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Celebrity Juice
If you enjoyed tonight's Juice repeat then check dis shit out and vote - ya get me?
Congratulations to friends of the show @HelenAndOlly for reaching their 300th Answer Me This podcast! Much love from Team Juice x x x
@CelebJuice who thinks up the games total genius , Flashbacks from last night keep lol has got ppl staring at me :) defo award winner:)
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Hands up who's going to be trying the backwards hurdles this weekend? It's all in the technique!
@CelebJuice the 1st mention of #ginosplums appears on your TL. Now is Trending Topic in United Kingdom! #trndnl
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Good luck trying to sleep tonight. You'll all have the image of #ginosplums burnt into the back of your eyelids!
Well ginos bollocks wasn't on my list of things I wanted to see tonight @CelebJuice @itv2 #celebjuice
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@Schofe did u just watch @CelebJuice....I don't think I can watch @Ginofantastico on @itvthismorning in quite same way again #hilarious
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Remember to go to vote for Juice, Keyhole and @lemontwittor and send us screenshots of your votes! #MotherPlugger
Well that was one way to end the show! Big thanks to @MsMelanieSykes @realsamia @LesDennis and @realjoeswash for all being ACE!!!
@CelebJuice omg pissing myself laughing here at @Ginofantastico bits all over my telly πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ
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Yaaaaay Tony and Sheila!!! Wasn't it nice of them to pop down the M1 from Sheffield to see @Ginofantastico
While your waiting for more Juice why not pop over and vote for @lemontwittor, Celeb Juice and Through the Keyhole!!
It look's like @Ginofantastico is in need of a back,sack and crack wax :) #Ginosplums
Fearn Cotton's vest has 'dickhead' spelt backwards on it. Love it! @CelebJuice πŸ˜‚
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Loving the outfits @realsamia and @Fearnecotton But what's that backwards on your t-shirt Fearne? :)
You can play #PeriodicAnalOdor at home!! Fingers on buzzers, buzz in if you know the answer
What would you use your #MingeWhisperer powers for @Ginofantastico? Good or Evil? :)
I'm so ill on this episode. Lemsip to the max
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Let's get #MingeWhisperer trending. Everyone will think they're making a sequel to The Horse Whisperer #CelebJuice @CelebJuice
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Right during this ad break we're off to see if there any courses in becoming a #MingeWhisperer?
Keith Lemon: What does VT stand for Les? Les Dennis: erm...vaginal....erm Keith Lemon: no, video tape. #celebrityjuice
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@Ginofantastico cracks me up on @CelebJuice ... What superhero would you like to be Gino?... #MingeWhisperer πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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It's only going to end badly if @realjoeswash is teaching @Ginofantastico English #bouncyball
So @Ginofantastico's superpower would be a minge whisperer??? Could you imagine the movie?? #MingeWhisperer
Watching @CelebJuice is it true they acthely show flintstones in Dubia but they don't in Abi Dabi?
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Hold onto your socks!
*No animals or lighting technicians were hurt in the making of that gag*
Poor Tom from Lighting
So it only took @realjoeswash 10 mins to get his willy out on the show. Standard
We've learnt so much about @LesDennis already! :)