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How do I delete this
Christian swears he's the realist #gobacktocoronahigh , but be real and bring me my $20 before you go
Creepin on Dom rn haha
Anything from Victoria's Secret makes a great Valentines Day present just saying 💗👌💄✨
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I hate when guys be like " my homie wants to know if you got a homegirl for him " haha the fuck you think this is? NO
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Ew I'm really upset with Ezra.
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Still salty as fuck
hate when my mom asks 'why are you so unhappy with your life?' like bitch you're the main reason why i fucking hate myself
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I want to move to oc 🌚
I woke up crying last night bc I had a dream Alana died
Kinda want to go to prom this year but kinda don't at the same time
I had to walk home and some cholos kept asking if I wanted to take a ride👀
Just kidding my feelings left me a long time ago
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@BrettanyPipess: “@George_Serna_: That sucks cuz that's what I was gonna get you but naww” subtweet I see ? @kissmycasss____” sus as fuck¿
lowkey did me a huge favor 👀