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Carpe DM, Inc.
@studiohousedesigns This came out so awesome. Framed @acmoore notice Sean astins autograph
@studiohousedesigns check out the awesome print. We love it. Sending the goonies next. Stay in touch
resistance is at 2.41 this AM Buyers well ahead of seller but down anyway $UNIS - Finishes its ATM this past Friday…
Stock really needs to go past 2.45 to go anywhere $UNIS - Finishes its ATM this past Friday…
Keeping the stock as close to 2.43 as possible $UNIS - Finishes its ATM this past Friday…
Resistance is again 2.43 and 2.45. Someone's banking on run up $UNIS - Finishes its ATM this past Friday…
The Hoboken Chicken Shit Emergency by Daniel Stinkwater @midnight #shartbooks
The Two Towers of Shit, Book 3 Lord of the toilet rings @midnight #shartbooks
Old Yeller just shit in the house again @midnight #shartbooks
What My Mother doesn't know about Shit @midnight #shartbooks
The Adventures of Dingleberry Finn @midnight #shartbooks
The Adventures of Shitlock Holmes @midnight #shartbooks
The Absolutely True Diarrhea of a Part Time Indian @midnight #shartbooks
To Kill A Shittingbird by Harper Pee @midnight #shartbooks
Harry Potter The Half Blood Shits @midnight #shartbooks
The Unbearable Wetness of Diarrhea @midnight #shartbooks