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when the client ur crushin on asks for ur number okok🙊
too young to give a shit
I've become so heartless lmfao
when you want someone to text youuu but they prolly never will☺️☺️☺️
lol when you hate texting
working out relieves so much shit
baby let me be good to you
get some morals... like shit
the one thing you don't do is waste my time
sail - MGK 🔥 af
can't get hurt if ya don't give a shit
happy birthday boooo ily😝 always gotta have the cigs😂�@YeedThaGodaYmJ4
if u think I don't fuck w u ur probably right😊😊😊
I'm chillin😊
Don't leave a girl you need, for a girl you want.
Retweeted by Car
girls are gross af😷
yooo people are mad sketchy fuck trusting anyone lol😷
when random strangers call you beautiful it makes me feel so good inside like wtf ily😊💜
when you fall asleep taking a timed test online lmfaooooo
jenna and Eric are the cutest fucking things alive. fucking goals.
like I don't fucking really care
irrelevant af lol
Just dont fuck with the fakes sorry
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I just wanna look good for you
let me show you how proud I am to be yoursss
protective bfs>> just sayin
shit man I want it
High school relationships aren't shit big picture
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try hards are so embarrassing
why does fetty wap have to be 11 years away fuck
Jealous of girls whove been treated right by guys before, never had that. Wonder what its like to feel like the best thing in someone's life
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when you wish the guy at the gym would ask for your number lolol
when all ur friends are out on dates on a Friday night and ur stuck alone af☺️☺️
so sick of being bored as fuck
low key chillin
you're my newest obsession😏
I'd wish you the best, but I am the best.
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HBD don't die tn pls love u😘😘BOL
Tatted up and smoke weed and got tits in Saratoga Springs?
Retweeted by Car
After all I've seen and all I've done , I know somewhere there is someone that will look my way and say " I want that one" 😌
Retweeted by Car
happy the way shits playin out ya know

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