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♔♔♔ CaSSie ♔♔♔
sad moment when school is taking over your life and you have no time to go on twitter and find out the latest details about the boys :'(
Today the Entertainment Industry lost one of the worlds most favoured and iconic actors in history. Rest In Peace Robin Williams. xx
subject selection you are the death of me.
took forever to fine find it, but i finally did. didn't think i would lose it again, but i already have.
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my dad told me to put the 5sos album in his car so he can listen to the album while he drives to work
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"so if you're four guys why are you 5 seconds of summer" "oh my god Karen you can't just ask people why they named their band that"
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anyone have any good photos of the magcon boys individualy that can dm me them please I really need them for school project @MAGCONTOUR
I dont wanna do any school work anymore ugh
Bought @5SOS tickets !!!!!! June 23rd come at me !
Come To Australia already ! We aussies want to hear you sing ! @JacobWhitesides
Pretty sure i'd faint and never get up off the ground if @JacobWhitesides's noticed me.
Repeatedly listening to @JacobWhitesides's songs, dedicated not obsessed!
Pewdiepie morphs one direction and 5 Seconds of Summer in his new video! (go to 2:00)… -G
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Can luke not turn 18 in 4 days 😭
I use this 👨 emoji for all my boy contacts bc I have no clue what to put next to their name
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but why am I in love with 4 weirdos? i'm not even sure if they're human!?
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@Cassiee_Cutler: My night has consisted of watching all of @sungaattack's fb videos, what am I doing with my life :')” you are winning ;)
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My night has consisted of watching all of @sungaattack's fb videos, what am I doing with my life :')
🌸🙈💕🌸🙈💕🌸 Ashton Irwin from 5sos If this get 1000+ RTs can you please follow me? I love you so much, you're my sun@Ashton5SOSton5SOS 🌸🙈💕🌸🙈💕🌸
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rt for 15 free follows // I'll do them tomorrow because I'm going to sleep 💕
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Hot chocolate that's too hot.. Like why can't it be made at the perfect temperature so I don't have to wait 3 days to drink it
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