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CariDee English
Check out @Imaginedragons new song #IBetMyLife ! Send some props to drummer @DanielPlatzman twitter fam πŸ‘πŸ‘
What happens in Vegas goes on Instagram. Sinning with one of my favorite drum homies @danielplatzman 🎢. Honored to hear a preview of the new Imagine Dragons music. Incredible! So proud of the boys. ✨ @youreimperfection singing stuck in the middle with you.
Good morning Vegas πŸ’‹
Totally selfie centered. Had a pimple covered it up with brown eyeliner. Hello faux beauty mark!
Some girls come with a lot of baggage. πŸ‘‹
🚽 πŸ“·~ @youreimperfection #vegas
Life is beautiful! Grateful to have such beautiful friends in it. @girltalk_verified see you soon my birthday homie! Many thanks πŸŽ‰ #VegasConcertBender #lifeisbeautifulfestival
Jammin with my @vicfirth pink 5As πŸ’• #drummergirl
The best part of having the balls to do what you love... Is to be a goofball during it. Here's me and @nickperri after a great studio session. This man made not only my hoodie but that mean guitar he plays. Nothing like some motivating mother fuckers to keep you swimming #PerriInk πŸŽΆπŸ’• Photo credit
Proud of my homies 🎢 #altJ @thomsonny
"The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive" ~ Coco Chanel ✨
Lovely to see some old friends nail the Greek Theatre. @thomsonny I'm proud of you everyday. Thank you for being a wonderful friend, inspiration and drummer 🎢 much love boys. Thanks for being so kind to me last night @lachrispaul @meliskuris @shanedrake @Kassidibatt
Don't text and walk across streets. :(
What's the one place you always wanted to travel to?
Goodnight. I love you #camaroSS Although we got pulled over. 65 in a 25 mph. #ouch. #wontbethelasttime #thankyouboobs What should I name her? I'll pick someone's if it rocks! πŸ‘ΈπŸš”πŸŽΆ
My babies in my bed on a Caturday Afternoon 😽😽
A fish in the sea 🎣
Why does my face look like Bruce Jenner and Michael Jackson when I get hypothermia on national television? Cc @officerpatrickcarney :(
Goodnight darlings ❀️
strong independent black women πŸ”₯ @eugenawashington
We about to get THIS real tonight .... @eugenawashington
Oh snap. It was destiny to always be side by side. Ebony and Ivory @eugenawashington
Guess who's having a girls night out with @EugenaW Now guess who said "feel how smooth my arm pits…
Ugh love this girl @sarahgoggans. One of those friends that not only believes in you, put pushes you into the things you want most. Thank for being such a wicked awesome bitch
That face you make when you realize you just changed your life forever. #tbt 😬 GRATEFUL
Rachel needs your help @CariDeeEnglish. If you'd wish her well & make a donation it'd mean so much to her.#Psoriatic
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Back in LA, putting back on my music hat. I had a wonderful studio session with @nickperri . An insane guitar player, producer and has his own custom line of guitars #PerriInk. It was a magic day of creation that came very naturally. Working with someone for the first time is exciting and today was
Close your eyes, shake your head 3 times, open your eyes and tell me the first thing you see ...
Water is always the cure for when my soul turns dry
✨It’s better to live one day as a lion, than a lifetime as a lamb ROAR
I hate when cab drivers have their car smell as strong as the Duty Free shop, and blast music that sounds as if I'm about to pop a cap
It's always ourselves we find in the sea πŸ’™
"Freedom means the opportunity to be what we never thought we would be." Proud to model one of my favorite designers @freepeople πŸ’«
Saw the brightest shooting star. My first wish that came into my mind was "love, true love" and I didn't even know I wanted it. #ohboy
How rude of me! I forgot to share the beautiful sunset that was lighting and inspiring me during my shoot tonight! ☺️ #tunnelsbeach #kauai
Wanna be on top? Hehe ❀️ Time to pack. Much love to you all. Xx #oreotime
Love you @volcom πŸ’‹
Thank you all for following me on my exciting 4 day shoot around my favorite island of #kauai. Tonight's pictures are in the sunset. The last one I'll get to enjoy here until I return. I am so grateful for trips like this, to be able to work in a place of paradise. I've met some wonderful new friend
Day time off.πŸ’« Shooting sunset tonight. Time to go make this Monday manic! ✊
Fact! Don't use scented lotion. And if you're going out at night and want to cover up your psoriasis ... Go to drug store buy #SallyHanson #sprayonlegs. Great body makeup, very cheap. #DONTWEARWHITE All skin types are beautiful. πŸ’• #psoriasis
Don't use loofahs, harsh scrubs on #skin. If u don't soften skin prior 2 removing #psoriasis scale, you can make it worse. #skincare #health
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I just had nothing to wear to work today... So I wore nothing 😳
Wear no clothes to work day 😜