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༄♡witch of da east༄♡
If I hear "WORLDSTAR!!!!!" I'm swinging on anything and anybody idgaf
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☆彡 Logo Collage Backpack ☆彡 @yungwitch in her back to school get up. Available now in-stores. #MishkaNYC #350Broadway
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To do list: make money, smoke, and fuck up some food.
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childhood spot 📷: @crazycatlady420
🔪⚪️ If you're into guillotine and executioners then the Blood Sport Button Up is for you. ⚫️🔪 �@yungwitchtUMM
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🐉 preview #tributetomyfaja 🐉 #wip #chinatownwars #flyingdragon #acrylic
nigga said spirited away cigarettes
life's way more chill when u have cash on deck
squad lookin like if we work for the government #swatteamaesthetics #matrixbitch
i got my mind on my money even though u say u love me
when strawberrita dreams turn to champagne reality
bbtm is sounding pretty dry rn
Miley Cyrus really wack. She's dead a throw away body
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#tbt jurassic series inked by me #2014 #oldbutgold #wip #dinosaurs4ever #drawing 🐊
I think my teenage self would admire the person I am now. That's a cool accomplishment. #humble
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once i cut you off i couldnt care less if you've downgraded or found better, i mean i wish you the best but i'm really not paying attention
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add me on snapchat to see exclusive previews of my new painting and my cute azn life (@yungwitch)
"SEPPUKU WIZARD", my winning idea by @sexualyoukai 🔪 the paper cutting genius! It finally arrived and I'm in awe! Thank you!
it's all about the pet pets
"Ur a bad bitch from hell, and no one can fuck with U!"
The Nintendo GameCube is always an advocate for peace, but that doesn’t change the fact that the console makes a good bludgeoning weapon.
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when you get sad just remember what the ass do in a sundress
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my childhood celeb crush was on David Spade,at 12 I was planning to marry him when I turn 20....
when niggaz mad cus u not stroking their ego
makonnens dark theatrical voice has been stuck in my head, it's semi comforting and frightening
NEW #ART 🔫 YOU DESERVE TO DIE 🔫 b#YUNGWITCHCH 18x24 acrylic on canvas paper ★P5
🔫 "You Deserve to Die" 你 该 死 🔫 by me 18 x 24, Acrylic/Ink on canvas paper ★彡 #WelcometomyMind #ThisJustHowIFeel #YungWitch #Painting #Acrylic #Wip

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