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Corey Ballou
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There’s a big Brute Force Amplification Attack going on against #WordPress XMLRPC right now. Here’s how to stop them
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With all of the bill’s support, it’s clear to see that our Senate Finance Committee needs an overhaul @NCLeg.…
Lufthansa to test 75mbps airplane Wifi in 2017 and here I am with a 6mbps DSL line in #clt @CltHeartsGb @googlefiber
One of the coolest projects we’ve seen in awhile: @OuternetForAll. Share files globally, free downloads forever.
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Rut roh @amazon, how did this NULL value (bottom left) slip into your product display this morning? I spot a bug.
This guy must’ve replied to a job opening for “veteran dual sword wielder.”
Welcome to the rapidly growing tech era; where Saudi Princes invest in startups.
Cisco took a big leap forward in stopping the trending ransomeware malware.
Anyone else use @Spotify radio in hopes of getting music recommendations but instead wind up getting their playlist on shuffle?
The most important rule of blog titles is to respect the reader experience. #dontclickbaitmebro
An excellent intro to Docker for #PHP developers by @codeguy.
That moment your significant other realizes all of your t-shirt collection was gifted by #startups.
At some point in your development career, you probably thought to yourself “I could build a better todo app”.
Auto favoriting and auto list adding is so blatant on Twitter. Don’t stoop that low. #marketing #growthhacking
10 gallons a’brewing for this year’s Xmas beer. Fermentation was so active it shot 5 feet up the wall last night. Might have a heavy hitter.
Cloud-config with @digitalocean looks pretty handy for server provisioning if you don’t have any other build tools.
Here’s a short video on brewing methods for those getting their caffeine fix this morning.
In other daily news, a man sets guinness book of world record for the most Simpsons tattoos.
YESSSS @HackTheNorth is this weekend!! Come say hi and get your free .CO! #hackathon
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Rise and shine. Early bird gets the worm.
Sorry Canada, Vermont maple syrup is where it’s at. All the more reason to buy from the Green Mountain State.
NC Music Factory is growing as a budding startup ecosystem. @IndustryCowork and now @AvidAutomates. #charlotte…
Ever seen a crocodile jump clear out of the water? Neither had I until @NatGeo shared this gem on Instagram.
This stuntman apparently had a lot of free time on his hands this past weekend. #whatwouldchucknorrisdo
Your Luggage is Unsafe! TSA Approved Master-Keyed Locks Have Been 3D Printed & Shared Publicly…
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Is it just me or does everyone else feel sad too when they have to open up Safari for Apple livestreams?
Call Me Maybe: MariaDB Galera Cluster…
If you want to learn a new technology, you've got to find a way to integrate it into your daily cycle; Pet project or contributions to OS.
I never end up leaving Costco without a cart full of stuff I had no intentions of buying walking in.
If people look sad this weekend it’s because their investments are doing just as poorly as yours. Cheer up; up and to the right.
.@louisforeman GPS tracker for your dog aptly named Watchdog. Fashion accessory, female demographic. GO!
My Charlotte tech and design Twitter list is getting pretty large. Just sayin’.…
I get lost in my Chrome tabs now that Google has a different favicon.
Preorders on Tesla Model S begin in March at a 35k price point but don't expect to see them out until 2017.
Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.
2GB RAM + 50GB SSD ARM servers for $3.40/mo via @scaleway are great for testing/processing.
Insights from @bfeld live on @ProductHunt as we speak.
Talk about a miniature quadrocopter! The new Aerius is barely larger than a quarter.
Sad but true for USB2 which includes most devices.…
We have less than 25K individual IPv4 addresses remaining in inventory
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AI Painter uses neural networks to morph your uploaded pictures into famous painting styles.
Read all about @BoxHQ’s migration to HHVM.…
What do you get when you turn a multi-copter upside down? A propeller based hover board.
I like the classic aesthetics of the new Huawei smart watch coming out mid September. May be a little bulky though.
Cyber security sector growth is staggering. US firm Tanium was created in 2007 and is now valued at $3.5 billion.

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