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All in my phone looking at pictures of the other night. She gon be upset if she keep scrolling to the left.
3 Nonini albums worth of traffic b.. it's unbelievable
Achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life,and that happiness,not pain or mindless...
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Girl I told you I was coming back.
Aston. Martin. Music..
There's nothing wrong with not having everything figured out. No one does. Just know you are equipped to handle WHATEVER comes your way.
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Love and light to all.
and I'm good with just doing me, That's when I found myself.. as a man.
Once I looked in the mirror and decided this is who I am, and I'm not scared of who I am, and I'm not scared that I can't be like you..
"If this stuff doesn't entice me, why am I following you?"
Any influences, that you're around everyday. you do it, and you think it's cool because people are doing it, simply means you're a follower.
Ebony proud.
You can always tell how evolved someone is by what they choose to put out into the universe. Perception is everything.
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Life is energy. What you put out, you get right back. Stay positive.
My point is face your challenges with gratitude. Thank the old on it's way out and gratefully receive the new.
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Shiva the Destroyer is a Hindu god. We hear 'destroyer' and think 'he's bad'. But demolition is the 1st step to renovation.
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When something is destroyed, say thank you. Demolition is a gift. If the old is never torn down, where will you build the new?
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Most of the things we consider crisis is really just discomfort. Learning the difference is a cheat code.
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Say, 'thank you.' Say it often. Say it for everything you are given, good & bad. Mean it. Gratitude lets the Universe know you're ready.
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"Love you like we grown"
I'm working on the self to try and slay the ugly dragon of Ego, in a world where you're supposed to be proud of it & raise it like a son.
Only way out is through.
Money makes a man and that's a crime. If we all were rich we'd spend more time.
dem say dem bad but i swear dem do nothin oooo.... dem say dey go throw me punch but i swear dem nor reach ooo eh
Negative energy will KILL even the greatest of ideas! Be careful with ur space & whom u welcome into it.
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It's just a different kind of trust when you got that..
Ever kicked a cat from behind, so hard the darned feline flips head over feet? Oddly satisfying.
Unfold your own myth.
This is a new smooth artist from Kenya blending smooth spicy poetry with r&b @Iddi_Kenya is truly the king of #swarnb
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#youtube Pace Kenya EPK - 'Napata' (New #SWARNB Music)…
#youtube Minyororo ya Haki {Chains of Rights] by Hustlajay featuring Prudence, Hip Hop from Mombasa, Kenya…
Toast to cliches and a dark past.
Momentarily breathe the air out of you.. then smile for the memory. #love
Make the most of it and create unforgettable memories.
Don't miss the moment.
..rise above it.
"There is a world that poets cannot seem to enter. It is the world everybody else lives in." –Mary Ruefle
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#poems "hard as a floor, sound as a bench, / mysterious as the silence when the tailor / would pause with his needle in the air" -Levertov
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