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Carrie Hope Fletcher
iminmypyjamas said: Sorry if this is too intrusive , i understand and wont be offended if you ignore it....
Photoset: caution-itsafangirl: "and I hope that I can make you proud. Love from me at 21" (x) ~ Honestly 16...
Some of my best performances as Eponine are when I go on stage angry at something.
YES! Over £6000 now for @GreatOrmondSt !! Please RT so we can raise more!…
Here's all the info about me cutting my hair off so please RT !!!!……
I am cutting my hair off next year and we're so close to raising £6,000 now! Please RT…
theinfinitenightbeauty said: How do you make your face look grubby/dirty for eponine?
..leave the tweeting/internet surfing/texting until the interval and/or after the show!! We work really hard on stage and want you to watch!
If you come and watch @lesmisofficial we're all so appreciative and hope you enjoy it but please don't take pictures and...
So @petesjams isn't feeling well today so I'm sending him silly selfies to cheer him up! I suggest you do the same!
Including replying to comments on my newest video and tumblr stuff!…
Finally got awesome wifi at the theatre so in between shows I'm going to catch up on a bunch of work and internetty things!
lullabybits said: Hey Carrie, so I just watched your Cups video & I really loved it! I recognized almost...
Finished my book from @CarrieHFletcher. Beautifully abstract piece of writing! Thanks
Retweeted by Carrie Hope Fletcher
Just finished this delightful read! Beautiful book. Thank you @CarrieHFletcher for the recommendation! :)
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NEW VIDEO UPLOADING RIGHT NOW! Proper vlog style one!!
I find it so odd that I started the TMI tag and now that everyone's doing it, no one has any idea that it was lil' ol' me that started it!
skyea-b said: Saw your performance on Tuesday.... it was stunning.. the show was great but your voice game...
Afternoon all! On my lunch break so I've popped into my theatre dressing room for a sit down and a coffee!
Did you see my new video with@petesjams ?
Photo: amikormegnemvoltakfontosakafiuk: Untitled itt: We Heart It.
I need a phone deal that gives me unlimited internet and unlimited texts. Help?
Here ya go guys! Have a new video! Extra footage of @petesjams and I from after we filmed our Tangled Duet!…
Been vlogging bits of my day today! Always say I'm gonna do that more often and I just forget!
apparatingtohogsmeade said: What your favorite type of tea (green, early grey, morning breakfast)?
Photo: andaraluca0803: Untitled pe We Heart It.
I feel like my brain has been replaced with a potato.
Morning all! On my way to Central London and back in time to WWII to workshop Only The Brave!
Guys! Follow @activ_eat !! Healthy meals and snacks for people on the go!
It's so surreal being at work when I'm not supposed to be...weird...
thejeanemily said: Is your full first name Carrie? Or is it short for something like Caroline or Catherine?
So to clarify, I shall be your Eponine should you be seeing @lesmisofficial today!