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Know which Staples Singers song was inspired by the Little Rock 9? @mavisstaples explains:
Hip hop 'easy listening' is on the rise — but who is and who isn't making the cut?
Would you rather be dumped than disappeared on? Our #ghosting debate was last week's top story
Think Jumanji was scary? The true story behind #Roar is so much stranger than fiction:
"How you gonna stop Mavis?" As long as @mavisstaples has a voice, she'll put it to good use:
"Cotton candy with arsenic inside" Ex-@BachelorABC producer on the #UnREAL take on reality TV:
.@Deanofcomedy urges more non-Muslims (and non-FBI agents) to come to his next comedy fest:
When did civil discourse give way to ego battles? Are these rivals to blame? @VidalBuckleyDoc
5 hip hop classics worthy of the canon, as curated by @shadkmusic:
How did we go from buying a whole CD for one song to, well ... #HowMusicGotFree
NY Mag's @NoreenMalone on Cosby's accusers and the power of collective testimony:
Wish you were at #Osheaga listening to @sanferminband right now? It's okay, here's a song to perk you up:
Bot or not: Can you tell between human and computer-generated poetry?
Can fiction humanize celebrities in ways memoirs can't? Ghostwriter @hilaryliftin thinks so:
Step aside, classic rock. As more radio stations cater to the hip hop, generation, we ask...
Argument is sugar. We are flies. Morgan Neville says we have the media landscape we deserve
Canada, let's talk. @josephboyden on the issues that "should horrify us as a nation" #cdnpoli
It's Sunday! Boil up some beans, make some coffee and let Old Man Luedecke strum on your heart strings.
When did civil discourse give way to ego battles? Are these rivals to blame? @VidalBuckleyDoc
History can't just belong to the victor says @josephboyden — it needs to belong to all of us
Can computers write convincingly human poetry? + Quick test: is this sonnet by a bot, or not?
The raw power of collective testimony. Meet the writer who profiled 35 #Cosby accusers:
It's time to have some uncomfortable conversations, Canada. @josephboyden on bridge-building:
Carl, Doug and Dell. @stephenwitt says our culture of casual piracy can be traced to 3 dudes
.@Deanofcomedy on deflating the 'humourless Muslim' stereotype cc: @Muslimfunnyfest

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