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tennis 1,098 followers
I will never give you the time of day lol
Lets not put the same selfie up, just in different positions lol😘🙈
I want a Halloween belly piercing👻
Reese's are bae
Bitches will be bitches😂
Don't stare at me I'll ram ur stupid Prius
Cozy sweaters💜💜
American horror story freak show is the most fucked up shit I've ever seen in my life
If you chew your gum like a fucking cow I'm going to smash ur face
Need more piercings
Andy's being sassy
Someone come to the gym w me tn
Love when ppl respond as fast as me lol
Yesterday is in the past, move on n be happy☺️
Couldn't be happier with my life rn😍
Uhh ya she's my best friend💖�
If I'm thinking about you, chances are I'm gunna text you
Quiz today fuck it I'm out
My hate for you grows day by day☺️👌
😂😂no but actually.... Go fuck urself
Rlly wanna go on a haunted hay ride this weekend👻
when you're listening to someone you hate talk
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Alberto is so Harvard
I will never be able to park this car😅
The Halloween movies>>😈
@charharlow: It's impossible to do homework" **
This paper is 4 pages of bullshit fml
This week needs to be over
Did my professor just seriously fucking hit on me.......
Just stepped on someone sitting in the hallway cuz I was texting omg lmao sorry
Bruh..... Math sucks
Phone calls with Andy>>💜💜
What every girl wants to hear when they're getting jealous
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Yea... surprise bitch
Smh @ people who give up something potentially permanent for something so temporary #youfuckedup
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Done being nice to ppl who don't fucking deserve it😊😊
I'm kinda fucked for my criminal justice midterm😅🔫