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Captain Penny
$AFAI ..Took my profits. but still going strong.
$AFAI Just starting a run. Check out today news.
AFAI's Marijuana Holdings Americas Announces Grand Opening Of First "Kaya Shack" (TM) Marijuana Store
$ECDP looking good expect it continue next week. $XTRM adding below a .01
$PGLO and the horses have reached the gate....
$NPHC Nutra Pharma Announces Completion of Commercials by
$XTRM $ECDP setting up nice.
$XTRM $ECDP going the well again. ATM machines when played right.
$ADCS & $SING article on cashless ATMs! This also adds a level of security, so minimal cash is on the premises..…
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$ADCS setting up nice.
$AVOP Marijuana Incubator Group, Inc. Enters Billion Dollar Dental Hygiene Industry Targeting Cannabis Users with the Launch of the Dental
$ADCS ! Huge "The target of 240 accounts for 2014 measures to annual gross income of nearly $1.4 million," states ADCS CEO, Thomas Wolff.
$ADCS leaving the station Huge News for .000's
$ADCS $EVSV expecting updates on both this week.
$ADCS Look for some movement as news is expected this week. Could be a big player.
$SING SinglePoint(TM), Inc. Reports First Quarter 2014 Results: Revenues Strong and Growing With Dramatic Increase Over Q1 2013
$STBV ~ NEWS OUT! ~ Strategic Global Investments Expands Agreement for "The Cannabis Factor" Show: