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cierra fennell
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boys: girls who curse a lot r unattractive me:
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I've been waiting for this moment my whole life. #HighSchoolMusical
How does one forget pants dad please explain.
#GrowingUpBlack Everybody got that one auntie with hairstyle like this 😂�jq
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#GrowingUpBlack When you the only black kid in class & they're talking about slavery & the Civil Rights Movement
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Celebrities if they had regular day jobs 😂L
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We all have a friend that only gets called by their nickname, and it sounds weird to even say their real name
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and here we see the leader of our nation greeting Barack Obama
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My manager: "common sense really isn't common apparently." RETWEET RETWEET RETWEET
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if anyone wanted to know what my boyfriend looked like
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Play the fucking game and don't say shit to me or I will drop kick your ass across the field. It's as simple as that😉#soccerr
In a lot of pain right now but is game 2 of our tournament. Go hard or go home.
Ariana grande made great music tell she became a little shit.
If my mom comes in my room and says first day of school woot woot I'm going to lose my mind. #schoolsucks
Why is it because I don't do anything my mom thinks it's okay to make me do the dishes. One day I'm going to stand up against the monarchy.
am i allowed to wear a sweatshirt in like the first week of school or is that showing how much i don’t care too early
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I'm not emotionally or mentally ready for the bull shit I'm about to encounter😑
This summer I drifted so far apart from my friends. If no one speaks to me on the first day of school I wouldn't care.
I'm still taking in PLL
High school or stripper?
One tree hill got me like
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Gonna be up all night chasing the sunrise like we're wild and young baby kids on the run. Gonna party like we just turned 21🎧
"You're just a wannabe me"
When you catch another girl lookin at bae.
Everyone meet aria grey my niece. I can't believe my sister is a mom😳8
Moving to Lawrence in the winter that's just fan freaking tastic😶
My mom has asked me to clean my rooms 6 times and every time she comes in I'm laying in my bed chillin😂#GrowingUpWithChillParentss
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"I'm a family man, money won't influence me". Donald Trump reminds me of dan Scott from one tree hill😂😂
Phoebe Tonkin and Paul Wesley are relationship goals af😊
These little girls that won't shut up about one direction
Twitter is not an option today. I might strangle the next person to tweet about one direction.
So apparently everyone was feeling some type of way with me last night😂
The fact that I'm changing schools second semester makes me happy.
You know I should have turned in that stupid skirt and top when I had the chance. Now all I have is a whole year of my life wasted.
Dirty dancing is the best movie ever

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