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Another day in paradise | Brandy
A stroll on the shore, staring at the blue sky, feel like I'm in the 90's...
La Isla Bonita | Madonna
@Ceazen For perfection it needs to come from the HEART... Your passion your Riches.
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Life is beautiful. Count your blessings, always! And thank the reason... God.
Constantly working on the self. #aworkinprogress
Tell somebody you love them today.
I - kendrick lamar.
Be blessed beloved.
You can miss me with that kind of stuff. #love #peaceout
See what life online does to some of y'all...
But then again.. maybe it's because they see themselves in the thoughts/updates you're letting off, thereby making them feel guilty.
U could be letting ur thoughts fly off of a book/movie/a totally different situation & someone would choose to think it's about them.Really?
smh. only a fool thinks every tweet is always about them.
Give what you want to receive.
It's not about money. It's personal growth. You have to decide who to be. #askdiddy | hardest biz decision.
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RESPECT am tryna gain, Fame you can keep it.
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..Been on a mission while they talk slime
Thi..Think you can handle Camp Mu...
If nothing, give love.
Bright stars, faint clouds. A whole sky under the pillow. Eyes... shut.
Journey to the universe inside of you and meet you.
Sun's out. Guns out. :)
Never been afraid of solitude, most liberating thing ever.
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Solitude. I'm about that life.
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Beautiful as today.
Fly love thing.
Mood: Lon Jon x Tumi - Gibberish
Waves - Mr. Probz. Brings out the words laying in your soul..
Force nothing. Flow.
Trust your struggle. It's preparing you. Trust the timing. It's always right. Trust your opinion. It's the only one that knows your truth.
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I assumed 100% of the risk. If I fail, I fail in what I believed in, not what I was talked into.
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And guess what? I calmed down. When you move based on 1st hand experience and intuition, there's not much to doubt.
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I had to stop playing timid w/my life & act like I learned something from all things I've made it through. Nobody can tell me about being me
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Finally I had to realize MY truth. I'd been taught certain lessons to prepare me for MY path. I had to stop bullshitting and be my own guide
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Even had friends that became resentful of my focus, even as they knew how real the struggle was. But they opined from THEIR reality not mine
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In my darkest hr, I was told to give up, go home, abandon ship. And this was from friends. Had I'd listened, I'd be SO stuck right now.
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You can't live life by committee. Keeping a handful of advisors is important but in the end, your opinion is the one that matters most.
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Opinions are relative to experience. I was being given opinions from ppl who hadn't seen what I've seen or knew what I knew. Thats dangerous
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More than anything, I've learned how to tune out opinions. You'd be amazed at how much of your doubt is born from the mouths of others.
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Every thing happening now, began at LEAST six months ago. At least. There's no 'overnight success' there's only overnight work.
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