERN60 film: [video]
The LHC's @ALICEexperiment is designed to study quark-gluon plasma: (image=inner tracker)
And finally ... in today's #CERN60 @UN event @UN_Spokesperson Ban Ki-moon approved of the blue @CERN visitor helmets!
"We have reaffirmed today that science is a powerful force for good" @UNECOSOC President Martin Sajdik concludes today's #CERN60 @UN event.
“Science is a powerful tool that must be used for education and sustainable development” CERN Director-General Rolf Heuer #CERN60 @UNECOSOC
“There are ideas that have completely changed the course of history, CERN was one of these” Irina Bokova @UNESCO Director-General #CERN60
"As CERN’s history demonstrates, science promotes & produces knowledge, development, education & peace" Fabiola Gianotti #CERN60 @UNECOSOC
Watch Fabiola Gianotti, @CERN senior scientist & member of @UN Scientific Advisory Board, via #CERN60 @UN
“Scientific research at CERN & @SKA_telescope can draw nations together to share resources & skills” Naledi Pandor of @dstgovza #CERN60 @UN
“Science is a true peace-maker, it can make differences between us disappear” Hitoshi Murayama of @UTokyo_News_en & @UCBerkeley #CERN60 @UN
“Science is a wide community effort, it depends on free exchange of ideas” @NobelPrize laureate Carlo Rubbia #CERN60
“CERN is advancing boundaries of human knowledge, leading us to understand our universe” @KofiAnnan #CERN60 @UN
60 years of science for peace: “An LHC detector now uses brass taken from WWII military shells” @CERN DG @UN #CERN60
NOW LIVE: Watch "CERN: 60 years of science for peace & development" via #CERN60 @UN @UNECOSOC
Watch the #CERN60 event, starting in 10 mins via, live from the @UN headquarters in New York…
About a quarter of a million CERN archive images are currently being digitised, see: #CERN60
The Collider exhibition embarks on an international tour, starting today in Paris: #ParisLHC
1966: On-site surveyor during the Intersecting Storage Rings (ISR) construction:…. #CERN60 #tbt
Hangout with Richard Frackowiak from @HumanBrainProj and Hans Peter Beck from @ATLASexperiment Today at 4 pm:…
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Don't miss today's CERN webcast "The daunting complexity of cancer" by Douglas Hanahan, starting in 15 minutes via
From technical concepts to market reality: new Business Incubation Centre of CERN technologies opens in Norway @NTNU…
Watch "CERN and the rise of the Standard Model"… a film that celebrates CERN's 60 years of science for peace #CERN60
CERN scientists take to the streets for PopScience @PopscienceTweet…
Don’t miss today’s #CERN60 talk “The long road to the LHC” starting in 15 minutes (info:…)
1954: Villa de Cointrin at Geneva airport, 1st seat for CERN’s management & admin offices #CERN60 #throwbackthursday
#ESSFoundationStone ceremony streaming live from the site today from 13:00. Press release:
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TEDed and CERN team up once more, this time to animate clouds and cosmic rays…
Film series brings CERN people to the world… Watch the @CERNPeople films via… @INT_Channel
Congrats to Project Axion from #CineGlobe/ @TribecaFilmIns "Story Matter" hackathon for their @Filmteractive award!…
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Now's your chance to design a CERN-themed level for an upcoming @AngryBirds episode: #BirdDay5
CERN congratulates Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano & Shuji Nakamura - inventors of blue LEDs - for their physics @NobelPrize #nobelprize2014
TEDed and CERN team up to animate cosmic rays…
CERN's director guest edits "Le Temps"… read here by CERN Council President Agnieszka Zalewska
Scientists at CERN perform music created using data sonification of LHC results [video]:…
After WWII, fundamental research helped foster peace in a troubled region. Watch "CERN & science for peace"… #CERN60
Challenge-Based Innovation: students use detector technologies developed @CERN to help society…
Students from 21 African countries joined this year's African School of Fundamental Physics:…
MT @ArtsAtCERN US Premiere of QUANTUM! Collide@CERN wishes its artists Giles Jobin & Julius von Bismarck all the best…
From "green magnets" to beam dynamics, the latest issue of #AcceleratingNews is out now:
The European Union Youth Orchestra with 42 musicians covering all CERN Member & Observer States #CERN60 @EUYOtweets
60 years of science for peace: Official delegations from 35 countries celebrate #CERN60
CERN's 60th birthday: 60 years of science for peace. See photos of today's ceremony at
Watch the 4 winning short films from @CineGlobe #CERN60 “Inspired by CERN” competition via the "news" of