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cierra fennell
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Every time I see @itsmeleighton in another movie I'm like nope forever Blair Waldorf💁
@femaIes: All I ask for in life is another season of Gossip Girl” @blakelively I think this should really happen😊
Guys cheat for the same reason dogs lick there balls, cause they can.
When you take a 10 minute study break and it accidentally lasts the entire year
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They are 5 guys with accents, that look like Jesus and Megan fox had babies. Of course all these American girls are gonna fall in love.
@mariah_b3: Who the hell let Iggy won? Beating Drake hahaha no not okay! #AMA #whopaidwho” haters be like😂😂😂
my grade would go 0-100 real quick if this was my teacher 😍
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Meet my new puppy Porsche, she is so cute.
My circle so small we could all fit on this bus. 😳 ✌️
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Remember when you always told me you loved me? Now I'm questioning if you even know who I am, cause I sure as hell don't know who you are.
People who don't text back need to get their life together😂
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Target has $1 fuzzy socks. RT to save a life.
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7am symphonic orchestra rehearsal, I think not!
i dont understand why parents say ‘im disappointed in u’ like idc im disappointed mcdonalds doesnt deliver but u dont hear me complaining
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When your mom says your full name and you be like😂
Totally wiped out on the stairs😂 story of my life👌
Winter aka frizzy hair with no volume 😭
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Remember the other person is human too, Don't push them past their breaking point no mater what they did. @maryamemonee @curlywit
Nothing is worse than finding out your cousin cant come home for thanksgiving. I will miss you, keep fighting in the army.
I'm really sad to see all this hatred going on especially after all the tragic events we went through last week. 😔
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Bruh I'm dead..... y'all are childish start @ each other man or you ain't bahaha........ #Entertainment
Best socratic seminar of my life! The boys got their ass handed to them.
My week just got worse........
Wish I could have made it to the vigil tonight.
Heaven couldn't wait for you. #ripCady
to all the people who left school just to get out of class. how inconsiderate can you be? people were hurting and you took advantage of that
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If this isn't hell then I don't know what is.
my grades are droppin like they're hot snoop dogg would be so proud of me
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Cady, I miss you so freaking much. I will never forget you and you will always be in my heart. #ripCady
Why the fuck did Kanye West make a song dissing gold diggers then go and marry one?
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There will be a candlelight vigil to celebrate the life of Ciara Webb Tues 6:30-8pm at Grace United Methodist Church- 11485 S. Ridgeview ...
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Raven family, tomorrow let's wear blue in loving memory of Ciara Webb. One school, one family, one community. #ripCW
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Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1800-273-8255 Country Crisis Line: 913-831-1773 Teen Connection Helpline: 913-281-2299. Please share #ripCW ❤️
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RT if this is hotter than 99% of the boys at your school
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I've talked to you a few times and I can't believe you're gone. We all have to stay strong. #ripCW
I'm a nice person, but people give me too many reasons to be a brat.
Another baby??????? She is trying to kill me.