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why does fetty wap have to be 11 years away fuck
Jealous of girls whove been treated right by guys before, never had that. Wonder what its like to feel like the best thing in someone's life
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when you wish the guy at the gym would ask for your number lolol
when all ur friends are out on dates on a Friday night and ur stuck alone af☺️☺️
so sick of being bored as fuck
low key chillin
you're my newest obsession😏
I'd wish you the best, but I am the best.
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HBD don't die tn pls love u😘😘
Tatted up and smoke weed and got tits in Saratoga Springs?
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After all I've seen and all I've done , I know somewhere there is someone that will look my way and say " I want that one" 😌
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happy the way shits playin out ya know
forget you bitch☺️✋🏼
Every girl deserves a guy who looks at her everyday like it’s the first time he saw her
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you won't ever catch me in my feelings lmfao
why do girls always become obsessed with guys who don't give a fuckkkkk come on girls wake up
That's the last time I will ever trust or care about someone
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Life is amazing when you stop giving a fuck
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"anyone that hot has mad girlfriends"
you never know if people are talking to like 79 other people..... why I hate talking to anyone but my friends lol
when ur parents bring home Kays😋
this lifeguard thooo😍😋
PROS AND CONS OF HAVING LONG HAIR pro: fucking beautiful i look like a goddess con: get the fuck out of my face
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tryna be m the fuck i a
Want to be someone's everything
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"My boyfriend won't let me" congratulations on ur 3rd parent lmao
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just met my future husband that I will never see again😍😩
Crazy what some girls will do for their boy and they still treat them like shitt
Retweeted by Car
need an excuse to wear heeeels
I rlly hope ur joking lmfao
diner food sounds amazing
when ur bed is cold when it's hot
lemme get some Chinese for reaaal
I actually really am an emotionless bitch😳😎
people are so fckn annoying
the fuck is a promise
morning iced coffee👌🏼

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