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Corey S. Ballou
Want to Grow Your Twitter Following, Free?
New domains are now available for POP customers! Check it out here:
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Want a truly fault tolerant web app? Try @netflix’s Chaos Engineering approach. That’s commitment!
An amazingly thorough overview of the Apple Watch from a watch guy.
It's obviously worth spamming this link to everyone for the increased chance to win a 25YO bottle of Laphroaig.…
The Power Law of Content Marketing: a very small minority of articles account for the vast majority of the results.
The other day a list was leaked containing 5 million #GMail passwords. Check if your account is safe here:
Sorry to say that the free U2 LP is digital so you can’t even throw your copy in a fire.
Apple’s new #iwatch can fly you to the moon. #iwatchFacts
Our gold is twice as fucking awesome as your gold. #iwatch
The only time Safari ever gets used is for browser testing and apple livestreams.
So @GoDaddy blatantly copied our UI/UX work on @thePOPguys site. We’re flattered, but tisk tisk!
Coming from a cereal connoisseur, the new @HBOats Morning Energy Chocolatey Almond Crunch is delicious.
Here at the @uniondotco launch party. Check out the site, it's sexy! Love the @dotCO rebrand.
Anybody know which sites were hacked in the 1.2 billion account breach? It’s frustrating to not know.
Chattanooga's Gig: how one city's super-fast internet is driving a tech boom /cc @AFitzpatrick1 @CltHeartsGb
Applause necessary for the White House appointing @smithmegan as CTO
Want to try "Google for Work"? We'll hook you up with 15-days free + .co domain included!
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+1 on “Making MySQL Better at Github”.
.@facebook is bad for photo gallery management and display. They should offer a paid option and funnel the proceeds back into improvements
Dixie chews on carrots for minutes at a time.
I got super excited when I read about Instagram’s new Hyperlapse app released yesterday. You def. want it!
Turn (almost) any command line program into a full GUI application with one line
Improving the design of something trivial: a bucket.
BlendConf: Just what Charlotte’s tech environment needs.… Thanks @cl_charlotte & @Dbirdy!
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Amazon Prime Air seems to be making headway despite FCC clamoring with new key hires.
I’m blown away by the realism of the lighting in Unreal Engine 4. Check the videos!
Genius idea of the day: a butter knife with a built in grater to combat hard butter woes.
Quickly familiarize yourself with a programming language’s syntax via LearnXInYMinutes
TOMS Shoes selling 50% ownership to a private equity firm just doesn’t jive.
BOOM! My new book, coauthored with @kaufman_jack, is now live. Get help finding your first customers!
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Clearly you’ll find yourself wanting to check out the new version of Hipster CEO on your iPhone.
Baum is an implementation of the Nested Set pattern for #laravel 4's Eloquent ORM #php
Do we have another internet backbone problem today? Crazy. Google is down for me again.
Bourbon production reaches a high point since the 70s.
Fairly safe bet now that #phpng will power PHP 7. 47 in favor, 2 against (?!), less than 10 hours to go.
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Google Hangouts competitor allows you to Video chat for free with up to 8 people without logging in
If @Uber and @lyft really want to try something novel, they should look into boat taxis on the ocean.
Second time this week @google hasn’t been resolving for me. Is it really down? Everything else is up...
The United States has the highest dropout rate of any developed country for kids who start a higher-ed program.
Did you see that people are now playing a jackpot game @StellarOrg?
We are excited to announce that Studiobanks is now UNION. Check out our new site and let us know what you think!
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Check out BetaList Bundle: Amazing discounts to startup tools for early-stage startups... including POP!
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Low level bitcoin exploration with ES6 alpha features.
Day 1 with my new @Varidesk Pro+ adjustable sit-stand desk. Let’s see how long I last standing up!
ES6 Maps are now on by default in Chrome 38. Goodbye hasOwnProperty() checks! Hello simple, iterable key/value maps:
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It's strange to think that Stellar is only a week old. And it's a good sign for Stellar that it seems strange.
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The rise of the million dollar Wordpress plugin makers. #PHP #wordpress
Switched my terminal to this Flat UI theme based on the Flat UI Kit by @Designmodo