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Carpe DM, Inc.
$ivdn looks like a tree shake coming after another nice run. Buyers continue to jump into $UNIS below 2.50. $SDIG still wide great opp here
Wide spread hinderng trading $SDIG - Adds Veteran CFO to Roster - Bolsters Team Potential…
Big bidders coming in at 2.47 UBSS on the offer $UNIS - Shorts continue to take profits…
$DYSL up big today. No news that I can see, blogs hits over the weekend were unusually high. $IVDN up strong too.
$IVDN up strongly this AM. $LMRMF up as well, found a bottom Friday and looks ready to roll
$SDIG - Adds Veteran CFO to Roster - Bolsters Team Potential…
$IVDN should take off soon as they get their new construction product out into the marketplace. Completely unknowm company rt now
@mikerotondo86 Looking past the numbers to deals being announced. That will be the drivers on the stock.
$SDIG - Digital Content Platform that is ready to turn the industry on it ear…
@TheCarUniverse If you have any interest in Classics, I've got a few to sell. 69' Convertible Cuda, with a 383 and a Super Bee for starters
@Jaylin_Mac @FromRexford You gotta few years to wait. Hopefully they'll be playing in a bigger venue someday.
@staticcowboy Hard to understand the logic. Sorry for the delayed response, was traveling and missed it.
@FromRexford, I love this song!… Anybody who can work in Uranus into a tune has talent! #Follow and #listen
#follow my new friends @FromRexford and listen to Nice tune. Playing in NYC tonight! Check em out at Pianos
Everybody needs to checkout the app. I love the music they pick for me based on my mood
@Jaylin_Mac Mine is in bed already. Perfectly fine. I understand. I am busy, but when I see talent I like to help if I can.
@Jaylin_Mac Give dad my email, I'll point him in the right direction.
@apaulgill I'll check my schedule. I could make it most likely. I will send in a message via LinkedIn if I can't find your email address.
@apaulgill I can help there. Most won't get it because they only understand dirt and stone. They don't get applications.
#follow @Jaylin_Mac she's got some real catchy tunes and needs to find better boyfriends. Clearly a theme there :)
@apaulgill any chance you'd like to meet? I'm not far from NY and have to be in on Tuesday
@GracieAnne1 @apaulgill I think as the market really understands the potential of graphene you are right.
@GracieAnne1 @CarpeDMinc Friday sale is on for $ and $LMR.CA - smart buyers are shopping 4.7 mil shares trading well. Found at bottom
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Once some news comes out watchout $SDIG - Digital Content Platform that is ready to turn the industry on it ear…
UBSS had been a big buyer at 2.50 now a seller at 2.40 $UNIS - Shorts continue to take profits…
Just need a few buyers tday $SDIG - Digital Content Platform that is ready to turn the industry on it ear…
$SDIG - Digital Content Platform that is ready to turn the industry on it ear…
@CVS_Extra I am literally not waiting at your pharmacy for my health. Thanks for not acknowledging my existence #smh
Have to dial in my order for $SDIG. Trying to get it in before market closes. Thanks TD for your lack of help
If you guys like Folk Rock check out @_itsXING
If you like folk rock check out @_itsXING nice tune
$SDIG getting hit by a single seller. Keeps bid smacking.
I just followed @theslangrock check them out here check the tune Far From Over. Great jangly guitar licks
They are capping the stock today at 2.54 and letting guys in at 2.50 and below $UNIS - A bit of Role Reversal…
Major bidder at 2.50 all morning $UNIS - A bit of Role Reversal…
@3DPrintingStock ZMS looked over sold so it might be due for a turnaround. Another company with scintillation crystals is $DYSL
Some profit taking today. $LMRMF and $GGG.V great potential opportunities Can Graphene make the Grade…
Chek the app on ur iPhone r Android? Working on a computer, and get rewards 4 listening
@apaulgill @GracieAnne1 Paul, I agree. Start of the uptick of the hockeystick on the industry. Just getting the surface scratches.
@SillyWilly518 I think anywhere at these levels is real deal. One the run full steam watch out. Beats had only 400,00 subs b4 they got bght
$SDIG now showing a normal bid and ask. Watch for a blog post on this one next week. Get in early for big potential rewards
@GracieAnne1 @apaulgill he'll keep you posted on Lomiko. I will provide some commentary on the trading prospects. $GGG.v on feugo