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Carrie Hope Fletcher
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I need some ideas for videos...thoughts?
Thank you to Eilidh and Morag for the wonderful socks! So sweet!
Thank you to the lovely Dutch girl at stage door who gave me a bag full of sweets! These are AMAZING!
So jealous of everyone that's seen McBusted so far! Can't see it until on of the Sunday dates because of Les Mis!
The NHS says it better than I tried to! This is all so important!…
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Don't be aggressive or swear at those who hold different opinions to you guys. Even it they are to you. It's not cool! Stay calm!
Received lots of messages about how the @401show video helped them find courage to get out of unhealthy relationships. So that's something.
I hope everyone's doing okay today.
midnaime asked: i always assumed that Eponine was the lead role in Les Mis before i saw it because of how...
Please don't ever "idolise" me or think I'm perfect or more than just a human. I can only disappoint you.
My night was made by those two wonderful girls at stage door who cried at me and then WITH me. Thank you. All you said touched my heart!
On abuse, victim-blaming, responsibility and Carrie drama: - revisitinq: I’m not even gonna try and not...
Just done with twitter. Deleting it off my phone. I'll check it less and engage with the hate in the world less that way.
"If you loved me you wouldn't be making me do anything I didn't wanna do" - @CarrieHFletcher's message was pretty clear. Stop witch hunting.
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As @thetomska put it, encouraging people to say no isn't victim blaming.
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Very sorry that my words in @401show weren't clear enough. I was not victim blaming but trying to encourage safe relationships and saying no
@thetomska @CarrieHFletcher @cyborgconscious @PotterMoosh It's good advice to tell girls not to be intimidated and that it's okay to say no
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@thetomska @CarrieHFletcher @cyborgconscious @PotterMoosh Girls in normal healthy relationships arent victims & the men aren't all abusers
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I sincerely believe @CarrieHFletcher is not victim-blaming in encouraging people to say "no". People are twisting her words. She meant well.
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I can't believe this was 3 years ago - Defying Gravity Cover - Carrie Hope Fletcher: via @YouTube
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