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༄♡witch of da east༄♡
i miss everyone and everything that ever happened
so hurt, sad, hungry, explosive.
just k.o'ed on that loud and missed out on going out bleh
KIDS is dA most epic representation of NYC youth culture.
see a nigga like me smokes weed til i hallucinate...idk why...
does anyone wanna come over and sensually crush my skull
fall goals accomplished. baked my first american pie drizzled in speculoos, my gosh
🍂 baked american pie drizzled in speculoos spread. 🍁
smoking ganja in china was such a great memory
this chicago nigga tried gettin w a nyc grl 👋👋
bout to make the lady who works at arisen ramen my grandma
hate when these dumbass customers come in and ask for items that are not even real but still continue to try 😒
october is telling me it's okay to relax
when life gives you lemons i still wanna fucking die
mute dirty dancing famous dance scene and play hot nigga over it, you're welcome.
your face looks like a happy meal
marvel comics new asian american spider girl ayy let's get it
marvel comics new asian american spider girl ayyy let's get it
fake niggaz don't know realer
drugs fucking with my much needed rest boi
Y'all can hate on my all you want.. Just remember who was on stage at the BET awards #ooohkillem
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my brain is fried from playing all that rap for 4 hours str8
flossing is a big part of my life
embracing my asian grl persona by doing and eating asian things
they all want my friendship ꒡͡ ો ̼̮ ꒡͡
gentrification is the devil
need an annoying meowing kitten in my life just because it eases the everyday silence
it's been 2014 for a min, why is there no emoji updates
hair is basically just a lotta little lizard tails