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Daesha W
Peyton Hillis had the worst #MaddenCurse of all time
"@Brian_Bee: We gonna miss you Harrison… #ScandaI" before I even clicked it i knew it would be this song lol
Millie done lost her shit
Cuz niggas RT @_NothingToSay_: I never understood the point of cheating. If you arent happy why not just leave ? Why go thru the trouble
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I loved that one song the Vistoso Bosses had. Shit was on MTV Jams every 15 minutes lol
"@DustinRossSaid: Unsung: Vistoso Bosses" YES 😂
See. RT @__Luke__29: Ok I'm white and I think the tv show blackish on ABC is racist
Y'all uncomfortable seeing a predominately black ensemble? Change the fucking channel. You can watch any other channel and see yourself.
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Sounds like your issue is that it is a black show.
Its basically a black family trying to figure out a way to keep their black identity. Thats RACISTS!?!? Get over yourselves #WP
"@CorporateBarbie: This winter, white people gon' be mad about black ice. Mark my words." GIRL.
Why are #People (You know which #people im referring to) mad about the show "Blackish"
Same track, other cars are able to swerve and miss hitting Ward. Stewart strikes him but no drug test done. Only on Ward, the victim. Eaux.
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I just cant with Twitter today.
I thought they only did that weed shit to black people. Tony Stewart must really be loved by #Them
Weed was in Kevin Wards system. I guess that caused Tony to accelerate his engine when hitting him. 😒
Of course RT @SportsCenter: Grand jury decides Tony Stewart will not be charged in death of Kevin Ward Jr.
Somebody fuck up and the shit somehow always come back to me lol been like that my whole life
I just feel like this gonna be my fault somehow lol
I'm holding chest... like what's going on? They seemed so happy. She twerked for him on IG.
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This is all Nick Cannons fault....
Reminder For Thursdays: Nobody cares if you DON'T watch Scandal. Keep that shit to yourself.
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"@gucci1017: I don't support nor am I affiliated w/ @trapmerch #WOP" ummmmmm........
I mean.... Id expect Soulja to have more money than her.... But he was still flashing fake shit, so.....
Soulja Boy fucked Kat Stacks, thats about as low as you can go
Dont ever borrow money. For anything. If you aint got it, you aint got it
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I can sprinkle you with game but you just to fucking lame
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Lmfao RT @Daesha1017: This girl really changed "Ray" to "X-Ray"??????? What a bird
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Im convinced Teairra Mari wanted to Keep Ray Js name on her so thats what she came up with LMFAO "X-RAY"
You clearly cant talk to Teairra Marie like a normal person. Gotta be ready to fight that bitch immediately
This girl really changed "Ray" to "X-Ray"??????? What a bird
WTF her tattoo say?
How the hell she get her email address lol Mona Scott is horrible with making up shit #LHHH
Why are women out here dating gay men 😒