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Carla Barbosa
what a day... lol.
Government Websites of Taiwan Have Been Attacked By Anonymous… #Hack
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Listen to my cover of "Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri" via @smule:… #SingKaraoke
"@LifeFacts: I'm starting to get that "fuck it" attitude, about everything." lol me 2...
True friends stab you in the front. ~ Oscar Wilde
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#Capricorns need to use their imaginative power in their work. They can see the totality of a project at its conception.
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Why love someone who puts little effort into the relationship? And why do we believe that they will change when they never do?
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"@PS_Beyond: When your crush favorites your tweet" lololol Funny
meet one of the bitches that bit me...the other one had white balls and it seemed it knew karate,…
Now...back to work yay ;)
so i cleaned it agn, put spider kick ass powder and painted the ceiling, need to give another coat to…
in my shed redecoration process i found a pregnant huge spider in seconds that 100month pregnant…
but heck being the only one working on it...i believe iam doing a heck of a good job :)
still need to work on it and take care of the little details...that will b in the end...:)
work in progress to change that shit hole :)
changing my shed work in progress ;)
@bizison te dejo a mis alumnos que con su increíble música demuestran que en este país hay esperanza… RT?
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Absolutely... I do agree 100%.
And now... time to go work and do something that isn't yet done. Tata yall.x
and another day full of work... yay... lol
NASA’s ‘Planet X’ Files Leaked: NASA Knows Nibiru Is Coming, Says Conspiracy Theorists
ok, my dear friends theres no point in adding me to Arabic groups as I dont understand the Arabic language... so...
I posted a new photo to Facebook
Learning to trust is one of life's most difficult tasks. -Isaac Watts #trust
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tired of stupid ppl trying to screw everything to others...incredible...
What a day... hopefully no more threats...
If a guy doesn't treat you 10/10 he's not your guy
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fuck her right or don't fuck her at all
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@ibreakfaces_: It said "my best friend just got dumped by his girlfriend cause he didn't stand up for her..He's handicapped" 😱😰😭😓” ouch lol
k pokes done for 2day tomorrow theres c ya all later.x
I posted a new photo to Facebook
wondering y this woman calls me saying i need a life
what a day, and is still 9 am, cant wait for my study/office room to b ready...still so much work to do... walls 2 paint, floor to do...grrr
lololol thats just nasty hahahaha
ok lets put it this way... I dont know why ppl take from the beginning that I know all languages... I dont know...

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