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Social media got everybody thinking they some kind of celebrity #VineFamous #IGFamous #FBFamous #ThrowingShovelsAtPeoplesHeadFamous
#FemalesFunny They be like *Is this picture ugly or nah*. Tell them nah and get ready for WORLD WAR III #TrueorFalse
Any and everybody that stay on the northside of Houston know him
Starting to see a pattern of non-cooking females now a days.
It's killing me that my professor hasn't posted these grades.
On this Madden 25. All-Madden ain't no joke when you haven't played in forever.
Some Papa John's would be good right now
Getting spammed <<<<<
Short fat and proud of that it puts me in the mood.. Only a few ppl would know where that came from?
Old school black tv shows were way better than what they show now.
Yup.... so.. ummmm about those Rockets !
Didn't go to sleep at all. Thanks allot #AssassinCreed
Dropped my phone running to the car in the rain <<<<<<
It’s funny when people forget your existence until they want something from you.
People talking about #BringBackOurGirls only because its a trend. 6 months from now hardly anyone will be supporting it. #HaveToDoBetter