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@MrBentonj: Love talking to young and hungry artists. Go get em @i_am_cara_” 💃🎶
Sidenote: loving @iamtovelo's new album *heart eyes*
Gym✓ nails✓ reward for getting my butt to the gym✓
It's allergy season
Too scared to touch the Sharks🙊
Is anyone else trying to figure out where this year has gone? Halloween is already coming up :O
Not too shabby #bestmanagerindaworld #nutellalatte
La bound @natalie__richter
Ugh my computer is broken and I never backed up my songs :/
Put my face on today 💁💄🍰🎨
Cuddles with my minion, it almost feels like fall this morning 😊
@i_am_cara_ Just living life with a smile! 😃
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With an extra large side of cookie dough #ifeelsick
Cus I look like I'm 5 without makeup
Beautiful day today :) what's everyone up to
Worked on a cover of stay with me today #ignoremyface
•lady running down to the riptide taken away to the dark side•
"29 balms but infinite buds"-Glenn Cooper
• p.s. I actually love Sundays •
@chersbratblog: I just realized I'm obsessed with @i_am_cara_ She has wonderful voice.” you just made my day thank you ❤️
If @CherLloyd will be have duet with @i_am_cara_ this will be good I'm wondering #GoldRush is pretty good!
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Been writing all day long! how's everyone's day going?
Is anyone else as obsessed with gossip girl as I am
Long day in the studio today with @CherLloyd and the dinosaur in the backyard #netflixtime
Writers block kills me 😫
My Saturday night is consisting of tea and all my friends on gossip girl😎🌃☕️ what's everyone up to?
My knee is fat and my friends are stupid @aubreycoook @beamerdenzerbentley
@i_am_cara_ you are so pretty 🙈 can't wait to see you and cher together, again 💕💗💋
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Just dropped the 9th phone that I've had in the past 3 years #cool #ineverlearn
@arianavlloyd: @i_am_cara_ omg you're so pretty, can you follow me darlin? (:” awe thank you 😘 sure!!
Cher ayer en el estudio junto a Cara Onofrio con la cuál está haciendo una colaboración para su próximo álbum. -Mica♥
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So it's safe to say I've had an awesome couple of days #ilovewhatido #andthecoolpeopleidoitwith
Day two in the studio🎶
@tanyachueva6: @i_am_cara_ hiii (: You are so beautiful!!! Follow me please?” Thank you ❤️ sure !
Today in the studio, @i_am_cara_ and I introduced @CherLloyd to sushi. Like watching a newborn take it's first steps.
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