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⚠️Need web design or promotion?⚠️ Take a look at @CblocHD 's website πŸ‘‰Cordellehd.comd οΏ½#socialmediai#CERTIFIEDED
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@MorganGabriell1 Me too. Life in Texas us tough. How's things on your side of the world?
@_janiceclark When I get my degree I might have to move there for my field.
Previous Winner: Professional Photographer and Designer @CblocHD / web -
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@JesseMaeK thanks and have a good day. =]
@BreannaPaige_x3 lmao I know right. Curve they a**.
@katybrank @BrandonMcCann_ @krispykreme I'm going to the Grand Opening and taking that day off work! #Houston, #Texas #KrispyKreme
@CblocHD Yes true of too many haters, let's give them love instead.❀❀❀❀❀❀
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@MrRhymes I agree. We all need to embrace peace.
Cold weather + Taken = Cuddle Seasonβ€πŸ‘«
How To Pick A Job That Will Keep Your Brain Healthy -
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We all know there is no justice for African Americans in the U.S. due to propaganda. We all have to do better. #Ferguson
#Ferguson Cop Not Indicted in Shooting of Michael Brown β€” via @NBCNews #RIPMikeBrown #PrayForFergusonπŸ™
Let @BarackObama do his job by keeping the U.S. safe. #FergusonDecision
#FergusonRiotTips Peaceful protesting is ok. Violence is NOT ok.
#FergusonRiotTips STOP rioting and go home. We don't need any more property damage, people being killed or harmed.
#RIPMikeBrown GOD will always love you.πŸ™
I hear the "Devil" knocking at my door, but I'm too busy talking to GOD πŸ™ β˜€οΏ½#blesseded
Haters will always have a heart full of demons. πŸ‘Ώ πŸ’”
@DefLoaf keep up the good musicπŸ’―
Good Morning β˜€ β˜•
Ferguson Cop Not Indicted in Shooting of Michael Brown - via @NBCNews #FergusonDecision #PrayForFerguson πŸ™
#FergusonDecision There is no justice. RIP Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin and all victims to the corrupted judicial system. #PrayForFerguson
Check out my website @ #GraphicDesign 🎨 πŸ“#WebDesigngn πŸ’» #Photographyaphy πŸŽ₯#Marketingketing πŸ“Š πŸ“ˆ
@CblocHD We have a shop scheduled to open in Houston mid February
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@krispykreme what's the zip code to the Grand Opening in Houston,TX? I will definitely come by to show support! #KrispyKreme
@krispykreme πŸ˜πŸ™Œ OMG YES! I love the Original Glazed Donuts#KrispyKrememeπŸ’―
@krispykreme when are you guys coming back to #Houston,#Texas? All these other Donut shops here are gross.😩 πŸ’”
I have no patience for laziness.
@BreannaPaige_x3 I hate it when people do that. -,-
I don't like Mondays. Do you?
How's everyone doing? #GoodMorningβ˜€
Good Morning β›… β˜•
Good Morning β˜€
Looking forward to seeing #MockingjayPart2 in Part 1 was good but hoping for action in second film.