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Caroline Gallagher
I should not be allowed to work in a shop..too much temptation and too little willpower! Definitely not fasting for Good Friday anymore!
I expect to have bulging arm muscles tomorrow after supping today #highhopes #StandUpPaddling
Never attend a wedding in the Westros, not even your own. #notetoself #gameofthrones
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Ahhh new facebook...NOOOOOO!
Sometimes living in the middle of nowhere is ok..just sometimes!
I have this condition that makes me eat when I can't fall sleep. It's called Insom-nom-nom-nia.
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I'm not quite sure which one I'm more excited about #GreysAnatomy being back or @ScandalABC #excited @shondarhimes
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Finally got an adblocker. Can definitely take over the world with all the time I'm saving muhahaha
'Beans was a good frog. He hipped and he hopped, he loved hip hop!' #glasscaseofemotion #CheaperbytheDozen #totesemosh
*Every morning* Me: "I really can't stay" Bed: "But baby it's cold outside..."
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Just woke up on the floor with 'A Christmas Carol' beside me. On the floor...time to give up I think
Reading makes me so sleepy! #zzzz
#nightout #dublin #posers #girls #college
#out #bffs #pats #ragweek #mockwedding #dandelion
Did not realise how crazy Coppers was last night! So glad we were in early!
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Great win by Kiltane today! Croke Park next for the All Ireland Final #BlueandGold #gaa #CilltSeadhnaAbú
Dad just told me I've stretched a good bit...I hope he means up and not out! :/
Out for a family dinner :) #Home #for #Christmas
I don't bother tagging photos anymore cuz I know @Oaky93 and @sineadhalpenny will do it for me #thanksyouguys
Mid fighting with the cloakroom woman to give me my jacket I realised I already had it and had never given it in #awks
Pictures up already..TOO EARLY PEOPLE!