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Force nothing. Flow.
You stay ahead men salute! RT @Ceazen: I tried to tell em RT @BigAdebo: My man @Ceazen told me the same thing...
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I tried to tell em RT @BigAdebo: My man @Ceazen told me the same thing..."
Wavy RT @Iddi_Kenya: @Ceazen from over here,she lookin like Beyonce,mix with Kelly,mix with Hailey..that's a domino.. EricBellinger ft Tank
grab her waist from behind and lay a kiss on the neck while the chipolatas are getting chef'd up
Young chipolatas... the fastest way to my heart b
Music videos were meant to compliment the good music the artist already made. Nowadays artist make crap music but blind us with videos.
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That which you judge you become.
If you get it cool. If you don't, still cool. I wish everybody love and light.
Find a way. Or find an excuse. Your choice.
But people around you can change for the worse. You have to shed those people. Have some better people around you. Genuine people.
We work hard to change – in a good way. We don’t work hard to stay the same.
Even when you're focused and trying to make the right decisions for you. People really are funny.
People change around you because they start treating you different because of your success. Any success.
And what happens most of the time: people change.
People look at you strange, saying you changed. Like you worked that hard to stay the same. Like, you’re doing all this for a reason.
TRUTH. RT @CyKarl: @Ceazen And 2 Thyself, B True.
Know Thyself.
"@Iddi_Kenya The earlier you know yourself,the easier life will be.After that,distraction is gone,& you can focus on everything else" TRUTH!
Been dying to address something on here for ages. Collecting my last thoughts..
Peep the suspense when he asked how much the fare was in kariobangi...I'm weak. THIKA ROAD FARES RISE, HITLER REACT…
Many many tears are being shed right now #youtube THIKA ROAD BREAKING NEWS: FARES RISE, HITLER REACT…
l.m.a.o!! that #hitlerresponds video had me weak! I can't breathe! #thetrend