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Case Foundation
#Philanthropy 2.0: Ice Buckets, Mustaches and Sniffing Strangers (via @Forbes)
What made 1 woman go #OvertheEdge of 1 of the tallest buildings in San Diego? Her story on @OTE4BrainCancer:
RT @SteveCase: “If you want to go quickly, go alone — but if you want to go far, you must go together” #TheInnovators
We're looking for talented #interns for the spring semester. Click to learn more: #DC #Jobs
Very cool! RT @Philanthropy: NEW FEATURE: Embed a map of your area's giving habits on any Web site #americagives
MT @ForbesUnder30: "Failure makes you bolder for our next success" - @dhmeyer at the #Under30Summit: #BeFearless
@melindagates: Less than 10% of all philanthropic dollars are invested in women and girls:” How possible?!
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RT @JadeFloydDC: 10 ways philanthropists are changing the world
Thanks to @kirstentobey & @shellypuri of @RevolutionFoods & all the participants in today's #impactprofiles Tweet Chat!
@nicholuu all of our school meals are nslp/cacfp compliant (reimbursable) making them accessible to all. #impactprofiles
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Q14 MT @nicholuu: Food deserts perpetuate leave kids w/ few healthy options. (How) Does @RevolutionFoods reach kids there? #impactprofiles
@UnitedWay school leads have told us they see tangible impacts on their students after making changes to their meal program #impactprofiles
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Q13 RT @UnitedWay: @RevolutionFoods have you been able to track any stats on how healthy foods improve academic performance? #impactprofiles
@nicholuu making healthy food accessible is an important step in ensuring all students are set up for success. #impactprofiles
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Q12 MT @nicholuu: Healthy eaters are educated eaters. What are barriers to engaging low-income communities on #nutrition? #impactprofiles
Q11 RT @shira123: What was one of the most fearless moves you made as an entrepreneur? Lesson learned? @RevolutionFoods #impactprofiles
@capitolbites @RevolutionFoods #1 lesson: always listen 2 kids. They have the best ideas to fuel our innovation #impactprofiles
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Q10 RT @capitolbites: .@RevolutionFoods Today you’re in 1K schools, what are some lessons you learned along the way? #impactprofiles
@shira123 for us, #impact also means creating #healthy communities + are proud 2 have created 1,400 new jobs in 25 cities! #impactprofiles
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Q9 RT @shira123: Can you tell me more about your efforts to hire workers in urban and inner cities? #impactprofiles @RevolutionFoods
.@capitolbites yes! all of our school meals are nslp/cacfp compliant making them accessible for all students. #impactprofiles
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Q8 RT @capitolbites: .@RevolutionFoods Are all of your school meals NSLP compliant/reimbursable for students? #impactprofiles
@merbalenske 2/2 such as no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and no high fructose corn syrup. #impactprofiles
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@merbalenske 1/2 via variety of fantastic vendors - 1 of our main criteria is to ensure they adhere to our quality standards #impactprofiles
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Have a question for @kirstentobey of @RevolutionFoods? Ask them now with the hashtag #impactprofiles #tweetchat
@RevolutionFoods @JadeFloydDC #impactprofiles e.g. jambalaya in NOLA, sunshine breakfast rice bowls in SF (student-named) & enchiladas in TX
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@DavilAmy we provide #breakfast, lunch, snack + supper in 1,000 schools in CA,CO,LA,TX,MA,NY,NJ,PA,DE.DC,MD,VA #impactprofiles
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Q6 RT @DavilAmy: @RevolutionFoods In what states is your school program active?#impactprofiles
Q4 Q5 RT @DavilAmy: @RevolutionFoods In how many schools are you present? Do You just offer lunch? #impactprofiles
@ElliotKort ppl told us kids wouldn't eat healthy food so we brought in a chef to create tasty food which met our standards! #impactprofiles
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Q3 RT @ElliotKort: What was the thing you were most afraid of/obstacle you had to overcome to start @RevolutionFoods? #impactprofiles
@JadeFloydDC 2/2 our menu is based on kid feedback + we always make sure our food is culturally relevant #impactprofiles
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@JadeFloydDC 1/2 our most popular grocery item is our turkey+cheddar meal kit (found in 2k stores nationwide!) #impactprofiles
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Q2 RT @JadeFloydDC: What is your most popular food item for the kids & how do you decide the menu each week? #impactprofiles
@DavilAmy absolutely! our primary driver was to have a positive impact on kids in #schools + curb the obesity epidemic #impactprofiles
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Q1 RT @DavilAmy: @RevolutionFoods Did you set out to have social mission from the start? #ImpactProfiles
When asking a question during the @RevolutionFoods tweet chat, please use the hashtag #impactprofiles
RT @Forbes: "Failure makes you bolder for your next success." #Under30Summit
Our CEO, Jean Case, has taken the stage at the #under30summit in #Philadelphia!