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Charlii ~DF~
Just remembered how much tattoos hurt right after they're done. Fucking ow
So it's not ready on time and it's not what I ordered. Thanks, assholes #NeidasBakery #Refund #Thanksforwastingmytime #nocake
that awkward moment when you're about to leave the house and Queen starts playing so you can't D:
Can't decide whether to get tickets to #alkalinetrio or #emilieautumn D: HEEELLLLPPPPP
I wish I could just go and live in a hole somewhere and not have to bothered with anyone. #Ihatepeople
Note to self, never go to show without drinking any water all day. Literally almost died right before AFI came on D: #AFI2013 #AFI
On my way to go see #AFI! SO PUMPED
I hate my job. I hate these ungrateful students. I hate that stabbing people isn't legal. #nope
"The early gul gets the potato"... da fuqqqq Marissa?? xD #callcentershenanigans
Sometimes I realize how creepy I am and wonder why I even have friends #womp
OMFG WHAT IS THIS OLD LADY TALKING TO ME ABOUT #fuckyouandyourcarpooltunnel
Soooo you just gonna switch the desks around and then leave them askew.. Ugh. #IHopeYouSuffer
If you can't appreciate the beautiful melodies of #SOAD at 6am, then your life is meaningless
Sundays are cruel. How am I supposed to have a good day when I know what's coming tomorrow #contemplativestateofmind
Just because I don't tell my problems that do not mean they don't exist πŸ’
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A #Scorpio is probably judging you right now. They'll either make it blatantly obvious or hide it extremely well.
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This IS what it sounds like when doves cry. πŸ˜„πŸ˜·πŸ’€πŸ˜ŽπŸŽ΅
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That awkwrd mmnt when someone comes to me and says two white girls were talking about how I dropped out of spelling bee with no reason #kay
Am I the only one who talks to cats and reassures them that they are indeed cats? #catyouareacat
It'd be great if pope hall wasn't a blazing inferno right now...
the next person who says something to me is probably going to be attacked. this is all. #badday
You're right. It sucks that graduate schools look at reading comprehension. They shouldn't because people don't need to know how to read -_-
I'm not an overachiever, you're just a stupid peasant. #hateonit
I hope you step on a lego in the middle of the night. #fuckyouandyourcarpooltunnel
"if you could do the timecard that'd be good"..... if you could suck my dick that'd be good #ihateyou
Soooo you're gonna bitch at me for being late but then not have the door open when I'm there early. Bitch, really...
Don't offend me. I won't tell you I'm offended but, believe me, you'll figure it out sooner or later #passiveaggressivee
*prays to every god in existence* please please please play Wester at every show ever amen
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But why am I up at 3:30am stressing about a test I know I'm about to fail... #nope
Excuse me, but do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior @DaveyHavok? 😍j
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#Scorpios do test. They will disappear to see if you are able to give them room
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Auditioned for Spelling Bee. Voice cracked so hard, could've called me broken glass. Guess that nervousness never goes away #whatev
I hear the Russians are 'Putin' Obama in his place on the topic of Syria.
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First of all, if you're wandering around a college building asking people where you should be, drop out. #SorryNotSorry
"the one that I thinks"..You are in graduate school. I'm supposed to respond to that. Can you not type like a 4th grader. Thanks. #canyounot
"stars can't shine without herpes".... #dafuq
Thought I was having a terrible day b/c of rain and I was late for class but the #NavyYardshooting definitely puts it in perspective =/
@DaveyHavok This is not my pic, but… The awe on their faces speak volumes for just how deeply you 4 touch people.
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I should have just stayed in Chicago. Fuck the NJ Transit system. Seriously.
I'm getting on a plane on Friday 13th. Excellent. See ya'll bitches next week. #ChicagoBound #AFI #riotfest

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