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@piyachatto the oh-so-boring task of packing boxes to move (stuck inside on a sunny day) was made a-ok by listening to u on Q. Thanks!
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Is #Normcore an inside joke? Or are cool kids really trying to look like average schlubs?
Bonnie Devine on being featured at the 1st major exhibition of Anishinaabe artists:
Caught up in the Kill Team: Adam Winfield's story: (Winfield's 1st media invu re: Krauss doc)
If, like me, you can't get enough of @BoyhoodMovie, listen to @piyachatto chat with its star Ellar Coltrane:…
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TODAY The Kill Team | Anishinaabe artist #BonnieDevine | Normcore: is bland the new black?
Is it time to nix the term "manic pixie dream girl"? @nathanrabin & @katherinemonk weigh in
Why would a theatre company fake an entire wedding just to stage a show? Enter @BFreeTheatre:
.@TriciaLockwood on poetry that stands out in the internet age: http;//
How Dungeons & Dragons fired up a generation of creative minds @ethanfreak on 40 years of D&D
Imagine going from movie star to struggling refugee. It happened to Syrian actor @jihadabdo:
Think you know what a neo-Nazi looks like? Berlin-based reporter on the rise of the "nipster"
Looking for a great listen this weekend? Meet the Q team & browse our #staffpicks for 2013/14
Let @StephenKing tell spooky campfire stories for you with his sequel to The Shining:
You may not want all those tagged photos come fall, @randizuckerberg's book can help you out:
Take a walk w/ @bjnovak's self-narrated audiobook (plus pals @mindykaling @lenadunham & more!)
Netflix binges happen. @missjudygreer is here for you when the dust settles & you need a book:
Relax by the lake w/ @dirtbagg & @marikotamaki's graphic novel inspired by summers in Muskoka:
Roadtrip while enjoying a good book with #JohnWaters' audiobook about his hitchhiking romp:
Beat your hunger with BBQ and @saxdavid's book about food trends. (Psst, kale's just a fad!)
Have a backyard or balcony? Get outside w/ @FakeRozChast's illustrated memoir about her folks:
Spending a day at the beach? Bring along @ZarqaNawaz's hilarious book & laugh away the day:
Today we're covering our 9 summer reading picks and the activity they go best with!
1 in 2 American women will be menopausal by 2015 so @SandraTsingLoh wrote the book she would've wanted when it hit:
Watching @BoyhoodMovie this weekend? Don't miss @piyachatto's invu w/its star, Ellar Coltrane: